[Pics] STOLEN (from cyworld)

Ah Innie~ Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor; that’s what Jae Shinnie does, right? Well, since you obviously have plenty of pictures of yourself, I’m going to steal from you had share with those that are less fortunate.
Most of these were posted in long strings but I cropped them because I thought that it’d easier to save/see if they were individual pictures.

Does he actually have a dog?

Banana Ah In~ 🙂 cute.


With cake.

*EDITED by tinysunbl* Remove the cake pic

And last, but certainly not least, MOONY <3333 YES.

19 thoughts on “[Pics] STOLEN (from cyworld)

  1. Awwww he must be a dog person. Dissecting his table:
    -Saw a Cass Beer and some (probably)chickens on his table. I heard that in Korea beer and chicken is the best combo.
    -Ice cream. He consumed my fav ice cream brand!
    -The signature cigarette. Urgggg I’m worried for his health. Why is smoking rate so high in Asia?
    -I love the Maggie and Homer dolls. Also saw a drawing of a man displayed there. I wonder if that’s from his fan.

    • Smoking is like a social rule in probably many (or perhaps most) of Asia. All manly men must smoke and one will be shunned if they don’t smoke. You can’t really change anything because, well, conformity rules. I learned this in class, btw. It’s a bad habit, I know. I wish it will stop but least likely.

    • ROFL@your comment. I saw a commercial of Market O brownie by 2pm before. Do they have it in Canada? I haven’t heard of it before.

      • I dunno, but whatever, Two Bite Brownies are better anyway XDDD. Okay, to make this comment relevant, Yoo Ah In is yummier than brownies, beer, and cheeseballs altogether!

  2. OMG!!!!!!!! You are awesome idkmybffgill, you have done the right thing, no needed to be guilty so keep 0n doing it, as you said “share with those that are less fortunate” (I’m one of them). I love them all, I can see a real Ah-in more than just his shows. From the photos he seems to live his life as young & carefree, bless him.

  3. The picture of the man in glasses and red cardigan isn’t Ain. He’s a singer/musician that Ain (most likely) likes. One of his songs is in his playlist.

  4. kamsahamnida~kamsahamnida~kamsahamnida

    ~i’m jealous of a lovely little dog and also jealous of him (to has a lovely little dog).
    ~must be many drinkscigaret time (smoke can become ahabit). ~oh! it’s a snack time with companion: there’re 2 difference ways of having banana (home & highcut) i like both (healthy), chicken nugget & beer, haagendazs ice cream, choc-brownies, maybe some kind of peanut or chic pea in a big tin box, a lovely wallet, mobile phone, a box of cigaret, a lighter and a nasty ashtray. aaaaah!!! and simpson dolls hahaha
    ~it’s nice to lean on a companion’s back with a lovely dog on the side so just close your eyes and rest, it’s been a long day
    ~he didn’t seem happy to share a lovely cake with those animals in the jungle.
    ~this one S W O O N

    • LOL you’re envious of Ah In for having the dog while I am envious of the DOG for having Ah In as its owner. Gets kisses and huggies from him all the time >< omg soooo envious.

      Oh yeah the two ways of eating banana~ swoon~

  5. Hello~ I only found out about Yoo Ah In because of SKKS. I have to admit that I initially watched it for Micky but then there was Jae Shin and he completely got me ♥ And I’m so glad to have discovered this awesome site because like most of you, I have been totally infected with the Yoo Ah In virus ;DDD

    Thank you so much for this ♥♥♥

    PS: I think this one should be added to this post: http://cyimg29.cyworld.com/common/file_down.asp?redirect=%2F290013%2F2010%2F3%2F6%2F99%2F%BE%C8%B4%A8%2Ejpg *dies of the hotness*

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