Which one he rocks it best?

Moon Jae Shin’s hair, rugged or neat?

We all have seen our Resident Chaebol Badboy Saguk Version with his striking rugged and neat hair styles, but the question is which of the two he rocks it the most?? I am just used to seeing him with his messy looking long hairstyle. Well, this is just my personal opinion, I think he looked hot with his long hair look and he’s the only one who can pull off the look of having a long hair among the other actors who  played in the Saguk Kdramas which sadly not too many of them out there could rock it. Oh man! how I wish he would keep that hairstyle for good. And get this whenever he would put his hair up that was when he really turned himself into a respected neat arrogant looking young noble…..the way he does………. which always makes the chair I sit on to melt : )


14 thoughts on “Which one he rocks it best?

  1. I’d say the neat, standard yangban outfit. I saw the video for the press con, and I was like fuuuuuuhhhhhhh, yoo ah in, is that you?

    Unfortunately, the 4th choice is closer to the truth. So…

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  3. Meee too, I love the neat hair. he looks like a dork in neat hair, with an insanely cute smile! But also agree with Migs, rugged hair Mooony is one of the most handsome-looking saguek characters out there *shiver while thinking of Eric Moon(y)’s Jesus hair* -run before ditdut kills me-

  4. Moony’s hair + rugged = Gul-oh = red HOT chilly pepper = s-w-o-o-n
    – rugged hair …. I feel save to be with him.
    -neat hair ……. I want to protect him.

  5. i voted for neat hair only because i really went “awwwwwwwwwww~~” during that scene. however he really rocks that hair!! him an jang geun suk in the drama HongGilDong.

    • Please; write me on your list too ❤ ❤ ❤ you ~*Ahin*~
      Let's get ONE way ticket to SEOUL 😀 😀
      be caution AHIN ………….

  6. I love the rugged kind of disheveled look MORE!! Yoo Ah In is better looking with his messy hair do! haha! I don’t like him neat that much actually! Heh! he truly embodies the bad-ish sorta vibe so coolly!! I just love him!!

    thanks for all the info in this blog!! I skimmed through and I like it ;D

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