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Ah Innie~ Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor; that’s what Jae Shinnie does, right? Well, since you obviously have plenty of pictures of yourself, I’m going to steal from you had share with those that are less fortunate.
Most of these were posted in long strings but I cropped them because I thought that it’d easier to save/see if they were individual pictures.

Does he actually have a dog?

Banana Ah In~ šŸ™‚ cute.


With cake.

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And last, but certainly not least, MOONY <3333 YES.

[2007] Ah In “I’ve thought seriously about the secret of [my] birth”

A translation of an interview Ah In did in 2007, during Shim’s Family promotion. I’ll come back tonight and find the exact source.

My name is: Yoo Ah In. My real name is Um Hong Shik.

The name Yoo Ah In: I began using it when I started acting. It’s pretty, and it also has the meaning ‘one’ in German (Ah In = ein).

Birthday: 1986, October 6

Family: Mother, Father, and two older sisters.

Similarities to Yongtae of <Shim’s Family>: I have thought seriously about the secret of [my] birth before. (Laughs) I’m a bit different from the rest of my family in both looks and personality. I left high school early and lived on my own, and there have been many cases where I collided against the walls of the world, alone. So when I get in trouble with my dad, he has occasionally lamented, “My son couldn’t possibly be like this!”

Dandook University, Movie Acting Major: I entered this year. The professors’ words (T/N: probably lectures, feedback, advice, etc.) are excellent and it is so wonderful to be with fellow students who are passionate about acting.

Novels, poems, mysteries, or other books: I like them all, but I’m reading a psychological book entitled <There are Reasons for Everything That Goes Wrong in My Life> for fun right now. People who read a lot of books and think that they hold the answer [to everything] become ensnared by that knowledge and may suffer from its betrayal, but I tend to read and just think, ‘So this is how this person thinks.’

In many forms: I enjoy expressing myself. Acting is dynamic/kinetic expression, but quiet/static forms of expression like writing or drawing suit me well, too. I like singing and dancing pretty well, too.

In your former life, you were a gisaeng: I have heard this before. I was at an event for a movie with my fans where you would look at your saju (T/N: The ‘four pillars’ of your birth year, month, day, and time that is supposed to express your identity and fortune) and act out your former life. There, I was told that I had been a gisaeng in my former life like Hwang Jini (T/N: Legendary gisaeng from the Joseon Dynasty famed for her beauty and wit) and had broken too many hearts, so I would live a lonely life this time around. I was a bit sad when I heard that.

The arm muscles you showed in <Shim’s Family>: The shooting took place in the summer so I hurriedly went to the swimming pool. (Laugh) My regular body has barely any body fat so if I exercise I tend to put muscle on quickly, but I don’t really like exercising that much.

What you are most interested in these days: Red Hot Chili Peppers. And school life.

Thoughts on the movie <Hannibal Rising>: I think it would be fun to take on a role like the main character. Instead of a typically rough, scary-looking murderer, I want to try playing a [more complex] two-sided character.

Being with Il Woo of <Unstoppable High Kick>: We are in the same company and are of similar ages, and so we get along well as two colleagues who will continue to act in the future. We have a relationship where we can give each other advice, but honestly, compared to [the little] I do for him as a hyung, Il Woo follows me well.

I worry about loneliness a lot, but: I don’t go around trying to find something that can assuage my feelings. There are people who think that hanging out with friends or spending time with the personĀ  you love will dissolve your loneliness, but I think that those kinds of things will only help you forget your loneliness for a short time. I think people are meant to exist in loneliness by nature.

To be 21 years old: It is youth. It is an insecure youth during which you must collide with life, and it is the peak of youth. If you are fearful [of something], you end up not doing it, and if you think you will become hurt by going down a certain path, you end up not walking down it, but I think it is during youth that you have the will to overcome that fear. So I am uneasy, but I think I can do anything [I want].

