[Fan-made] Geul-ro’s touching “Goodbye My Love” MV with translation

Yesterday, XiaoSxin requested a translation of this very touching fan-made MV of Guel-ro, made by jjunja01@youtube. AncientKingdom has generously offered the caption below. It’s definitely one of my favorite Gueol-ro vids:


I did…..a lot of things…for the first time in my life….

Because of you…….from one-sided love…..to one-sided parting….

You never know….you never know…to the end……


Good bye….. my love!


“Never appear in front of my eyes again! I don’t want to see you, dumb head, again.”


“You mean, I sleep here next to the Noron bitch now?”

“You sleep here from now on, forever!”

” Don’t worry. I’m used to this.”


” I’m sorry. I really want to say this before the end of the day.”

“Don’t you see youn-seek, Kim?”


“What the hell were you doing? Behave and think like someone who loses his guts!”


“So………Because of you…….that I am worried…….”


Yoon-hee: “I lied to someone……”

“It seems too late…….”

“I am afraid because the person would not forgive me ….”

Yoon-hee: “Youn-Hee, Kim.  Youn-Hee, Kim. That is my name.”

“Youn-seek, Kim!”


“The person….. who do you have in your mind?”


“Youn-Seek, Kim!”


“What are you worried about?”

Yoon-hee: “Do you not know my mind; I must say it in my own words?”

“Like this…….like you are doing to me now….”

” Don’t you know? Really?”

“Just speak your mind.”


I feel Gul-ro’s stupidity and stuffy one-sided love

heart broken, at the same time, warm,

not because he made his lover feel sorry for him

but because of him

(my) heart was broken,

then (my) broken heart felt warm again…….

You made my heart beat………..again………

Thank you………..Gul-ro……..

Thank you…………..You, Ah-In.

Credit: clip made by jjunja01@youtube, transcription and translation by ancientkingdom, edited by tinysunbl,  thanks XiaoSxin for the suggestion.

The Korean transcript is here:

난 너 때문에….

처음 하는 일이…. 참 많다….

혼자 하는 사랑….

혼자 하는 이별까지…..

넌 모르겠지만….

끝내 모르겠지만….

안녕….. 사랑아…

재신 : “다신 눈에 띄지 마라. 너같이 아둔한 녀석 두번 다시 보고 싶지 않으니까.”

재신 : “나보고 노론 새끼랑 붙어 자라는 거냐 지금?”

재신 : “앞으로 니자린 여기다. 영원히”

재신 : ” 괜찮아. 익숙한 일이야.”

재신 : ” 미안하다. 오늘이 가기 전에 이말 꼭 해주고 싶었어..”

재신 : “김윤식 못봤어?”

재신 : “뭐가 그렇게 제멋대로야. 걱정하는 사람도 좀 생각하면서 행동해.”

재신 : “그래서 …. 너니까….. 걱정하는거라구…..”

윤희 : “어떤이에게…. 거짓말을 했습니다.”

“너무 늦은 것 같아서”

“절 용서해 주지 않을 것 같아서 두렵습니다.”

윤희 : “김윤희. 김윤희요. 내 이름.”

재신 : “김윤식!”

재신 : “그 사람…. 니가 마음에 둔 사람이냐?”

재신 : “김윤식”

재신 : “뭘 고민해?”

윤희 : “꼭 말을 해야지 알겠소?”

재신 : “지금 나한테 하는 것처럼”

윤희 : “정말 모르겠소?

재신 : “니 마음 보여주면 되잖아.”


조금은 바보같고 답답한 걸오의 외사랑이

시리지만 동시에 따스하게 느껴지는 이유는

그가………상대를 미안하게 하는.사랑이 아닌

상대가 고마워 하는 사랑을 하고 있기 때문입니다.


그 사랑으로 인해  메마른 가슴이 시리고

시린 가슴이 다시 따스해짐을 느꼈습니다.

내 심장을 다시 뛰게 해준 당신

고맙습니다. 걸오 사형…

고맙습니다. 유아인군….


9 thoughts on “[Fan-made] Geul-ro’s touching “Goodbye My Love” MV with translation

  1. i think we’re being masochist for watching JS’s heartaches. and i confess i’d rather see him as a bachelor and keep him in my pocket *smirking wickedly*

  2. THANK YOU! I did not expect it to be this fast! I guess our YAI love is really strong!! This made my day just now..

    Thank you for the hardwork: jjunja01@youtube, transcription and translation by ancientkingdom, edited by tinysunbl, and to all those I did not mention who contributed to creating this amazing site!

    THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!

    • An even better news, jjunja01 has told us that she would be willing to remake her vid and include our English translations!

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  4. you guys are the best!!

    jjunja01 has another amazing video even more heartbreaking and bittersweet (if that is even possible, but yes it’s true!) than this one. It is the Geol-Oh’s Monologue video.. it is also uploaded here..

    I was wondering if you can translate or put captions on the monologue? It’s written in Korean so I can’t read it all. I can only read a bit here and a bit there. Thank you! I’ll keep on waiting!!

  5. this great… great
    this killing me, …. know my jaeshin getting hurt.. its hurt me too…this made me cut to pieces….. i hope can make my Jaeshin happy… TT____TT
    If only I had enough time to learn and have a good editing program … (maybe after effects or final cut) … but I must be satisfied with WMM and my photoshop … This a awesome video …. I’m jealous,
    This is really great … thanks tiny this awesome… i hope can make like this too hiks…hiks…hiks…(I am still sad)

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