[Photos] 04/11/10 Yoo Ah In at Store Opening Party

Here are a bunch of pictures of our Guhro Sahyung during a store opening for Orbis and Colombo’s joint fashion brand ‘INCONTRO TRA LUSSO E ARTE’ in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, today.

Yoo Ah In looks fierce, nowhere was his signature smile. The news pieces that came with these mostly had the words tough, intense, and rough charisma, lol. The picture above was the only picture with YAI even remotely smiling. He sure lives up to his Moon Jaeshin persona. Either that or he’d rather be somewhere else.

I’m only uploading a few of these, if you want more, head over to Nate.Com and search his name up. Other attendants were Kwon Sang Woo, Yoon Eun Hye, Yunho, Park Si Yeon, etc.

credit: Nate.Com

Edit: Just saw that some pictures are also posted at YAI’s soompi thread. So go over there for more!

30 thoughts on “[Photos] 04/11/10 Yoo Ah In at Store Opening Party

  1. Ah In is the VIP now! I think he flashes his signature smile rarely enough that whenever he does, I’m brain-dead! Lucky he doesn’t smile often. The intense look was…intense lol

    Poor him, look so skinny and exhausted. Hope he gets lots of rest.

    • Yeah ! He is no longer just a cute lad, “Yoo A-in” any more, but he is deserved to be the VIP and still cute & adorable. 😀
      He did say in the interview before that he hasn’t got any body fat plus worked hard on SKKS, no wonder he looks so skinny and tried,,,,,(even his outfit is tried too). He needs a lot of good healthy food and catches up some sleep. Hope he’ll be in good form soon;; love to see him in action again.

  2. Seriously, I didn’t notice the outfit! I was looking at his face and then I fainted…hahahah! He looks sooo dreamy …(and thin)!

    Why is no one posting this pic

    Ah In with an XX

    heheheh, she is not his date right?

  3. Aww, he should rest. He’s like spacing out in the pictures. But I’m not complaining though, haha. I’ll take any news of him anyway.



  4. Yes!! Now he’s so popular that I don’t have to worry where to dig his news and pictures!! I agree with you guys that Ah In looked darn fatigue. Certainly he needs a good rest. Ah In fighting!! Btw, why tuck in his shirt? He’s looked skinny that way.

  5. It can be that’s against his will to come to this kind of event and still hangs over from Gul-oh ……. poor Yoo Ah-in !!!

  6. ahh he needs to work on his stamina from now, he’s sooo skinny. But he looks more manly and a grown up with his facial hair.

    ♪ ah in you’re just too good to be true,
    can’t take my eyes off of you..♪

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