[2008] Stoo.com interviews Ah In about his career

Yoo Ah In is a young person who behaves like an old person. Only 22 years old but this young actor behaves like a thirty something actor, deep thinking and cautious.

People tell me that I think too much. Through Boys Of Tomorrow, I’ve gained an ability to think a little deeper and see little broader. I think I became more objective about myself. I had a lot of difficulty while filming Ban Ol Rim because of inexperience (as an actor). The unexpected popularity changed my life and left me bewildered. Through Boys Of Tomorrow, I was able to finally act without paying attention to the camera, lights and staffs.

First year in high school, he was casted on the street in front of his high school. He quit high school not because of acting but because he felt stifled. He moved to Seoul all by himself to begin his acting career. Although he became a teenage star through Ban Ol Rim, rather than taking the easy road seeking fame and popularity, he chose to take the more difficult road as an actor.

I am trying not to regret not taking the normal course of going from high school to college. After leaving home, for 2 or 3 years, I didn’t meet any of my friends and basically shut myself in. Maybe because of that, I long for freedom, insanely so and I just want to play. Being an entertainer, I don’t want to lose any opportunities at experiencing things because I have to be careful about (meeting) people.

Source : Asiae.co.kr , Credit Translation : Rxgoodleaf @ soompi

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