His Passion for Dogs…

So I was browsing through some of his pictures on the internet… and I found out that this dude has the  biggest passion for dogs . In some of the pictures I was browsing through (btw some of pictures were probably taken 3-4 years ago but who knows) he was passionately hugging, smooching, and cuddling them.  Nothing in the world is as sexy and endearing as watching a guy with his dog. The joy in his smile. The gentleness and love in his eyes.  I have never seen such celebrities so many pictures with dogs except Ah in. One of the many reasons why I’m so attached with this dude is because of his passion for dogs.  You can tell a lot about  Ah in by how he interacts with dogs and how he cares for them. It shows that he care about something other than himself. There’s a saying. We can easily judge the heart of a man by the way he treats animals.


In Shim’s Family as Yong-tae

And my fav part, when Yong-tae defends his dog’s right to love:

LOL he’s pretty decent when it comes to comedy.

14 thoughts on “His Passion for Dogs…

  1. Another great idea! Hey Migs, can you also include the pics with the dog in Shim’s Family? I wish I had the cut of the part when he yells “is love a sin” on behalf of his dog lol.

    And he also cuddles a dog in The Man Who Can’t Get Married right?

  2. Thanks so much! 🙂

    Guys who are good/nice/loving to animals are a rarity these days. I know of some (like my brother) and majority of those I know are really good persons, too. So, Ah In’s love for dogs speaks so much of his personality.



  3. man, this site is totally hazardous. I can’t stop gushing, squealing and spazzing at the adorableness that is YAI (and his dogs) and it doesn’t help that i am in the library at the moment and ppl are starting give me peeved-off looks. ><

  4. Aww. Do anyone of you know where I can watch Shim’s Family with Eng. subs online? I’ve looked over several sites and can’t find it. 😦

  5. Actually I am afraid of dogs. But looking at Ah Innie with dogs, i wish i was the dog. Hahahahahha.. I think I have to go to ICU ward. >.< I'm so afraid to have such wishful thought… :p

  6. there’re always 3 or 4 dogs around in my family ever since i remember even now a day. they are really man best friend. i can understand how he feel toward them. i love you even more a-in.
    so he might sing this song a lot……… “so love me love my dog” ……. 😀 😀 😀
    thank you 1crazynyc.

  7. Speaking of dogs, I don’t think I’d ever have a dog pet again in my life. I’m from a country where people eat dogs. My old dog was once kidnapped (and probably ended up being eaten 😦 ). Another one died last summer after a heart attack and I witnessed all of its suffering 😦

    Too sad…….don’t think I can handle it again….

    • Thats sooo sad, I can never imagine loosing my Goldie! I’ll just go crazy, thinking that she’ll be around for about 25 years only…i was like, swettie, please don’t go away until I’m realdy!

  8. Omg… I can’t decide which is cuter…the dogs or Ah In! I can’t stop cooing at the pictures….cuteness overload!
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face! ^^

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