Calls for Help at the Preventorium^^

Our hospital is getting overcrowded due to the surging number of infected patients. I’m thinking of declaring this a pandemic lol.

When I first started this site, my vision was not to bring the best or the fastest news about Yoo Ah In to fans at all.  Rather, I see this blog a platform on which people of the same interest in Ah In could meet and share their stuff with one another. It’s more like building a fan network. That’s why I said this site does not belong to me or anyone but to us all. I said that not because I’m an Asian collectivist nor an evil corporate CEO but because I really mean it. Speaking in Ah In’s style, this is not a regular party but a potluck party lol.

Therefore, I really appreciate the contributions, suggestions and sharing we had here so far. I’m happy you love the site. I have received many calls for help as well as help offers, so once in a while I’ll post up here the opportunities for you to get involved with your (fav) site:

1. Our seopseophae has posted a whole bunch of yummy new vids for Ah In. I believe some of them are really meaty and worth all the effort to sub. The English-Korean translators have expressed interest in translating. We need ONE or TWO SUBBERS who know how to sub/time/encode etc.

2. We have a lots of Ah-in videos on Youtube nowadays. I’ve been trying to collect them all and put them into a directory (The Videos section,which I’m doing a poor maintenance job). Thing with Youtube is that stuff can be there one day and disappear in the next due to copyright infringement and similar sh** like that. Is there anyone who would be willing to download the Youtube videos (with owners’ permission) and upload them all into a mediafire or megaupload storage as backups?

3. More K-English translators: We love our translators. So let’s hope the more translators there are, the less burden of work each will have.

4. I think I’ll start watching The Man Who Can’t Get Married and do quick recaps for the show along the way. If you want to do something similar (recaps, reviews etc) for any of Ah In’s show, please let me know 🙂

5. Fan-arts, screen-captures or anything Ah In related are welcomed in this site. If you want to have yours linked to/displayed here, just let me know.

If you’re a reader of the blog and you think you can help (even with the smallest thing), please feel at home and don’t hesitate to help. None of these tasks require your long-term commitment. I won’t send pushy emails to ask you do stuff or to meet the deadline etc. That’d be annoying indeed.

37 thoughts on “Calls for Help at the Preventorium^^

  1. Hi I think I can do #2 😀
    But it will be hard to get the owners’ permission, aft all they uploaded to Yt so they should be willing to share.
    However I’m not good at finding links and I am certainly not the fastest uploader around (my bandwidth is shared with 3 other computers at home -.-), so if you guys don’t mind I’m most willing to :’)
    Email me if you would like me to help! Thanks!

  2. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
    i just finished translating everything but the last two sentences of the Elle Girl article and I accidentally hit the “back” button on my browser and it all disappeared. *CRIES* it took hours!! and it’s such a good (and sad) article. i was so shell-shocked i couldn’t recover it that i came to the preventorium to collect my wits. well i definitely can’t go to sleep until it’s done ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ i just wanted to cry on the haven’s virtual shoulder for a moment… here goes ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    p.s. you are a queen for doing all of this.. i think the above ideas are all excellent! particularly the video directory. *applauds*

    • Oh dear, I am soooooo sorry to hear about this. have you tried clicking the forward button. Maybe it’d help next time 😦

      One thing to do is to translate on a word document next time, since word has the autosave function 😦

      Thank you so much for your hardwork. To console you, enjoy this pic of him with the beautiful nose:

      I have exactly the same poncho lol

  3. I can help with #2, too. Lol. Can I be back-up for Kylene if ever.? 🙂

    Oh, I’m about to watch “The Man Who Can’t Get Married,” too. Cool.

    Also, I have several YAI screen-captures from “Strongest Chil Woo” and “Boys of Tomorrow” (Mostly YAI close-ups; I just can’t help it.) 😀

    @jaeshinah: Aww. That’s tough. Don’t stress yourself too much, though. Maybe take some break or maybe sleep before you try translating again? It might make you feel kinda better.

