[News] Yoo Ah In in High Demand For Commercial Model

Along with  charisma brought by his role Moon Jae Shin in addictive drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Yoo Ah In receives many calls from companies who want him to be their CF (commercial film) model. His healthy body attracts many brands from cosmetics, clothes to drinks brand. He’s hot, indeed ! His role as cool and brave rebel student who usually hiding in his sanctuary, a big tree in Sungkyunkwan’s yard, melts many hearts.

Meanwhile, last October 6, Yoo Ah In celebrated his 24th birthday and his cast-mate Song Joong Ki who plays playboy Gu Yong Ha, his childhood friend in Sungkyunkwan Scandal showered Yoo with some affection. Song brought a birthday cake to the filming set . So sweet. See below, the picture from filming set, Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki discussed their scene when Gu Yong Ha (plays by Song) reminds Moon Jae Shin (plays by Yoo) that the invitation for  Red Messenger is a scheme to  set him up.

Source : The Star

Credit : Korean Vibe

5 thoughts on “[News] Yoo Ah In in High Demand For Commercial Model

  1. Hi tinysunbl here. I just made some minor changes in the format of this post. And I added it to a new category “News and interviews” as well.

  2. ok ^^ /making the twitter account etc, will send you an email later you can already follow it (twitter.com/yooahinhaven)
    btw, did you erase the videos of YAI’s CF or you didn’t do this on purpose? I may have made an error

  3. Awww….old news but I love these two!!! I have a much much much softer spot for Song Joong Ki though hehehe and that was just the sweetest thing he did for YAI!

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