Taking a step back from myself: There are times I do this. I don’t run ahead without thinking and just keep going; as I [move forward], I look back at myself once in a while. While asking myself, Do I have a clear mind? Am I doing well? Is this right [for me]?

My ending as a person: Whatever happens, it doesn’t matter. Even that is probably not an ending, but merely one moment. If I can’t go back [and change anything] anyway, I would rather live a fun life.

Credit: RxGoodleaf@soompi, Jaeshinah@soompi. Can’t locate the source.

[Video] Videos of Yoo Ah In in High Demand

Movall@Soompi have given us several old and new links to Yoo Ah In’s videos on Nate. I don’t think we can embed Nate videos on wordpress so you can click on the link to watch. Nate is a little slow but the vids all work. If anyone can download these vids from Nate and repost on YT, it would be so great.

  • Just yesterday, 10/30/2010, Ah In was featured on TV, dubbed ģ‹ ģƒ ģ§ģŠ¹ė‚Ø ģœ ģ•„ģøģ˜ ģž¬ė°œź²¬-Rediscovery of jinseung-nam Yoo Ah-in (they’re comparing Ah In with Kim Nam-gil in Queen Seon-duk and Jang-hyuk in Chuno)

Click Here to Watch

Having watched both Queen Seon-duk and Chuno, I must say this comparison is quite relevant. Moon Jae-shin does have this Bi-dam’s guardian angel vibe and Dae-gil’s smexiness.

Click Here to Watch

UPDATED-here is the YT link:

Credit: hairdensity. Okay I don’t understand a word but my heart broke into 1000 pieces already šŸ˜¦ Hate how Kdrama tortures their second lead like that.

  • Boys of Tomorrow after party (5.12.2007), seems so much fun:

Click Here to Watch

Awwww seems so much fun. I remember he said in an interview filming BOT is a memorable experience although the movie didn’t do well in the box office. I bet he did enjoy it a lot.

  • Talk with the audience (fancam) 5.27.2007

Click Here to Watch

Is it Jung Il-woo who is sitting beside him guys? LOL I may be hallucinated when it comes to my boy. Not sure what Ah In is saying. It seems cute regardless hehe

  • The Ordinary Yoo Ah In

Click Here to Watch

Seriously I think I’d have to visit the police station very often if I stay in Korea, cuz all I plan to do there is stalk Ah In, jump on him and pinch his cheek.

Credit: definitely to the fans who posted these on Nate. Thanks to sisĀ Movall@Soompi for the links.

[Video] Yoo Ah-in Sings!

Hi everyone! It’s keritingirl on her very first post. Anyways, let’s cut to the chase.

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Okay, not really. But I’ve been looking for this for quite some time. But, now I’ve found it and have come to share it with you all! Here is Mr. Yoo Ah-in singing! I’m not really sure what song he’s singing. If any of you know, please do share it with us all. This is from when he became one of the featured young actors of 2009 in KBS’s Entertainment Replay, if I’m not mistaken. I don’t really know much of it really, so if anyone does, please share with us!

Without further ado, here it is! Kudos to detortue@Youtube.

A little comment from me. Well, I have to be honest with you. He’s not much of a singer, is he. He should definitely stick with acting. But this is some fan service he made. It was sweet, and he was shy about it. He almost whispered the lyrics from all the shyness. You can also tell he was a bit forced to do this. But, thank you, Mr. Yoo, you have left this fangirl (and perhaps many others) squealing smiling in delight!

*UPDATED BY Tinyunbl*

According to yongtae and FionaQueen, the song Ah In sang was “To You,” by Seotaiji.

Seotaiji is one of Ah In’s favorite singers. He’s a very famous rock star in Korea, most influential among the 70s, 80s generation.

Here is the song:

Thanks for sharing theĀ additionalĀ info!!!!

