[MV] Fans sent their love to Geul-ro

Sweetness explodes!!!!!

Over the past few weeks, the DC gallers have been making a thank-you video dedicated to Geul-ro and Yoo Ah In. Approximately 180 fans from around the world participated.  The video included fan supporting messages for Ah In and Geul-ro and at the second-half, we have iconic Guel-ro scenes played in the background of fans saying “I love you.” Some of the soompiers, including myself, also participated.

So here is the final product:

[I swear the last minute of this vid is the cutest and most inspirational fan-made footage I’ve ever seen. Love the 3 generation “sa-rang-hae” message!!!!!!]

To respond to fans’ love and support, on the afternoon of Nov 7th, Ah In posted a message on his twitter:

Promised? 12 minutes 47 seconds. Me, too.

It’s believed that Ah In has watched the video. “Promise?” here means he asks if fans promised to love him. “12 minutes and 47 seconds” is the length of the lovely video and “Me, too” is his way of saying “I love you, too.”

The vid made it to the news. Yahoo Korean has reported as below:

배우 유아인이 7일 오후 자신의 트위터 “약속했다? 12분 47초. 나도 그래”라는 의미심장한 말을 남겼다.

7th afternoon, Yoo Ah In left a questionable meaning Tweet “Promise? 12 minutes 47 seconds. Me, too.”

이에 팬들은 “도대체 무슨 뜻이지?”라고 궁금해 했고 일부의 팬들은 유아인의 트위터에 “엄홍식 너님 인증센스”, “잘했군 잘했군 잘했어”, “고마워요! 내가 좋아하는 유배우라는 사람이 이런 사람이어서”라고 감사의 글을 남겼다.

Some fans asked “What does it mean?” and some fans left Twitter messages “Uhm Hong Sik, validating sense” “Good job, good job, good job” “Thanks! Actor Yoo, for being you.”

트위터 글의 전말은 이러했다. 디시인사이드 유아인 갤러리의 갤로거들 손글씨&사랑해 멘트 영상 이벤트를 열었고 갤로거 우유커피가 이를 모아 12분 47초 짜리 영상을 만든 것.

The course of event (Tweets) is like this. DCInside Yoo Ah In Gallery had an event, collecting fan’s hand written messages and voice messages of I love you and Milkcoffee compiled a 12 minutes 47 seconds long video.

이 영상에는 사랑에 관련한 노래와 함께 약 180여 명이 참여한 손글씨 메모가 편집됐다. 또한 뒷부분에는 팬들의 “사랑해”라는 목소리와 함께 KBS 2TV 드라마 ‘성균관 스캔들’에서 걸오가 딸꾹질 하는 장면들을 모았으며 드라마 주요 장면들을 모아 절묘한 편집 영상을 만들었다.

The video included songs about love and approximately 180 hand written memos. And at the end, fan’s voices of I love you played over SKKS’s Gurl Oh hiccup scenes and other major scenes.

유아인은 이 영상을 본 후 자신의 트위터에 인증글을 남긴 것으로 추측된다. 팬들의 분석에 의하면 “약속했다?”는 자신의 사랑한다는 팬들에 대한 마음을 다시 약속받는 것, “12분 47초”는 영상의 길이, “나도 그래”는 사랑의 고백을 한 팬들을 향한 유아인만의 시크 답변인 것으로 알려졌다.

It is believed that Yoo Ah In saw the video and left the validating Tweet. The fans believe that “Promise?” means Ah In wanted to reaffirm his fan’s love, “12 minutes 47 seconds” is the length of the video, and “Me, too” is Yoo Ah In’s chic way of confessing his love for his fans.

Translated by RxGoodleaf@soompi


[Okay, I normally find all the “heart” hand gestures and back and forth ‘I love you” messages incredibly cheesy but I can’t help smiling like a little girl here. I love you all, awesome Ah In fans!]

Big thanks to the fans at DC for organizing the event, thanks to all of those who participated and to 1crazynyt@soompi for the co-ordination with the DC fans.

19 thoughts on “[MV] Fans sent their love to Geul-ro

  1. I was wondering about the “Promise?” tweet by Yoo Ah In also. This post definitely shed a lot of light about it. =D Ah-in oppa, saranghae~~~

  2. Amazing video! Good job to all the organizer! (MIGZ, thanks you!) Wow, so touch by our Yoo Ah in! He so sweet on those twits! I thought I’ll never survive the coming of Monday’s now taht SKKS is finally over, but then, having this sites to visit 24/7, well..it just cured me! (but I wonder, can I call it “curing”..?!)

    tinysunbl , have I say “thank you” lately? If not..THANK YOU!

    RxGoodleaf@soompi, she’s the best!

  3. tinysunbl, thank you for the post. This is one of the most awesome fan-made videos ever!! Aww, he is just the sweetest guy 아인아 … 사랑해

  4. Wow, this is by far the sweetest video I’ve ever seen.
    Awesome job, and kudos to Yoo Ah In for responding to fans in such a cute way.
    By the way, Have you guys seen this picture? Isn’t he gorgeous?

  5. Well , I can’t upload the pic here, I think.
    For those of you who might be curious what this pic is, Go check the new pics from 10 Asia magazine. He looks absolutely gorgeous.

  6. very very sweet and really touching..!
    Bravo to all Yoo Ah In fans!
    DCfans, 1crazynyt,RxGoodleaf,tinysunbl,and all of you!this is too touching!
    i love all of you!i love Yoo Ah In!
    (opps..I screamed so strong … sorry .. ^ ^)

  7. Very sweet Yoo Ah In response for the fans ..
    It makes sense of love and respect for him increasingly rising. ^ ^
    I feel very touched by the way Yoo Ah In fans convey a sense of compassion and how he responded..

    • ‘sense of compassion’-sense of love..
      I want to type sense of love,actually.. lol
      I mistakenly typed because today I felt very excited to be here.
      This is really a cool place in my heart..^^

  8. Wow.. That Video is awesome. You guys are really really awesome!! It’s so good that Ah In watched the video and gave a very sweet response too. When I saw his tweet I thought of something like a secret message. Very sweet and romantic. Awwww Ah In you really make my heart melt. ~.~

  9. wow! that was awesome!

    so glad that Ah In not only got to see it but responded to it as well!

    Ah In’s fans are amazing! coz Ah In IS amazing!!!

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