[Pics] The Health Hazard series ep. 2: the Young Ah In

How our boy used to look…

During (middle) secondary school

He had his killer smile back then already…

Awww he looks just like my little bro! Luv the Hawaiian shirt.

In Sharp 1/Banolim:

LOL I’m loving him in glasses. Hope he wears the preppy Park Hyun Kyu-styled glasses more.

So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In April Kiss:

Posing with Jang Guen Suk for Skoolookz. they both are so young! You can watch the yummy commercial here.


Skinny boy in jeans:

The boyish Yong-tae in Shim’s Family:

I wonder if he was like in the above pic when at school in real life. Some more Yong-tae:

He was good-looking in Boys of Tomorrow, but the boy-ish face was still there:

These are the more recent pics, but oh boy! Doesn’t he looks like an Asian version of the pre-puberty Justine Bieber?

And this is my personal favorite:

Two fav boys of mine in the quintessential bromance moment: drinking (sharing) a cup of smoothie…*faint*

Credits: Yoo Ah In DCInside Gallery, Soompi Yoo Ah In picture thread, Daum, Fuck Yeah Yoo Ah In, KST, some pics are generously shared by 1crazynyt.

14 thoughts on “[Pics] The Health Hazard series ep. 2: the Young Ah In

  1. *sweat*, *blush*

    Cutie Young Ah-in put me in the ICOMYM club (Inappropriate Crush on Much Younger Men, @Dramabeans).

    Luckily the hottie, gorgeous, smexyAh In comes for the rescue, I love this man 🙂

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  3. That bawling scene in Shim’s Family was hilarious!!

    BTW, did JIW and YAI have any CF together or what? Or they’re just friends??

  4. Picture Ah In and Il Woo : They just like hot chocolate and hot milk. I loveeeee them both!! Ah In Natural dark complexion is just my type 😀

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