[2008] Osen interviews Ah In about his character in Antique

I like Ki Bum, the character, because he is so cheerful. If my previous roles were serious and suffering (?), this time around, it was portrayed as a healthy 23 year old. I have been wanting to show that side of me. The characters I play do influence me personally and while portraying this character, I thought to myself that I should try to be healthier. Of all the features that is in me, it (the role/character) probably is the highest of them. Cheerful and high spirited part of me is shown.

I think every actor should have what is unquely his own. If anyone can play my role, I lose my existence (presence). Yoo Ah In (as an actor) needs existence (presence). I want to be the actor with his own unique presence.

Can’t find the original source. Credit Translation Rxgoodleaf @ soompi

Amazing Moon Jae Shin Comics and Wallpapers by Avid Fan

I know everyone is fretting over the prospect of Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s ending. Where are we gonna get our regular dose of Jae-shin crack? (Or SKKS crack in gen). Rewatching is one old-fashioned yet effective strategy to deal with the post SKKS syndrome, and who knows, you may see the characters in a different light on second watching. Another strategy I’d recommend is to check out Heuk San (Yoo Ah In’s character) in Strongest Chil-woo. A lot of fans have told me they love both sageuk characters of Yoo Ah In. [watch a scene cut here]Ā If you have done the first and the latter, I have another incredible source of Jae-shin crack to share.

tylergenecom is a manga artist, illustrator and webmaster of a Japanese comic website. Fortunately for us she’s also an avid fan of Moon Jae Shin. She’s been composing many stories centering around Jae-shin in COMIC FORM on her site.

Although they’re in Japanese, I can’t help but laughing to tears because of these super cute illustrations. Looking through the comics is like reading a creative recaps of SKKS. There’re many more at her site and they just make my day. Parts of the comics can be read with the help of Google Translate, if you can’tĀ understandĀ Japanese. Ā *Who know if a bilingual fan loves these stories and will translate for us all to enjoy. Let’s pray*

The direct link to the comics:

Ep. 4/Ep.5/ EP.6/ Ep. 7/ Ep. 8 part 1/Ep.8 part 2/Ep.9/Ep.10 part 1/

Ep.10 part 2/Ep.11 part 1/Ep.11 part 2/Ep.12 part 1/Ep.12 part 2

The link to her lovely site:


You can also visit her youtube channel, check out tons of awesome wallpapers, read the comics from links there, and leave comments for her:


Two other fav of mine:

LOL I love the radial blur effect and the sweating symbol!

Hand down more entertaining than the scene itself!

Check out the wallpapers too:

Special thanks to tylergenecom for letting me feature her comics.Ā Please do not take anything here out without tylergenecom’s permission.

[Pics] The Health Hazard series ep. 2: the Young Ah In

How our boy used to look…

During (middle) secondary school

He had his killer smile back then already…

Awww he looks just like my little bro! Luv the Hawaiian shirt.

In Sharp 1/Banolim:

LOL I’m loving him in glasses. Hope he wears the preppyĀ Park Hyun Kyu-styled glasses more.

So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In April Kiss:

Posing with Jang Guen Suk for Skoolookz. they both are so young! You can watch the yummy commercial here.


Skinny boy in jeans:

The boyish Yong-tae in Shim’s Family:

I wonder if he was like in the above pic when at school in real life. Some more Yong-tae:

He was good-looking in Boys of Tomorrow, but the boy-ish face was still there:

These are the more recent pics, but oh boy! Doesn’t he looks like an Asian version of the pre-puberty Justine Bieber?

And this is my personal favorite:

Two fav boys of mine in theĀ quintessential bromanceĀ moment: drinking (sharing) a cup of smoothie…*faint*

Credits: Yoo Ah In DCInside Gallery, Soompi Yoo Ah In picture thread, Daum, Fuck Yeah Yoo Ah In, KST, some pics are generously shared byĀ 1crazynyt.

