Hello there!

Freaked out cuz you’re infected with the Ah In/Moony/Geul-oh virus? You’ve come to the right place! This Preventorium* is opened for patients like you. Here we believe indulgence is better than prevention and is wayyyyyyyyyyy better than cure. So yeah make yourself at home and have fun with the Ah In virus!!!!!

*According to dictionary.com, a preventorium is an establishment where persons (as children) liable to develop disease (as tuberculosis) receive preventive care and treatment. ^^

7 thoughts on “Hello there!

  1. Well, one patient coming up! I’m self confess virus carrier and would like to be admitted! ICU please for me, the virus have spread! (mind, body and soul!) heheheh!

    Way to go! Hurray to all the keepers of this blog! 🙂

  2. Hey, just discovered your site. I’ve been craving for anything Yoo Ah In ever since the start of SKKS. so thank you for creating this haven for us crazily obsessed fangirls, who are obviously in need of large doses of the lovely Gulro for this dreadfully contagious virus.

  3. haha x’D im seriously contaminated so i need a place reserved to me in this hospital *_* i totally agree with ur way of curing dear 😉
    and this fansite is really cute !! the desing is great, u did a nice job Tiny , i’ll make sure to check it out often 🙂

  4. HELLO!
    I’ve been waiting for Ah In fans to make twitter account. and there you are~ thank you so much. 😀
    anyway, can you help me find the OST of SKKS? it’s in ep.3 (I think) when Jinsuk slept between Ah In and Yoochun. it’s on YT, but I can’t find the song~ ):

  5. First time to open this page, a bit late.
    I would like to confess that I’ve been infected this virus ever since Strongest Chi Woo, the symptom got bad after Antique, then got worse after He Who Can’t Married, and then SKKS, seemed to be worst,,,, but felt,… oh I’m not alone with this life threaten illness. To me this is “Ain-Al-i Association” and The Preventorium, which it’s found by you *tinysunbl*~ you’re *AWESOME*
    My worst conditions are,,,,, God!!! I’m sure you know better than me….. ha ha ha …..

    PS. I’ll be seeing you around everyday and many times a day. Thank you……

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