Younha is Yoo Ah In’s look-a-like?

Okay, I swear I’m not a Younha fangirl, but I found this and I thought it was funny, even if it’s only slightly relevant to our Yoo Ah In..

We’ve already established that popular singer Younha is a big fan of Yoo Ah In. She’s such a fangirl and totally gets bonus points for that in my book.

So she went to do the Celeb Face Recognition thingy and guess who she looks like?

She tweeted: Kekeke, is this supposed to be an honour or a humiliation? I put on makeup and took photo with uljjang pretty angle, but Yoo Ah In-nim came out instead.

LOL, more bonus point for Younha!

The thing is, that website identified her as 90% male. And Yoo came out as the number 1 celebrity she looks like, when she was probably expecting herself to come out. How the website can identify her pretty face as male is beyond me, haha. I guess Korea has lots of pretty boys, no? Poor girl, but hey, at least she gets to look like Yoo Ah In.

credit: TV Daily via Nate. Com

10 thoughts on “Younha is Yoo Ah In’s look-a-like?

  1. Lol. I guess, with all the younger Kpop stars (men and women) being into hair dying and make-up, trying to analyze a person through a single pic is tough. Let’s take Lee Hong Ki as example (’cause I like him, too). Doesn’t he look so girly here?

    But you’re definitely right; at least she gets to look like YAI. 😀

  2. That is so funny ^_^

    I wouldn’t mind at all if my look-alike turns out to be one of my celebrity male crushes, even though I’m a girl haha XD

  3. Okay I think I may change my opinion of Ah In’s porn-stache. A bishonen face is aesthetically great, but to the point of being compared to a girl? poor Youha, but at least she got to look like her “Guel-ro sahyung”.

  4. LOL.

    but where i live they say when two people are in a relationship they gradually look alike, i’m not saying they are in one, i’m saying it’s a good thing that she looks like Ah In 😉 (…or at least not a bad thing XD)

    i like younha

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