Amazing Moon Jae Shin Comics and Wallpapers by Avid Fan

I know everyone is fretting over the prospect of Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s ending. Where are we gonna get our regular dose of Jae-shin crack? (Or SKKS crack in gen). Rewatching is one old-fashioned yet effective strategy to deal with the post SKKS syndrome, and who knows, you may see the characters in a different light on second watching. Another strategy I’d recommend is to check out Heuk San (Yoo Ah In’s character) in Strongest Chil-woo. A lot of fans have told me they love both sageuk characters of Yoo Ah In. [watch a scene cut here] If you have done the first and the latter, I have another incredible source of Jae-shin crack to share.

tylergenecom is a manga artist, illustrator and webmaster of a Japanese comic website. Fortunately for us she’s also an avid fan of Moon Jae Shin. She’s been composing many stories centering around Jae-shin in COMIC FORM on her site.

Although they’re in Japanese, I can’t help but laughing to tears because of these super cute illustrations. Looking through the comics is like reading a creative recaps of SKKS. There’re many more at her site and they just make my day. Parts of the comics can be read with the help of Google Translate, if you can’t understand Japanese.  *Who know if a bilingual fan loves these stories and will translate for us all to enjoy. Let’s pray*

The direct link to the comics:

Ep. 4/Ep.5/ EP.6/ Ep. 7/ Ep. 8 part 1/Ep.8 part 2/Ep.9/Ep.10 part 1/

Ep.10 part 2/Ep.11 part 1/Ep.11 part 2/Ep.12 part 1/Ep.12 part 2

The link to her lovely site:

You can also visit her youtube channel, check out tons of awesome wallpapers, read the comics from links there, and leave comments for her:

Two other fav of mine:

LOL I love the radial blur effect and the sweating symbol!

Hand down more entertaining than the scene itself!

Check out the wallpapers too:

Special thanks to tylergenecom for letting me feature her comics. Please do not take anything here out without tylergenecom’s permission.

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