Yoo Ah In on Tablo’s Controversy

Yoo Ah In tweets a few days ago and as is popular these days, the tweets made news (don’t you think reporters’ lives have been made really easy with Twitter?). Well anyways, these tweets have actually been translated by Rxgoodleaf at Soompi, but I didn’t realize that the MBC Special he mentioned, referred to the show where Tablo goes back to Stanford University to clear his name against the Netizens’ (TaJinYo/We Demand Truth from Tablo) accusations that Tablo faked his degree from the prestigious school.

Yoo wrote his own sentiments regarding the scandal. Here are the tweets and translations.

1. 우물에서 바라 본 하늘은 개인의 사실이지 세상의 진실이 될 수는 없습니다. 뒤늦게 mbc스페셜을 봤어요. 아주 두서없고 긴 글이 쓰고싶어집니다. 사건은 끝나도 상처는 아물지 않고 현상은 계속될 겁니다.

1. Looking up into sky from a well is just the individual’s reality and can not be world’s truth. Saw the MBC special late. Makes
me want to write a long and rambling letter. The incident is over but the wound remains and the situation continues.

2. 나의 세대에요. 우리와 당신들의 세대입니다. 인터넷과 범람하는 정보의 시대. 이 모든것들을 임의로 이용하고 받아들이며 우리는 우리가 가진 필터가 온전한지 항상 경계하고 수시로 점검해야 할겁니다. 무지보다 무서운것이 편협한 지식이라눈 것을 절감합니다.

2. It’s my generation. It’s our and your generation. The age of internet deluged with information. We need to utilize it and accept it at will but we should constantly check our filter, whether or not it’s sound (unimpaired). I strongly feel that narrow-mindness is more scary than ignorance.

3. 개인의 상처에 나는 책임이 없다고 나와는 상관 없는 일이라고 외면할 자신이 있나요 여러분은? 그의 눈물은 모두가 반성하고 함께 치유해야할 시대의 상처일겁니다. 내게 오지랖이 남아있어 다행이군요.

3. Can you turn away saying an individual’s wound is not my responsibility and has nothing to do with me? His/Her tears are a wound of the time (age) and everyone should examine (reflect) and heal together. I am glad that I am meddlesome still.

credit: Rxgoodleaf @soompi for translations, Yoo Ah In twitter

To be honest, at first I thought it was Tablo who was being such a whiny guy. I mean Netizens will always be curious and probing, especially the scary Korean netizens. I thought he didn’t have to counter those slanders that desperately. It would only feed the accusations. But the more I see the progress of this scandal, the more I root for Tablo. Obviously these netizens have too much free time and lots of loose screws in the head because they JUST refused to acknowledge that they are wrong, despite Stanford already issuing evidence that Tablo did attend there and did graduate from the school.

I liked how Yoo says that being narrow minded is scarier than being ignorant cos it’s really true about this case. Ignorant people don’t know what they should know, but narrow minded people know what they should know but they just don’t want to accept it. Well, I’m just glad Tablo did get to clear his name. Let’s wait for Epik High comeback!

BTW, is Yoo really twenty freaking four??

12 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In on Tablo’s Controversy

  1. hi,

    just like to leave few comments regarding what you mentioned about the Tablo issue. What exacerbated the situation to the extreme actually lies on Tablo’s fault in part. He didn’t show his graduation certificate right away when the Tajinyo first asked for it, which made them suspect him even further and eventually allege that he’s trying to conceal the truth by avoiding to present his graduation certificate publicly (which they thought non-existent in the first place)

    I thought some clarifications were needed. As in, I believed most of the visitors of this blog are not Korean, so mostly, for them the sources they can get about Korean celebrities would be very much limited but few. I thought such limitation would make them tend to believe what is told on few english-written blogs or links like this blog are all but true.

    I just wanted to prevent some misunderstanding that it was all but a few frantic Koreans faults that made the Tablo situation that worse.

    haha and most of the Koreans netizens are not that scary as some may think..
    There were actually some people who said that jumping to a hasty conclusion should be avoided when the debate began to get hotter as well.

    hope this clarification helps 🙂

    • Hi giggles,
      Thanks so much for the clarification. I myself didn’t have much knowledge about this whole controversy. What I have read is that netizens accused Tablo of faking his very impressive education degree, much to the point that Stanford had to speak up for Tablo. There were definitely missing pieces of the puzzle here, for example, the motive of the netizens who accused Tablo? Why would they even suspect that?

      That said, I still do not find your point convincing.
      “What exacerbated the situation to the extreme actually lies on Tablo’s fault in part. He didn’t show his graduation certificate right away when the Tajinyo first asked for it, which made them suspect him even further and eventually allege that he’s trying to conceal the truth by avoiding to present his graduation certificate publicly”
      ->I don’t think Tablo was obliged to show his graduation certificate just because a stranger/netizen asked for it. Why would he have to compromise and give out his important personal information because of a fault accusation?

      And oh well, the tweets are translated by a fluent Korean-English speaker, so they should be mostly accurate. The rest of this blog are opinions of the editors only. We do not by any means try to tell the truth but rather tell our opinions, our interpretations of the fact.

      It’s very interesting to hear your side of the story. The portrayal of Knetizens does sound a bit scarry to me too, but I guess scarry netizens are evrywhere. In the English speaking world I believe there’re much nastier netizens, but it’s just that ppl don’t really give a damn about rumors and gossips here. I’d love to learn Korean and live in Korea to know more about internet culture in Korea.

      Thanks for visiting our site!

      • hi hi,

        I get your point and it actually makes sense. The Knetizens and Korean culture which highly puts emphasis on one’s educational background even on celebrities are definitely more accountable for the Tablo issue.

