[2007] Ah In “I’ve thought seriously about the secret of [my] birth”

A translation of an interview Ah In did in 2007, during Shim’s Family promotion. I’ll come back tonight and find the exact source.

My name is: Yoo Ah In. My real name is Um Hong Shik.

The name Yoo Ah In: I began using it when I started acting. It’s pretty, and it also has the meaning ‘one’ in German (Ah In = ein).

Birthday: 1986, October 6

Family: Mother, Father, and two older sisters.

Similarities to Yongtae of <Shim’s Family>: I have thought seriously about the secret of [my] birth before. (Laughs) I’m a bit different from the rest of my family in both looks and personality. I left high school early and lived on my own, and there have been many cases where I collided against the walls of the world, alone. So when I get in trouble with my dad, he has occasionally lamented, “My son couldn’t possibly be like this!”

Dandook University, Movie Acting Major: I entered this year. The professors’ words (T/N: probably lectures, feedback, advice, etc.) are excellent and it is so wonderful to be with fellow students who are passionate about acting.

Novels, poems, mysteries, or other books: I like them all, but I’m reading a psychological book entitled <There are Reasons for Everything That Goes Wrong in My Life> for fun right now. People who read a lot of books and think that they hold the answer [to everything] become ensnared by that knowledge and may suffer from its betrayal, but I tend to read and just think, ‘So this is how this person thinks.’

In many forms: I enjoy expressing myself. Acting is dynamic/kinetic expression, but quiet/static forms of expression like writing or drawing suit me well, too. I like singing and dancing pretty well, too.

In your former life, you were a gisaeng: I have heard this before. I was at an event for a movie with my fans where you would look at your saju (T/N: The ‘four pillars’ of your birth year, month, day, and time that is supposed to express your identity and fortune) and act out your former life. There, I was told that I had been a gisaeng in my former life like Hwang Jini (T/N: Legendary gisaeng from the Joseon Dynasty famed for her beauty and wit) and had broken too many hearts, so I would live a lonely life this time around. I was a bit sad when I heard that.

The arm muscles you showed in <Shim’s Family>: The shooting took place in the summer so I hurriedly went to the swimming pool. (Laugh) My regular body has barely any body fat so if I exercise I tend to put muscle on quickly, but I don’t really like exercising that much.

What you are most interested in these days: Red Hot Chili Peppers. And school life.

Thoughts on the movie <Hannibal Rising>: I think it would be fun to take on a role like the main character. Instead of a typically rough, scary-looking murderer, I want to try playing a [more complex] two-sided character.

Being with Il Woo of <Unstoppable High Kick>: We are in the same company and are of similar ages, and so we get along well as two colleagues who will continue to act in the future. We have a relationship where we can give each other advice, but honestly, compared to [the little] I do for him as a hyung, Il Woo follows me well.

I worry about loneliness a lot, but: I don’t go around trying to find something that can assuage my feelings. There are people who think that hanging out with friends or spending time with the person  you love will dissolve your loneliness, but I think that those kinds of things will only help you forget your loneliness for a short time. I think people are meant to exist in loneliness by nature.

To be 21 years old: It is youth. It is an insecure youth during which you must collide with life, and it is the peak of youth. If you are fearful [of something], you end up not doing it, and if you think you will become hurt by going down a certain path, you end up not walking down it, but I think it is during youth that you have the will to overcome that fear. So I am uneasy, but I think I can do anything [I want].

Taking a step back from myself: There are times I do this. I don’t run ahead without thinking and just keep going; as I [move forward], I look back at myself once in a while. While asking myself, Do I have a clear mind? Am I doing well? Is this right [for me]?

My ending as a person: Whatever happens, it doesn’t matter. Even that is probably not an ending, but merely one moment. If I can’t go back [and change anything] anyway, I would rather live a fun life.

Credit: RxGoodleaf@soompi, Jaeshinah@soompi. Can’t locate the source.

7 thoughts on “[2007] Ah In “I’ve thought seriously about the secret of [my] birth”

  1. I can’t help laughing when Ah In said “collided against the walls of the world”! I wonder if he really says that in conversational settings. ROFL

  2. For a 21-year-old, this interview is made of all sorts of awesomeness. He looks 16 and yet he thinks through things like an old man. I guess that’s what makes him a better actor, and a better writer because he expresses himself so well through his chosen crafts.

  3. So many good quotes just from one inteview that I could take and try to apply on myself. Especially “Do I have a clear mind? Am I doing well? Is this right [for me]?”.
    I have a huge respect for him, apart from being a fan. His words and thoughts always make me reflect, how about me? Do I feel that way too? What will be the others’ thoughts? I learn so much from him.

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  5. No doubt he has a lot of fans. He’s not just good-looking, he’s smart as well and a good young-looking actor. I would like to see him in person. 🙂
    I’m a fan. 😉
    GODbless your career Yoo Ah In! :*

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