[2008] Star News Interviews Yu Ah In about Antique

[ITW] Star News interviews Yu Ah In about Antique

Youth will pass eventually… I want to capture it on screen for eternity… “I want to be free, crazely so!” (T/N : I think that’s what he is saying)…

Question : Because it was based on popular manga, (the movie) was in the news from the casting stage. I think you are perfect for the part. Did you have reservations because of homosexual theme?

I did not read the manga beforehand and didn’t know it was that popular. I didn’t think the manga was that interesting. I can not say that I didn’t have any reservations when I chose the project. When I saw the finished product, I think those parts were handled very well. When I watch (finished product), I usually focus on myself but this time I was worried if I mixed in. I think it turned out fine. *smile*

Question : You look so hapyy eating cakes. Did you share with others during filming?

They look pretty but because of sound they were not refrigerated and because of the lights, the cakes were melting. On top of that I ate so much sweet, I had a headache and felt dizzy. I used to go in search of good cake shops. Now, I feel sad that something I’ve enjoyed very much is lost. *smile*

Question : Your smile is very memorable. I don’t think I’ve seen you smile often in your movies.

In previous projects, I didn’t have a lot to smile but this project, I smiled a lot and am much healthier. Previous projects made me grow as an actor and I am proud of them but while filming I got sick. Through Antique, I wanted to show my most healthy and fresh self. Also I wanted to record it for myself. Childish and know-it-all young man, I think it came through to my satisfaction.

Original Source & Credit : News.nate , rocky@mtstarnews.com , Credit Translation : Rxgoodleaf @ Soompi

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