  4. Got all of your offers, Thanks so much. I’ll figure out the most efficient way to organize the jobs for everyone. Expect an email from me soon 🙂

  5. Hello everybody, nice to know everybody here. First time posting a comment here. By the way I’m migs a.k.a 1crazynyt.
    Since there’s a lot who volunteered for 1 and 2. I’ll go for # 5. I’ll take charge of # 5.
    Anyway for those who are active in YAI soompi thread. If you guys want a YAI signatures I’m taking request just PM me. Its simple yet effective way of promoting and supporting Yoo Ah In.

  6. Hello everybody !

    First of all, I’d like to thank you all for all the amazing work you’re doing here ! I’m following the soompi thread too, but I never dare to reply (maybe I’m being too shy…but I don’t have lot of confidence and as you have probably noticed, I’m not an english native XD Actually I’m french ^^) It’s a pleasure to visit this site and read your translations, see your pictures….so THX !!! and please keep on your good job ! If you weren’t there, I wouldn’t understant what he says on his tweets for example !

    Sooo, I think I may help you with #1 as I’ve read you need people who can time… I’m an english-french translator in a little french fansubbing team, so I know how it works. I can’t translate korean at all ^^’ , but I know that the time takes lot of time (XD) so I could help you with it if you wanted…

    If you wanna PM me, my name is Leiarn on soompi. And I would understand if you don’t want/need me ^^

    Aaaaah, by the way, I’d love to watch “boys of tomorrow” but I don’t know where I could find it …Any ideas ?

    • Hi Leiarn, I’m soo happy that you are willing to help. Please do join us, both on soompi and here more often. The more the merrier. Don’t be shy 🙂

      Boys of Tomorrow is available for download at the Download section of this site. Enjoys~

    • salut!
      je suis très contente que tu viennes dans notre team. =)
      Une deuxième française!! ehe ça va être cool.
      Dans quelle team tu travailles?
      Et, t’as pas un blog? Ton nom me rappelle une célèbre bloggeuse de Kdrama xD

      • Ooooh, thx for the link ^^
        I’ve just posted my first message on soompi….and where ? on the “yoo ah in” topic XD

        Une française ! Cool, ça sera plus simple =)
        Je traduis chez Asia smile (tu sais la team fan de Kang Ji Hwan ?) avec le même pseudo. Mais non, je n’ai pas un blog super connu, là tu dois confondre ^^

      • @Leiarn
        ouii et t’as peut-être vu mon topic sur Boys Of Tomorrow qui date de euh un truc comme un ou deux ans?
        Faudrait que je recommence à poster sur le fofo ^^
        en tout cas bienvenue ds la team!!
        en plus les releases de Asia Smile sont extra!!
        t’as un twitter?

  7. Hey there you ladies (and gentlemen)! I think I can do the 5th one. 😀 I dabble a little with fanarts, graphics (icons) and such, so if you need help for, say, the banner, please let me know! I’m on twitter, btw! And thank you very, very much for everything.

  8. Hey~~~ I/m little bit busy for permitting the maker remake their fan-arts for us!!!!
    I contatcted with some marvelous makers and three of them are joining with me. They send their mosic videos, and their photostory. They are very famous between Korean fans~ Maybe you guys know them. (쩐자, 레몬티 and 반톨)
    Good-bye my love is remaking with Eng-Caption by 쩐자…. so wait for it. And Gul=ro’s monologue is translating by me~ ^^ I’m hurry~ 반톨 is a storymaker. So she shet her stories for us to me. And I’ll translate soon….. So Wait for more interesting Korean fan art. A you know they are great.

    And I am contatcing the other makers…. I hope they permit remake stuff. Wish godd luck~

    • wow thanks so much!!!! I’m amazed by the fan videos and I’m sure they’re famous among the fans cuz they’re pro. To have them make videos for Ah In? I’m sooooooooooo excited!

  9. thanks for the encouragement everyone! T_T the second time around was actually far easier and took way less time. helped along by your pictures and gifs of course ^^ gosh tinysunbl–that red poncho picture is absolutely gorg. and it features his beautiful nose perfectly hehehe ❤

    ancientkingdom–안녕하세요~ ^^ 저 한국에사는 교포에요! 영어가 한국말보다 훨씬 편하지만 유아인의 정보를 영어로 번역할 수 있고 님께서 영어로 번역한 글이 있으면 문법/단어 수정도 원하지면 도와드릴 수 있어요^^ 연락하고 싶으시면 jaeshinah1@gmail.com으로 메일을 보내세요~!

