[Fan-made] My 5 Favorite Moon-Gu Bromance MVs

Check out the pic our 1crazynyt just found:

Isn’t this the cutest thing ever? Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki are like two puppies standing next to each other. SOOOOOO YOUNG and CUTE. I’m pretty sure the pic is photoshoped, especially judging from the “Low Cut” logo lol. Anyway, loads of love and kisses to the fan who made this. You amazed me!

On a similar note, I’m amazed by the amount and the quality of fan-arts for Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Reading the fan comics and fanfic are sometimes more enjoyable than watching the show itself (You’ll be amazed by how many R-rated Jaeshin/Yongha fanfics out there lol). As one who enjoys making fan-made vids during free time, I also have to bow down to all the other SKKS vidders out there. Their MVs are all worth checking out, but for the interest of time, I only present here 5 among my favorite:

1/ Guel-ro’s and Yong-ha’s Last Christmas Bromance by swoddss

How I wish Santa Clause would dress up as Yong-ha and give me Geul-ro for the coming Christmas! Not only does this vid include most of my favorite Geul-ro and Yeorim moments but it also hits the right note. Although I really enjoy the homoerotic undercurrent of the Moon-Gu bromance, I’d rather see it poked fun at whimsically than made into something serious or melodramatic.  Here the merriment of this Last Christmas’ remix is just perfect. And I love all the cartoons inserted!

2/Moon JaeShin – Goo YongHa (Guloh-Yeorim) Sungkyunkwan Scandal Lesson 1-uploaded by joy13wall

Ha I contradict myself here. In this vid Guel-ro and Yeorim do receive the “straightforward gay treatment”. But the creativity and vidding skill level of this fan is just beyond amazing! Random, fragmented scenes of Guel-ro and Yeorim are flawlessly put together into a coherent and meaningful 7 minute montage! (It sometimes takes me 15 hours to edit 2 minute of MV). Old materials that we’ve seen many times take on totally new meanings. The fan who edits this vid is definitely better than the pro editors (and director) who shamefully messed up Strongest Chil-woo by their insane editing.

3/Rated R- Sungkyunkwan of Forbidden Desire (by same fan who made the above vid I think)

THIS IS THE REAL SCANDAL. Phewww, I love the “R-rated-ness” of this vid.  It’s such a great parody of Korean popular culture. Remember recent homoerotic movies such as A Frozen Flower (which stars Song Joong Ki and Noh Min-woo as imperial guards of the king, by the way)? Well the sex are comparable, but I like this fan-made erotic trailer much more than that of AFF, because at least it taps right into the entertainment value without pretending to carry any perspective like the latter does.

4. Sungkyunkwan scandal // Goo Yong Ha & Moon Jae Shin // Pretty sweet PILL (PG-rated) by XnerjaveikaX

I love Love like Woe by Ready Set. Moreover I need to show my respect for this vidder because of all the elaborated effects of the MV. Unless he/she used After Effect or other pre-made template, how this person can synchronize this many effects with the music is beyond me. Even with a template it must have taken a considerable amount of time.

5. Kiss Kiss by swimiki

This isn’t really a vid for the Geul-ro and Yong-ha couple, but the waggishness and flamboyancy of the song keeps reminding me of how great chemistry the cast of Sungkyunkwan Scandal have for one another. Esp. Geul-ro and Yong-ha, you can pair them with any other character and “chemistry” still sparks off.


If I Were Gay-Avenue Q

This is a vid that yours truly made a while ago and I’m very thankful that it received some positive feedbacks from viewers. (I honestly watched it too many times while making it so the humor doesn’t work for me anymore lol) I had to pitchshift the song then because of copyright issue on youtube, so here is the download link to the original version. The original sounds much much better and are in higher quality too. You can feel free to reupload it at any site other than youtube.

So I have shared with you my fav Moon-Goo vids, how about your favorite? Any recommendation?

34 thoughts on “[Fan-made] My 5 Favorite Moon-Gu Bromance MVs

  1. ohhhh
    I was like “where is the other photos of this photoshoot”?????
    It’s Joong Ki right?? Those two need to de a photoshoot together, no way it has never happened!!!!
    I hope that after SKKS end we will get to see lot’s of photoshoot with the actors of this drama… 😀

    • Yeah!!! there must be some more……. some where ??? Owhhhhh they looked sooooo sweeeeeeet together like jelly & ice cream, hahaha….this is going to be my desert for a bonfire night tonight right after my supper. So 😀 😀 😀 ….

      Thank you *tinysunbl*;; …. Have a nice evening….

  2. There is SKKS Special 1 (raw) on now at dramacrazy.net …. I love the scene of A-in’ birthday. It would be nice if tinysunbl could down load and post it here with translate please. Please!! THANK YOU

    • hey uzaza, thanks for bringing that to my attention. I’ll try to get my hand on the vid and search for translation! Stay tuned!

