[2008] Daily Economy Interviews Ah In about His Career

Question: Other than acting, what would you like to do?
Yoo Ah-in (YAI): I would like to be a professional writer.

Question: When I visited your mini hompy, I thought to myself, here is someone who enjoys writing. Have you written any scenarios?
YAI: Yes. *smile*

Question: Has anyone seen the scenarios?
YAI: Few close people? While filming “Shim’s Family”, I became close with Hwang Bo Ra and she is one of them. *smile* Personally I like youth story but I don’t have a sharp sight (?). Somewhat lacking… *smile*

Question: I heard that you were first to be casted. Min Kyu Dong director thought you were perfect for the role of Ki Bum.
YAI: Playing the role of Ki Bum, I didn’t think too seriously or heavily of his sorrow (pain). Actually, sorrow (pain) can be a big part of that person and everyone has one. (T/N : next sentence I don’t understand myself) That’s why I chose to focus on Ki Bum’s cheerfulness and health.

Can’t find the original source. Credit Translation & Source : Rxgoodleaf @ soompi

2 thoughts on “[2008] Daily Economy Interviews Ah In about His Career

  1. Is this pic. up there from Sky & Sea, isn’t it ? I’d love to watch this film.
    Can you help, where can I watch it ? Please !!!

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