[Video] Sungkyunkwan Scandal After Party

The time has come for our beloved Crazy Horse which we have come to love, Moon Jaeshin, to put down his arrow. KBS’s sageuk drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal showed it’s 20th and last episode on Tuesday, November 2, 2010. I personally haven’t watched it and am desperately trying to stay away from spoilers. But, no worries to those who are like me. Spoilers are no where to be found here. What I found is a video of the Sungkyunkwan Scandal After Party!

Cast who attended includes Yoo Ah-in (Moon Jaeshin), Song Joongki (Goo Yongha), Park Minyoung (Kim Yoonhee), and Seo Hyorim (Ha Hyeo-eun). During the after party, they talked about how they felt when shooting was over, giving thank-yous and good-jobs to the cast and crew, and also watched the last episode. If anyone was wondering, Park Yoochun, who played Lee Sunjoon, was not available to attend this after party and is already off for JYJ’s World Tour. For more of the contents, any of our Korean translator want to help out here?

And now for the spazzing. Wow! Yoo Ah-in without his wig looks as hot as ever! I’m surprised he hasn’t shaven off the Jaeshin mustache. Maybe he doesn’t want to let go of Jaeshin just yet. His suit also looks very nice. Definitely not your everyday tuxedo. Is that some kind of leather turtleneck or something? I’m no fashion hero so I have no idea. But he does look really nice. Doesn’t he always? I keep on saying nice. I don’t know any other adjectives to describe his hotness. Let’s just say he’s suave. That’s the word.

Thank you, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, for providing us with endless pleasures, fun, and the general fangirl spazzing. You will be missed. I will make sure to hit the replay button. But please do look forward to Yoo Ah-in’s next projects!

*ADDED by tinysunbl*

Some more spazzing goodies:

Some caps:

[Okay a totally random rambling, please don’t shun me girls. I’m also an Oguri Shun fan, and I wonder to myself “did Ah In watch Shun’s Shiseido hairspray commercial and learn some tips from Shun or what? His hair here issssssssss LOVE!!!!!!-lol]\

AND netizens have identified his top:


Video credit kamegulo @ Youtube and pictures credit Asha Summer, 1crazynyt and movall@ Soompi

32 thoughts on “[Video] Sungkyunkwan Scandal After Party

  1. AH IN!!The hotness!I am squeeing and giggling all by myself watching him. How can he be so CUTE!Oh,never mind. We can never really know but who cares. He’s just too good for words. And the laugh, haha. Naughty,naughty but he sounded really happy. It was such a relief seeing him smile like that.

    BTW, I adore Oguri Shun, too. And Eita, hehe. And maybe it’s just me but sometimes when Ah In smiles, he reminds me so much of Jung Kyungho-shi, I dunno why. He just gives the same happy feeling like Kyungho. 🙂

    And lastly, I bookmarked this blog already. I cannot help with stuffs since I am not Korean but I just want to send out my greatest appreciation.

    Continue the LOVE!


    • actually YAI reminds me of Eita, when he smile and the ears and the nose and the weird hairstyle and the acting prowess {hmmm im dreaming} but in here he’s like a younger brother to Joe Odagiri… these people i mentioned are non-idols but ACTORS, wow!

      and another wow!

    • I don’t understand how a fan can be that close to him and still be able to hold the camera and take that fancam lol. If I were her/him I’d drop the camera and jump on him already! (lol am I too uncivilized?)

  2. wow!! thanks a 100 times for posting their after party pics and videos. it really made my day, so to speak. yoo ah in is amazingly handsome!! even song joongki is awesome!! thanks again. post more please!!!

  3. Just found this fansite! Awesomeeeeee job everyone!
    OHMYGOSHHH!!! That Shun’s commercial and Ah In’s hair.. are winnnerrrr!!! <333 That statement made me happy! =)

  4. omg the pictures *_*
    Thank you so much, lol I thought that was his actual long hair in SKK. wow bb can rock all styles. But as for the top, good looking out, never noticed it, lol kinda hot. ^^

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  6. Hey tinysunbl,
    You guys are so quick!!! How did you get all these pix?? Have you been “Noonting” the DC Gallery 24/7?? lol which means that are you hidden in the Gall and scrapping all the pix they share with each other?? lol which was what i used to do for the past 2 months.

    Just wondering 😉

  7. I never thought men wear such outfit. I mean, I understand halter, but backless? Anyway, never mind. YAI is rocking it like a god! 😀

  8. AhInnie~~ you stole my heart. This fan-site is so great! I drool every time looking at UAIn pictures. I stalk this site about 6 times a day to peek any new news about AhIn.. Hahaha… BTW what kind of top is that? It looks like one of my dressy top. Can’t stop laughing when I saw it. But still AhIn is looked HOT in it. I wish I could see his bare back just like the model who is wearing it. Then. Someone must peel me off from my com screen. ^o^

  9. PUAHAHAHAHAHA, omfg, I’m sorry Yoo Ah In, but you must NEVER wear that top ever again if you don’t wish me to wave a dollar bill in front of your face!

  10. Yoo Ah in doing great job, being Moon Jae Shin alive. without him SSK haven’t soul… keep hard working bro. you awsome…

  11. OMG! So that’s a halter he’s wearing? I thought it was a turtle neck shirt! ehm, so did he take off his jacket ever during the party?

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