Sharp 1 recaps of Ah In’s scenes

RxGoodleaf (a.k.a our Boss, our guardian angel) has generously provided us with some yummy gifs and recaps of Yoo Ah In‘s scenes in Banolim/Sharp 1 (2003-2005). This is Ah In’s first ever acting project and his popularity soared (then sadly, vanished) over night during this show. He has matured a lot since then.

As it’s hard to find the episodes of the show now, I hope this would help us better appreciate his very first acting project.


Posted 15 October 2008 – 09:47 PM

Ok Rim (Go Ara) is in first year of Junior High School and Ah In (Yoo Ah In‘s character name is the same in the drama) is in first year of High School… so Ah In is 3 years older (Oppa) but way more mature in his thoughts and attitude…

They first meet at a learning center (one of those after school places)… they literally run into each other… Ah In pretended to know her from a previous meeting and not really remembering Ok Rim goes along with the idea… Ah In took her out that first day to meet his friends and interduced her as the girlfriend (much to Ok Rim’s surprise)… Ah In basically told her they are dating… no asking out politely here!

나이제 너안보고도 그릴수있어

우리 사귀자 진지하게

I can draw you without having to look at you.

Let’s go steady, seriously. (Ep. 8 )

At first Ok Rim thought Ah In was just playing with her, but Ah In later told her that for him it was love at first sight… and that he has been watching and waiting… learning as much about her as he can in the meantime… so sweet!

After Ok Rim started dating Ah In, Ok Rim realized that she had feelings for her long time best friend, Uk… but Uk started dating one of Ok Rim’s friend already…

Posted 16 October 2008 – 10:09 PM

Ah In was interduced to Ok Rim’s family and eventually meets his arch rival, Uk… it was funny watching them measuring and squaring off with each other…

When Ok Rim’s father found out that Ok Rim has been dating Ah In in secret, he made Ok Rim invite Ah In for dinner… her father was really giving Ah In the third degree with question after another, not even giving him a chance to eat!

[More info on Yoo Ah In the character in the drama… he is majoring in Western painting… he wants to go a top notch college… his father owns an import-export company…]

Although under pressure, Ah In was infinitely polite and well mannered through out the “ordeal”… again, he was the ideal boyfriend who any parent would love!

But of course Ok Rim’s father was not very happy… made comments like “I bet he smokes. He already looks old.” 8)

Her father told Ok Rim to stop dating… that she can date when she is in college… they ended up having a hugh fight…

To make the matters worse, Ah In and Ok Rim went to a musical when Ok Rim’s father was waiting at home to “make up” with Ok Rim the next day… Ok Rim didn’t get home until very late and ran into her father waiting for her outside the house… that’s when her father slaps her… Ah In did not know what to do and said, “It is my fault sir. It is all my fault.”  😦

Anyhow, it turns out that Ok Rim had written a note to her father informing him of the musical and gave to her older sister… well, her older sister did not deliver the note until after Ok Rim was slapped…

Episode 13 Part 3

Another gif from ep. 8

Next day… Ok Rim’s father and Ah In had one on one…
Ok Rim’s father: “Do you smoke?”
Ah In: “I quit about a month ago because Ok Rim does not like it.”
Ok Rim’s father: “Do you watch X-rated movies?”
Ah In: ….. (sweating)

Ok Rim’s father lays down the ground rules for dating Ok Rim… basically, meet at public places only, bring her home early etc… poor Ah In! LOL

Posted 16 October 2008 – 10:40 PM

More summary… episode 10 where Ah In plays the piano?

It turns out that Ah In’s first love was playing piano… but he had to give that up when he injured his pinky finger… so now he is concentrating on painting… apparently he is quite good at it, winning multiple awards…

Episode 18…

Ah In pretends to be really jealous when he finds out that Ok Rim’s family will be spending a weekend with the Uk’s family… “I guess it will be more fun then spending a boring afternoon with me watching a movie.” And Ok Rim is like “Are you jealous? Really? Wow, this is so much fun!”… such a cute interaction…

While Ok Rim is away, Ah In spends quality time with Ok Rim’s two best friends… listening and advising one on relationship… again he is such an ideal boyfriend! OMG, seriously where was he when I was Ok Rim’s age!!!

Posted 19 October 2008 – 04:38 PM

Short summary up to episode 28

Basically Uk has broken up with his girlfriend and is depressed… and, Ok Rim is being over-protective and trying too hard to cheer him up… which does not go un-noticed by Ah In… Ah In is no fool, he knows Ok Rim has more feelings for Uk than she care to admit…

Posted 23 October 2008 – 09:03 PM

Ban Ol Rim Episode 31… Ah In is trying to help Uk bring his grades up… one of the advice Ah In gave Uk to improve his grades? Stop hanging around with Ok Rim and study! LOL

Posted 23 October 2008 – 10:34 PM

Episode 34

Also from Ep. 8

Ok Rim meets Ah In’s bestfriend, Dong Hee, who turns out to be a GIRL! So, of course Ok Rim is like “Are you sure you don’t see her as a girl?” to Ah In.