[2008] Star News Interviews Yu Ah In about Antique

[ITW] Star News interviews Yu Ah In about Antique

Youth will pass eventually… I want to capture it on screen for eternity… “I want to be free, crazely so!” (T/N : I think that’s what he is saying)…

Question : Because it was based on popular manga, (the movie) was in the news from the casting stage. I think you are perfect for the part. Did you have reservations because of homosexual theme?

I did not read the manga beforehand and didn’t know it was that popular. I didn’t think the manga was that interesting. I can not say that I didn’t have any reservations when I chose the project. When I saw the finished product, I think those parts were handled very well. When I watch (finished product), I usually focus on myself but this time I was worried if I mixed in. I think it turned out fine. *smile*

Question : You look so hapyy eating cakes. Did you share with others during filming?

They look pretty but because of sound they were not refrigerated and because of the lights, the cakes were melting. On top of that I ate so much sweet, I had a headache and felt dizzy. I used to go in search of good cake shops. Now, I feel sad that something I’ve enjoyed very much is lost. *smile*

Question : Your smile is very memorable. I don’t think I’ve seen you smile often in your movies.

In previous projects, I didn’t have a lot to smile but this project, I smiled a lot and am much healthier. Previous projects made me grow as an actor and I am proud of them but while filming I got sick. Through Antique, I wanted to show my most healthy and fresh self. Also I wanted to record it for myself. Childish and know-it-all young man, I think it came through to my satisfaction.

Original Source & Credit : News.nate , rocky@mtstarnews.comĀ , Credit Translation : Rxgoodleaf @ Soompi

[Video] Yashimanman Appearance 2009

what_life from Soompi shared this cuts she made of Yoo Ah In in Yashimanman back in 2009. It’s partially subbed by Rxgoodleaf and the reason I put this here instead of just the Video section (I’m gonna put it there too) is because I think this is one of the rare variety appearance Yoo makes and simply because this video is chock full of greatness because Yoo shared quite a bit of his past and views. I wish I can understand the entire thing, but the partial subs helped a lot!

So anyway, Yoo came on YSMM to promote the movie Antique Bakery. This was his second variety show appearance after Come To Play (also shared by what_life). He came along with the rest of Antique cast and other guests, so he didn’t have a lot of screen time there. But in YSMM, there were fewer guest, and we got almost 15 minutes of Yoo alone!

Yoo shared a whole bunch of stuff. He mentioned that he was really nervous appearing in a Kang Hodong show (this is often a comparison point of these two Nation’s MCs; Kang’s shows tend to be harder for variety show newbies whereas Yoo Jaesuk’s tend to be more comfortable). Case in point: Kang started grilling Yoo. Lee Hoon remarked that he got hate mails for saying he did not know who Yoo Ah In was on air, so Kang better treat Yoo right (hell yeah!). Kang Hodong, in turn, grilled Lee for not knowing who Yoo was, lol. Later he proceeded to be a matchmaker for Yoo and Im Jungeum, haha. That’s just his style of MCing. Wait, why am I saying more about Kang Hodong than Yoo Ah In? Geez.

Anyways, another interesting tidbit. Yoo also told a story about his previous relationship. Dude ripped his shirt off in anger in the middle of the street, yo!! Wild Horse, he is! I just thought it was interesting cos I was wondering myself why so many of Yoo’s roles have been really passionate/hot tempered characters and watching this sort of makes me understand more about his choice of roles. That perhaps, each role he’s played represented one side of his personality. In another interview he mentioned about taking a role and not simply acting it, but also making it HIS role, rather than any role anyone can play. I guess this is why his own characteristics tend to come out through his roles. Okay, I don’t know if I’m making any sense right now.

But yeah, there are a lot of stuff in that video. He recited his own freshly scribbled poetry, sang falsetto, and even wiggled to Wonder Girls’ Tell Me (sorry, but to me Tell Me will always be cute! XD). Well, if by now you are actually still reading this, instead of watching the video, I don’t know what to tell ya. Wait, I do: the video is a MUST watch!!