Yoo Ah In and Yoonha Being cute!

First of all, hello everyone! I’m ditdut, one of the contributors of the blog. I’m so glad to be a part of this! I’m a relatively new fan of Yoo Ah In, but just think he’s so awesomesauce that he totally needs his own  blog!

Anyway, many of you probably have seen this, but this is taken from one of my favourite K-Pop news site, Omona They Didn’t. Apparently, Yoonha is a fangirl of our Hongshik-Nim (who doesn’t, really??) and vice versa. Here is an excerpt of their uber cute conversation of who’s the bigger fan of whom.

(tweets are in reverse chronological order, but translation is chronological)

younhaholic: gasp………. gul oh sah……….hyung……followed ba..

seeksik: @younhaholic i’m a fan too youn’ha’-ssi haha

younhaholic: @seeksik omg…omg;;;! hello!!!!! i’m probably a bigger fan!!!!!!!!!!

seeksik: @younhaholic your voice singing ‘seoul’s skies all day~’ was my room’s bgm for a long time. it’s an honor.

younhaholic: @seeksik wow really??? thank you! umm what to say.. i’ll make more music that can move and touch you gul oh sah hyung! hongshiknim? sunbaenim? hwaiting!

seeksik: @younhaholic if we go any further people will cringe haha let’s end our nice first meeting here and next time if we get the chance we’ll have an old-fashioned proper conversation from start to finish sleep well

younhaholic: @seeksik ok i’ll sleep well!!!!! good night m(._.)m

t/n: gul oh sah & hong shik are his nickname and name from SKKS and the ‘seoul’s skies all day~’ are lyrics to “seoul’s skies are sunny all day” by TOY but sung by younha 🙂


I’m not very familiar with Yoonha, all I know is that she’s a fantastic singer among the sea of autotuned kpoppers. This conversation made me listen to the song that Yoo Ah In mentioned in his tweet, Seoul’s Skies are Sunny All Day and makes me want to listen to Yoonha’s other songs too. But guys, how CUTE are they? Yoonha sounds like she’s completely fangirling after Guhro the Wild Horse, lol.

Thanks to the people at Omona for translating the tweets!

8 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In and Yoonha Being cute!

  1. Awwwww I died! How cute they are when each tried to claim he/she is the bigger fan. LOL. It’s also ulber cute how Yoonha called Ah In his character’s nickname the whole time hahaha

  2. AHHHHHHH! So cute! Fangirling! I’ll gonna love this girl for being one of us! fangirl! Hehehhe, Gul Oh ahh so cool on his twit! Heheheh!

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