[Pics]The Health Hazard series ep.1: Shirtless

I have to upload all of these photos and get rid of them from my hard drive, before my bf. comes visit!

Seriously though, I wish Ah In’s next project would be about boxing, or swimming, or weigh-lifting. Don’t you think those vicious sports would make drama materials of high artistic values? I normally don’t care about the look of an actor, as long as I can watch a good story and some awesomely sick acting. I mean, really, I’m not that perverted guys.

For example, these photos:

Don’t you feel like zooming in the photo as much as you can to see Heuk San’s inner pain more clearly?

And this one too. How I wish the camera would zoom out a little bit, so that we can see Ki-bum in his entirety, lying like a wounded animal among the flowers!

This is my favorite pic. There’s something about a suggestively naked boy with a hat that makes me wanna touch his soul. He’s just so…fragile. It must be mono no aware.

Another good one here. Look at the gorgeous steam! Don’t you want to jump right in the kitchen and, well, get some steam buns cooking?

Boy drinking water, the very source of life, in a bathtub. Think about the aesthetics of this scene girls!

Okay, I admit, photos are not always about abstract aesthetics. But they do tell us some inspiring story. Like how this group of photos inspires my writings:

A boy setting off to see the world on a beautiful day.

He looks around to find something he doesn’t even know. Perhaps love? happiness? success?

Then he gets confused…

…and lost…

Losing his innocence

And turns dark. But is he happy?

There’s something in the water that offers him comfort. He quietly goes into the water one night…

to clean…up…

everything, from head to toes.

Then he found what he’s looking for: enlightenment

And at the end of his journey, he casts a beautiful smile.

That is my inferior parody of Boys of Tomorrow. Anyway, the point here is that shirtless photos don’t just offer pure fan service. They can elate the fangirl’s mind on a spiritual level too 🙂

Look at this once again. Can you see it? No?

Obviously no…who am I kidding here? I AM perverted! So this boy Yoo Ah In seriously needs to get himself a couple of bodyguards!

Pic credits: Soompi, yangkuza@tumblrf**kyeahyooahin@tumblr

15 thoughts on “[Pics]The Health Hazard series ep.1: Shirtless

  1. Shirtless! Just died! Heheheh. He really loves swimming! hmmm…I didn’t see the 2 packs here yet, can’t wait to see present YAI shirtless! Hahahha! Lots of VC may go Crazy it that happends!

    • Fangirling a celebrity who loves to swim is the best thing in the world! LOL I can find more shirtless pic of YAI than all of my fav boys’ combined hahahaha

  2. Thank you; you’re an ANGEL (with the horns) YAI’s photos+your writing = LOL
    I love them all sooooooo ????(mixed feeling of all kinds) would be nice to jump into the hot spring, bathtub, pool, pool, and more pool with him…ummmm………. hope he’s not a heavy smoker. Looking forward for more photosssssssss+your storyline.

  3. Wow~~~~Shirtless….
    I love these pics…so cute, so sexy, so charming, drive me crazy……..LOL
    Pls share more pics….
    Appreciate your sharing!

  4. OMG!!shirtleSs YAI!! Peel me off now from my screen! I scrolled up and down the page staring and drooling over those pictures! Thank you so much Goddess tinysunbl for this fun pleasure. My husband really thinks I’m crazy drooling over Ah In Pictures. But he never stopped me idolizing YAH and yet listened all my comment and babbles about YAI. Yeaaah Yoo Ah In is so hot!

  5. wahhhhhh!!why have i read this just now??he room went hot seeing these pics!! can you publish something bout shortless??wahhhh!!lol! jk!! thanks a lot for sharing this! i mean, thanks a lot for creating this hospital infected with yoo ah in virus!!lol!!

    can i apply? im a nurse in real life btw!! jk!!

    more power guys!!

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