        I didn’t mean to defend the accuser, but just wanted to give a different side of story. I hope you didn’t misinterpret my intention.

        P.S. As being a Korean myself, it’s really great to see people from different countries and cultures become interested in Korean dramas and celebrities. Thanks so much for your interest in Korea and hope you continue supporting Ah In as well. He is indeed really a great actor who deserves to be loved:)

    • I’m used to spouting whatever comes to my mind whenever I blog. Must remember to put a little brake on that now since this blog is not my own space =)

      Thank you for more information regarding this. It’s good to hear a different side of story. I’m glad Tablo got over this because he’s a talented artist.

      • Oh no dear we (at least me) always love to read what’s on your mind. Plus make yourself at home here, because this place IS yours 🙂

  2. i really like this site…im going to go to soompi and spazz later too but its good being able to comment on these articles without treking through a lot of pages

    i like that hes someone whos not afraid to speak his mind and he talks about issues which is great and he talks about them in such an insightful thoughtful way that really u have to admire him

    …lol @ “is he really twenty freaking four??”….
    i love him to bites but i hope he’ll givr up smoking…and when he said he”l take care of the lips that joong ki loves i hope that means quitting smoking

    • I’m glad you’re here and you like it. What you pointed out was the reason why we had this page in the first place. Soompi is very resourceful but it’s quite hard to navigate and exclusive to members. If we have a site like this it’d be easier to organize all the news and stuff, making them more available for international fans 🙂

  3. Oh~to be frankly, he didn’t mention only Tablo stuff! ^^;; I’m so sorry about that point cause even a lot of Korean thought like that. He just mentioned about Korea’s internet culture. You know, recently, a lot of Korean celebrities kill themselves, under tress or unedr depress… whatever. And I think the Internet has a lot of charge about that social stuff. hmm…. for exap…. Tablo…. ^^;;; Rumor became the truth…. how? Some Koreans felt jealous about him (he has a great abilities in many directions ^^) , and others just felt fun. (Ye~ I know… little bit scary~) But most of all, they ,even I, didn’t care!!!!! Ah-in felt angry about that. We didn’t care someone is really hurting by rumor. Our generation, internet generation needs the best filter- I think the filter is our clear mind and point of view for social issues….- and we need to care the other ppl….. He didn’t want to protect Tablo’s truth only. he wanted to shout us…”Wake up! We are not fools!!!! Do not have only narrow view in your well. Listen to the truth!Don’t be blinded by sensible utterances…. ^^” ㅋㅋㅋ I became sensitive….. cause I don’t like this situation…. we need some filter… ye~ you are right, Ah-in. So I like you. Areyou really in your twentie? OMG!!!!!!!

  4. I find it’s rather sad to be honest when I heard a bad news about those k-celebrities. I’m strongly believed these who ever poses all kinds of nasty rumor that drove the powerless mind people to kill himself or herself, were the murderer; Why don’t they think about the family those who left behind,,,, and the hi-tect’world’s part to be blamed as well, b/coz everything happens so fast with the internet. So they couldn’t handle the rumor, no time to think or chance to sort thing out, their decision had to be fast…… to get away from it all no more suffering was to end their life.
    ~It’s seemed to be the rule of nature that there’re always a good & a bad being together in everything in this world (2 for the price of 1). We get a lots good benefit from the internet the same time can be real bad to others, by nature; we; a human be, liked you said we’re having fun and wrongly judge others. Yes, you’re right we need the best filter for everything. The best filter is the WISDOM in the mindfulness, that all we need, sound emphasis rule, its usefulness depends on our efforts, but everyone is different.
    ~I suppose the more fast is the world the more is far from wisdom. I really want to shout to the whole world “be sentimental around you; don’t tempt with the greed b/coz all you have is your soul”.
    We need about 5o% of people like AIN to understand his fundamental of the social world. Hopefully he will be the symbolic for the younger generation to follow……

  5. I’m obviously a really late comer to this site, and don’t know if anyone’s still reading these, since there aren’t any recent posts.
    But having just re-viewed SKKS, and finding these posts, I can’t help but think this is so like the rumor that went flying around SKK (even without the benefit of the internet!) re: Yoon-hee and Jae-shin – and Sun-joon’s Confucian defense of the defendants and chastisement of the accusers and rumor-mongers – which seem highly apropos to this incident: wise words to apply to our day, and to inform our responsibility to make sure our words as well as our deeds do no harm (translation from Ep. 15 is a combination of those kindly provided by cassie.opeia at dramabeans, and dramafever). Sun-joon says:

    “In Neo-Confucianism, the highly prized principle of “In(仁)” stands for the endless care for a comrade. Am I wrong? Selflessness(In,仁), Righteousness(Eui,義), Propriety(Yae,禮), Wisdom(Ji,智), and Faith(Shin,信). These are the principles (virtues) that every Confucian scholar should uphold—but instead of seeing the truth as it is, you see what you want to see and believe what you want to believe, and thus you lack Wisdom. Without even realizing that your thoughtless (irresponsible) curiosity is putting others in trouble (in harm’s way), laughing and enjoying it without knowing it is itself a sin, you thus lack Righteousness and Propriety. And you distrust your comrades, thus you lack Faith, and cannot be regarded as a true Confucian scholar. No one here has the right to judge and point fingers…with precepts and skewed standards…”

    Our world still needs the cultivation of such care for our comrades! The consequences of not providing that can be all too tragic.

    Again, I don’t know if anyone’s still looking here, but I wanted to get this out there, and this seemed an appropriate place!

    For a better world,

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