  3. such a cute pic – photoshopped for sure, since SJK’s face is much bigger than YAI in real life, but i’m sure we will such a shoot very soon 😀 can’t wait for your top 5!

  4. nah can’t read these R rated Yong Ha- Jae Shin fanfics…..I am preserving my still pure thoughts on their bromance 🙂 …. loves all these MVs

  5. holy, i didn’t know that YongHaxJaeshin fans were this passionate. lol r-rated fanfics, i should’ve seen that one coming, especially after (accidentally) stumbling upon a rather eh… suggestive fanvid of this bromantic duo. oh santa, i wish i could have both of them for christmas.

  6. OMG! I didn’t know you’re the one who created the “If You Were Gay” vid. That one is really hilarious. XD

    I don’t have any fave Moon-Goo vids, though. I only have fave MJS vids (him relaying his unrequited love). I can’t remember where I first saw this vid and its translation. I’m thinking I got it here, but I can’t fully remember *memory gap*>> (Sungkyunkwan Scandal~Geol-O’s Monologue)

    Love this one, too>> (성균관 스캔들 – 걸오&윤희_연인모드…..by.파쓰)

  7. omg i love the christmas one…ok now to no. 2

    im like a little kid with Christmas songs…i love Christmas songs and i love these two so its like ubeerawesome

  8. I love that sweet pill video too! Her caption “Can I get a break” when Jae Shin was injured and under the mercy of YongHa makes me LOL.

    My recent favorite is this one, by solanyxe:

    the beat, the words and the scene matched well and the story is simple. YongHa persuades Jae Shin to consider that their relation is more than bromance. Hope you like it!

    • Thanks for the recommendation. I like it a lot. LOL@the scenes in ep. 8 and ep. 3 or 4 when yong-ha is like jumping on Geul-ro while he’s drinking lol.

      • thank you for the reply, i’m glad you like it too. and yes, poor geul-ro really need a break from yeorim’s advances, LOL!

        i wonder if yeorim do that purely because of his affection towards geul-ro, or just to annoy him. after all making people squirm is yeorim’s hobby ^^’ and yet he has done this for the longest time for geul-ro to pass the stage of squirming and resort to pushing away + evil glares.

        i’m glad though that by the end of SKKS
        geul-ro can laugh when being hugged by yeorim.
        even if it’s fun to annoy geul-ro, it must be hard at times for yeorim, being pushed away or given evil glare mid-hug.
        \END SPOILER

  9. I really enjoyed all the videos. My my.. i laughed so loud watching all Jaeshin and Yongha Scenes. They are so delicious and yummy. I replay all the videos at least 3 times… Thank you guys for giving me such a good time!!

  10. these were so amazing!!! i couldn’t stop giggling like an idiot. i don’t normally ship boyxboy couples but these two particular boys are so amazing i love them, what can i say 🙂 i LOVED yours. it’s hilarious! i loved how their lips and actions matched up with the song so perfectly. it must have taken you ages o__o

    the one that Ning posted is also amazing. christ almighty, when jason derulo sings “i can see it going down, going down in my head” for the first time and yongha’s head dips below the camera’s range… PURE ART 😀

    #3 was particularly good, too. i wish it was subbed so you could see what they’re saying in korean!! she edited the dialogue brilliantly. it really makes it sound like there’s a huge scandal at SKK about the guh-rim couple (what kfans call them.. it looks quite ugly in english though doesn’t it haha) being gay. hehe.

    also it made me LOL that basically all these videos completely edited yoonhee out of all the scenes. hahaha. we are all fangirls at heart, what else is there to say.

    • LOL You’re absolutely right! That’s the fundamental of all the yaoi or slashable isn’t it? Don’t care who the girl is, she just has to be out of the pictures!!!!!! How I love my fangirl fellows for speaking my mind…

  11. I really love them all, I have a jolly good time. And I do agree with jaeshinah all, the Bonus’s still my fav. never get bored with it b/c always do the trick for me ROWL
    Thank you my no.1 Queen bee …… for the love of Ah-in.

  12. Song Joongki is also in Frozen FLower. I think I saw a screen cap somewhere of both NOh Min Woo and Song Joong ki in the movie.

    Anyway, Love those vids. It’s basically saved on my favorites right now. Kekeke! ^_^

    • Yes, you’re right, I got all mixed up between ;
      ~Frozen Flower~starring;; Jo Jin mo,, Jo In-sung,, Song Joong-ki
      ~The King and The Clown~ starring;; Gam Woo-sung,,JeongJin-young,,Lee Joon-ki
      Sooo sorry tinysunbl !!!!!!!

      • no big deal. I was spazzing over Jo In Sung in A Frozen Flower so I didn’t quite notice Joong ki either, but thanks for the clarification 🙂

  13. #2 is a total winner!!! Flohhhhlesss editing, man, amazing. OMFG, even Minister Ha wants Yeorim for himself! And Chuno theme song? hahahah.

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