[News] Jae-shin’s emotional scene a big hit!

by tylergenecom

The BIG DAY has come. Today this blog will be especially dedicated to Guel-ro 문재신 of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, as we’re bidding him farewells from the 20 eps. SKKS. Yesterday, in ep. 19, Guel-ro has been the focus of attention as he finally showcased his vulnerable and emotional side. Today many news articles have praised Yoo Ah In’s striking portrayal of Guel-ro. For those who haven’t watched ep. 19, this post will be a BIG spoiler. You have been warned^^

Recaps of the scenes:

An article from KBS news, partly translated:

대다수의 시청자들이 유아인의 눈물신을 이날의 압권으로 꼽았다. 한 시청자는 “재신이 아버지의 등 뒤에서 ‘잘못했습니다’라고 대사 칠 때 심장을 ‘턱’ 치는 느낌이었다. 감춰놨던 깊은 상처가 터지거나 혹은 아무는 느낌이 제대로 전달됐다” 며 시청소감을 남겼다.

Most viewers picked Yoo Ah In’s tearful scene as the highlight of the episode.
“When Jae Shin said ‘I am sorry’ behind his father’s back, I felt as if my heart was punched(?).  His delivery of revealing deep hidden scar or healing of the scar was right on the ball.”

또 다른 시청자는 “유아인의 연기력에 놀랐다. 표정, 감정, 시선, 목소리 톤, 대사 속도 등 모든게 완벽했다. 어찌보면 손발 오그라드는 대사일 수도 있는데 유아인이 느낌을 잘 살렸다. 진정성이 느껴지는 연기에 나도 모르게 울컥 눈물이 났다”며 칭찬을 아끼지 않았다.

Other viewer said, “Totally surprised by Yoo Ah In’s acting ability. His expression, emotion, look (gaze), voice, tone and pace of the line delivery were all perfect. The lines could have been overplayed but Yoo Ah In made them come alive. His genuine (sincere) acting made me cry all of sudden.”


Entire scene again, in gifs:

I am sorry. I carelessly said I was hurting more than you father.

I am sorry. I was so sure I loved hyung more. I am sorry for that. I am so sorry, father.

So, please let Lee Sun Joon go. He and I, we haven’t even begin to live.

Please… save me from having to hate you agin. Ah, I don’t ever, ever want to live in that kind of hell again.

Another article from TVDaily, partly translated:

‘걸오앓이’를 일으키며 가장 뜨거운 사랑을 받았던 문재신 역의 유아인은 “처음 문재신을 맡고 나서 자신있다 얘기했지만사실 불안하고 걱정을 많이 했다. 하지만 자기최면도 걸고 스스로 컨트롤하면서 노력했다”고 털어놨다.

Causing ‘Gurl Oh Al Yee’, the most loved character, Moon Jae Shin of Yoo Ah In said, “When I was first casted as Moon Jae Shin, I said I was confident that I could pull it off but actually I was nervous and worried a lot. But, I worked on self-hypnotizing and tried to control myself.”

“다행히 많은 분들이 유아인만의 걸오를 색깔있게 잘 표현했다고 말씀해주셔서 행복했다”고 말한 그는 “아직 부족한 점이 많지만 큰 사랑 주신 분들께 감사하다. 고생하신 작가님, 처음으로 편지를 써드려 본 감독님, 동료배우들과 스태프도감사하다. 기쁜 만큼이나 아쉬움도 크지만 가슴 속에 오래남을 작품이 될 것 같다”며 시원섭섭한 마음을 드러냈다.

“Fortunately a lot of people told me that Yoo Ah In’s portrayal of Gurl Oh was colorful (diverse) and I was very happy. Although I am still lacking in a lot of ways, I am very thankful for all the love you have given me. The much suffered writer, the director whom I have written a letter of thanks to for the first time, my fellow actors and staffs, I thank them. Feeling as much joy as missing (the drama), it will stay in my heart for a long time.”

Now watch the scene cut:

I have nothing more to say. If this isn’t some F***ING good acting, I don’t know what good acting is anymore. I’m so proud to be an AH IN VIRUS CARRIER!

