[Video] Videos of Yoo Ah In in High Demand

Movall@Soompi have given us several old and new links to Yoo Ah In’s videos on Nate. I don’t think we can embed Nate videos on wordpress so you can click on the link to watch. Nate is a little slow but the vids all work. If anyone can download these vids from Nate and repost on YT, it would be so great.

  • Just yesterday, 10/30/2010, Ah In was featured on TV, dubbed 신상 짐승남 유아인의 재발견-Rediscovery of jinseung-nam Yoo Ah-in (they’re comparing Ah In with Kim Nam-gil in Queen Seon-duk and Jang-hyuk in Chuno)

Click Here to Watch

Having watched both Queen Seon-duk and Chuno, I must say this comparison is quite relevant. Moon Jae-shin does have this Bi-dam’s guardian angel vibe and Dae-gil’s smexiness.

Click Here to Watch

UPDATED-here is the YT link:

Credit: hairdensity. Okay I don’t understand a word but my heart broke into 1000 pieces already 😦 Hate how Kdrama tortures their second lead like that.

  • Boys of Tomorrow after party (5.12.2007), seems so much fun:

Click Here to Watch

Awwww seems so much fun. I remember he said in an interview filming BOT is a memorable experience although the movie didn’t do well in the box office. I bet he did enjoy it a lot.

  • Talk with the audience (fancam) 5.27.2007

Click Here to Watch

Is it Jung Il-woo who is sitting beside him guys? LOL I may be hallucinated when it comes to my boy. Not sure what Ah In is saying. It seems cute regardless hehe

  • The Ordinary Yoo Ah In

Click Here to Watch

Seriously I think I’d have to visit the police station very often if I stay in Korea, cuz all I plan to do there is stalk Ah In, jump on him and pinch his cheek.

Credit: definitely to the fans who posted these on Nate. Thanks to sis Movall@Soompi for the links.

3 thoughts on “[Video] Videos of Yoo Ah In in High Demand

  1. Want… to… watch…, but it’s 12pm and I’m still at work!

    I do see strong resemblance with Bidam character, in fact the first time MJS comes on screen, Bidam is the one immediately come to mind. I haven’t see Chuno yet to analyse.

    There is a youthful and innocent quality to MJS (even when he’s being angsty) probably due to how the character was written or how YAI portrayed him (the moony eyes and the smile… sigh), which did not exist in Bidam. Bidam has cruel and twisted vibes and even when he acted childlike, it was done to throw people off guard. When he was shown sad or angry, it was all hatred, resentment and possessiveness, and yet we feel for him. My thought is if only Ha In Soo was played this way, it will be much more interesting.

    Both actors done really well portraying their role and injecting it with their own charms. My heart goes out to both Bidam and Moony, sobs…

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