  10. I’d like to help you out with the recaps if you’d like. I already watched The Man Who Can’t Get Married so it’s easier than me. I’m really slow on news update and I don’t know Korean and I’d like to help out on the recaps project. Maybe a pairing thing? I feel so bad for hopping on the bandwagon but not helping out. I hope you reconsider 😀

    • hey girl, it’d be so great if you can help with the recaps. I’m working on The Man Who Still Wants to marry too, so maybe we can alternate episode. Will email you soon for more details.

    • Oh! Are you the owner of “FuckyeahYooAhIn”?
      Just want to let you know that I’m a fan of your site. Hehe can’t tell how many time I’ve stalked it. Thanks so much for sharing us all the pics I’ll add your site to the blogroll. Got to cross-promote our sister’s fansite^^
      Hope you come visit more often 🙂

  11. hey there i dont mind doing #4!
    rewatching antique bakery(or anything with yai) would most definitely not be hard work! hehe

  12. Hi everyone in Yoo Ah In’s Haven ^^
    I’m also a patient who don’t want to be treated ^^

    About your project, I think I can do the timing for the vids (softsub)
    But I’ve never do the encoding before
    If you still need someone, please let me join 😀
    And if your aim is upload the subbed vids on Youtube only, I think softsub is enough and it is also more convenient to fix subs if there are any mistakes.

    @tinysunbl: m là mèo ở KST 😛

    • Hi mèo, chào mừng tới thăm “bệnh viện” Ah In nhé^^ Ở đây toàn là các con bệnh của virut Ah In nên mèo cứ tự nhiên như ở nhà hehe

      Thanks for offering help. I have no idea how the timing works or how it is different from encoding, but I’ll put you down. If we need a timer we will give you a call 🙂 Thanks again and hope you come visit us more often

      • OK bạn ^^
        Bất cứ lúc nào cần thì cứ gọi mình nha 😀
        Qua nhà của Ah In ở KST hoặc qua nick YM cũng đc ^^
        Nick YM của mình: mameo_2712

  13. happy watching Man Who Cant Marry… Hyun Kyu is sooo lovable and Ah In is sooo convincing ^___^ and oh ***spoiler*** love the kiss!

  14. Oh, if you’ll continue with the recaps and the reviews, can I help you with “Boys of Tomorrow”? I’ve watched it recently, and I like how it can be funny, sad, and thought-provoking…

  15. @tinysunbl – girl, just PM me the vids u need (vids ready for subs) , ill upload them (Mediafire) and PM me on YT … msg me on Twitter … Planning to upload ah in movies and drama cuts ( SOOOOON)

  16. I can’t commit to any time-sensitive stuff, but I’d like to help by uploading random new pix I come across (like the new 10asia pix!) and short bits to translate.

  17. hey hey,
    I just readed what you said on twitter and I was like whats going on?… but when I started reading this I was like…^.^ I wanna help tooo!!! I am totally addicted to yoo ah in

    I dont know korean, maybe I can help with timing, but I need to get familiar with it first!! so I wont put it as an option for now…

    but I can definitly help with #4 & 5
    If you need my help just let me know ^^

  18. @ tinysunbl!!!
    I send you a PM in soompi about ideas to help Preventorium ^^

    But… I made a mistake, I wrote the message in a “post replying menu” *head desk*
    So, to read better, I advise you that copy and paste the message in a “post replying” and preview the post.
    If you do that, you can see well.

    I hope that what I sent you looks good idea ^^

  19. Hey tinysunbl! I’ve just discovered this haven a few days ago, but I’m absolutely in love. I’ve liked Yoo Ah In for a while, but only as the cute flabbergasted boy that he often was in A Man Who Can’t Get Married. But with SKKS, I think my heart’s been won over by his inspirational charisma and charm.

    I haven’t watched Boys of Tomorrow yet, but I could make that my Thanksgiving treat. Afterwards, I’d love to do a review for the site. I’ve never done this sort of thing before, but it’d be an honor to give it my first shot through an Ah In project!

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