Credit for translation and gifs: the almighty RxGoodLeaf@soompi, fan-art by tylergenecom@http://tylergenecom.web.fc2.com/ (Make sure to check out her SKKS comics here)

20 thoughts on “[News] Jae-shin’s emotional scene a big hit!

  1. Our YAI is amazing! I was crying just seing the gif’s…haven’t had the chance to see the latest episode(on vacation, but felt like going home, since the internet connection here sucks!Can’t watch SKKS live!)…I felt his pain…that scene was so freaking emotinal! And our YAI surely delivers what is there to deliver! Echoing your sentiment dear writter…If this isn’t some F***ING good acting, I don’t know what good acting is anymore!!!

    I’m so proud to be an YOO AH IN VIRUS CARRIER!

  2. Awesome… awesome! That’s all i can really say for Ah In’s superb acting in SKKS. He deserves to get an award for his role as Moon Jae Shin. He really gave his all to this role and for that i praise him even more. Although i’m getting sad already because i won’t be able to see my favorite Moon Jae Shin again as the drama gets to end tonight, but in some way i’m also happy because i witnessed a great acting talent in YAI. And for that i can really, really say that i’m also proud to be an Ah In virus carrier!

    Bye Moon Jae Shin… Aja Yoo Ah In! 🙂

  3. yu ah in is really amazing. even though it is my first time seeing him in drama i really felt that he’s really a good actor. I could feel sincerity in his words while he acts. I’ve just recently watched episode 19 and i really loved it especially when tears fell from his eyes. Love SKKS!!! it’s the amazing 😀

    hope to see more of yu ah in’s future drama and movies
    !!!fighting yu ah in!!

  4. Our Yoo Ah In is trully amazing!! I was al squealing over and over and crying with him yesterday! He’s such an amazing actor!! Good job, Ah In-sshi!! <333
    Hope to see him in another drama soon!♥

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  6. I don’t think that I can possibility be in love with YooAhin any more than this. He is the one hell of a scene stealer and completely fit for his role. He’s really the only one compelling me from start till the end. I love you and you’re amazing YOOAHIN

  7. omg Yoo Ah In *_*
    So touching! Totally looking forward to the last 2 episodes. Right now, no words can describe how much I adore this man. I believe he has probably made his 1st big hit thanks to SKK, and now a million and one doors of opportuntites will be flying his way. From the 1st episode he has potrayed and played his character Moon Jae Shin so well, that he was one of the main reason I just kept coming back to watch SKK and would be so excited whenever he appeared.

    Yoo Ah In, sweetheart, you are just simply the best. Hwaiting! 😀

  8. Like Asha, looking at the GIFs alone made me cry. Ah In is a really great actor! I hope he gets casted in a new series soon, with the lead role no less. Though, I’ll always remember him best as Moon Jae Shin.

    Saranghae, Yoo Ah In! We’ll always cheer for you! 🙂

  9. What more can I say but my hats off to this great actor! Looking forward to his new projects, I hope he gets the girl next time! I will really really miss SKKS , I am at a lost, now what will I do? Rewatch, rewatch, rewatch!!!

  10. I am crying just looking at it. I haven’t watched the episodes yet but this one was sure very, very GOOD!Ah In at his best. I am not regretting being infected either. He is just AMAZING, our AH IN!

  11. proud to be a YOO AH IN VIRUS CARRIER. truly, Yoo Ah In is a very talented actor!!I hope ther will be a follow-up on his drama show.

  12. Yoo An In es un hombre realmente guapo e interesante, además de tener mucho talento en la actuación. Definitivamente, quede cautivada en Sungk… Scandal, fue de lo mejor.

    Amo a este hombre tan bello!!

    • mi amiga, i have to use google translate to decipher this {i should have not skip spanish class before ^^}… gracias for that lovely message.

  13. I cried thru this scene with this father. His father’s heart wrenching too… It was so honest.. saying how sorry he was, how dared he thought his pain over loss of his brother was greather his father’s… how cocky was he to think that he mourned more than his father.. for this.. he was so sorry.. that for his father to now take out his anger on Sunjoon… as he and Sunjoon has yet start their friendship…

    The diaglogue was so touching and genuine.. and his acting.. I mean.. YAI is MJS and MJS is YAI… I started to sobb..

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