Then there is this mystery girl named Hee Soo who looks exactly like Ok Rim! And, Ah In is very evasive about who the girl is, “She is just a girl who used to be in my piano class”.

Well~ It turned out that Ah In broke his pinky finger when he tried to rescue Hee Soo from getting run over by a car at a crosswalk… not from “playing super hero game” as Ah In said before… Ah In had to give up his piano career because of that… he was considered a gifted piano phenom at the time…

Right after the accident, Ah In pretended that everything was fine and switched to art… but secretly he was devastated and quite depressed… Hee Soo tried to snap Ah In out of the depression and told him “It’s harder to keep it inside. Why don’t you let it out?”

Ah In exploded and told Hee Soo that he could not stand to look at her because she reminded him of what he had lost… told her to get out of his sight… so, Hee Soo left to study abroad… and Ah In has been feeling guilty about that…

So, when Ah In read a news article about Hee Soo, he wanted to see her and apologize… BUT, Ok Rim misunderstood the whole thing… thought An In was in love with Hee Soo and started dating Ok Rim because Ok Rim looked so much like Hee Soo!  The two end up having a hugh fight!

Dong Hee explained to Ok Rim about the car accident and the relationship between Ah In and Hee Soo…

At the end, you find out how and when Ah In fell in love with Ok Rim… why he calls her 나체걸 (Nache Girl) literally translated “Naked Girl.”

Ah In fell in love with Ok Rim when he spied her hitting and kicking a sandbag while calling herself a coward for being afraid to sing in public…

Ok Rim was quoting a famous saying “What does not kill me, makes me stronger.” Then Ok Rim was like who said that?! “Che… Che… Right, Nache!”

Hence his nickname for her, 나체걸 (Nache Girl)… literally translated Naked Girl! LOL

Posted 24 October 2008 – 11:24 PM

Ban Ol Rim Episode 38

Ah In and Uk face off with each other… Ah In warns Uk, “I hope you know the different between a boyfriend and just a friend. I think sometimes you get confused.” Competition is heating up!

Posted 26 October 2008 – 08:45 PM

Ban Ol Rim was total of 64 episodes but episode 56 is when Ah In and Ok Rim break up.

Again, Ah In is watching Ok Rim cry over Uk… she confesses “Oppa, what should I do? I really like Uk.”

The background music is “Butterfly” by Wheezer (I think)… has special meaning for Ok Rim and Uk…

Ah In is watching Ok Rim rush to see Uk after she receives a phone call…

Ah In tells her that he will wait for an hour only… but he ends up waiting until the shop closes… so sad.

Ah In: Ok Rim. I like you a lot. You know that, don’t you?
Ok Rim: What’s wrong with you, telling me sweet nothings…
Ah In puts Ok Rim’s hair behind her ear… then the cellphone rings!

I love the part where Ah In takes Uk to West coast to see sunset… plays one on one soccer…

When Uk scores one, Ah In tells Uk, “I am so proud of you! Now, I can trust you with Ok Rim.”

Ah In smiles then…

When Uk asked Ah In why he wanted to see sunset, Ah In replied “Just because… I wanted to throw something away. Something has been growing in my heart. I thought I could just cut it out but it’s not budging. I think it got too big.”

Uk asked, “Is it like a pimple?”

Ah In, “Yeah. I think it needs surgery. A very hard (difficult) surgery.”

*** You have see the gorgeous sunset! ***

Ok, so I am totally in love with two of YAI’s characters…

Heuk San > Yoo Ah In (Ban Ol Rim)…

One you-can-not-help-but-fall bad guy and the other perfect-dream-boyfriend-at-any-age.


9 thoughts on “Sharp 1 recaps of Ah In’s scenes

  1. OMG, thanks a lot for posting this!! Gosh, his character sounds really sweet. The smoke and porn part made me laugh, just reading it =D

    And another mention of Heuksan. I better find time to watch that drama too!

  2. Wow, this is great, I have not read the whole article yet, since I am at work. I am so excited to do so, 3 hours to go before i end my work, and additional 30 mins before i reach home. Thank you so much!

    • More gifs are coming, so stay tuned! You can also download the first 4 eps at soompi, but I’m not sure if Ah In appears during that time. There’re some YT cuts, too. Check out the biography section.

      • Hi, I find you posted many things about Sharp 1, I really want to see this film but I cannot find it. Can you share me link?


  3. Huge thanks for posting this. It’s great to read more about Yoo Ah In’s roles. The part with sunset and telling Uk that he’s entrusting Ok Rim to him as well his dialogue about the big bulge in heart made me fall into tears. That’s really sad.

    I hope Ah In gets a leading role really soon, where he will actually get the girl and have a happy ending…

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