[Photos] Ah In Graces 10Asiae Photoshoot

I’m listening to “Ten Point out of Ten Point” by 2pm right now. And what can I say? This photo spread of Ah In is just 10점만점에10점!

(Isn’t this MV kinda…perverted?!?!)

A super long interview is being translated by Jaeshinah, RxGoodleaf and ancientkingdom unnie. It’s a total of 12 pages single space and they have complained that Ah In is too chatty lol.

He has a baby version of himself doing the exact same pose:



Higher resolution pics can be found here

Some pics without the annoying 10aisa logo

Source: 10 Asiae, thanks to 2knowUKnowYunHo@soompi for sharing

36 thoughts on “[Photos] Ah In Graces 10Asiae Photoshoot

  1. Scroll up.. Scroll down.. Scroll up… Scroll down <— more than 10 times.. Stare at the pictures more than 10 mins <— effects on me : smiling, gooing, drooling and giggling by myself. Some of the pictures there is Jae shin's look. Some others there are boyish Ah In, rebel Ah In, Smooky Ah In, Cute Ah In, Hot Ah In, Cool Ah in.. Gosh how come he has so multi layer face looks? He has rich expressions! That's Ah In I love..

    • I couldn’t stop laughing at your comment;; b-coz I did the same thing … lol lol lol … Ooh! some pics look so innocent as angel, some pics look quite guilty as sin, I love them all, it does matter,,,, hot or cool,,,, cool or hot,,,, woooh!! I’m feeling sooooo dizzy now.
      Love You A-in ~~~~ and Thankssss tinysunbl+the gang

    • Wow. Well said and ditto. Multi-faceted indeed. I think that’s why I’m so drawn to him. Seems so atypical in a good way.
      I can’t wait to read the interviews.

      ( Thanks in advance for translating!!!!!)

  2. Wow! I never thought an interview can be soooooooooooo long. This sure says something about YAI’s depth…

    And oh, I wish I can give you guys some chocolate for all the effort and time you’re putting in the translations. But I can’t, so instead, I’m going to cheer you with another YAI pic (although he’s not exactly alone here and I’m sure you’ve all seen these). 😀

    He looks all cute. ^_^

  3. This photoshoot fits Ah In well, it kinda stands for his personnality. He kinda looks tortured, but he smiles, then has a deep expression, a mysterious one, a sad one…
    I like this. omg, the translators are daebak! my mind & heart are with them! i can’t wait to read this!!
    Well, this first MV of 2PM is a sad memory to me.

  4. my jaw just dropped!! and it keeps dropping…..precipitated upon looking on these pictures….hahahaha…maybe it’s time to see a colleague of mine

  5. This is like a early Xmas present, a “hot stuff” :d’…. can’t wait for the translation. It’ll be something very interesting from Yoo Ah In. You must be working your socks off. Thank you and frighting.

  6. I will die a happy person.

    Ah… Good luck to our lovely translators and the *gasp* 12 page interview. This will be interesting.

  7. Thank you so much for all of the pictures , video clips, and translated interviews/tweets/etcs. I wish my Korean is good enough to help you guys translate 😦 So sorry. If I get better at it, I’ll be sure to volunteer!! Until then, THANK YOU ^^

  8. “they have complained that Ah In is too chatty lol.”

    Ha, Ha, Ha wow 12 pages, I can wait, thank you so much Jaeshinah, RxGoodleaf and ancientkingdom *bows to you*

  9. O M G… you shake my world…gosh I can not see the others …. more than 1 hour just staring … up until my nose bleed … you’re great … thank you so much to makes my day shine. I actually infected with the virus Yoo Ah In … and remember do not save me …. (thanks… 🙂 bow two times)

  10. 1. i freakin i39srh64bgtiurdbgniurbas love the cat!!!
    2. yoo ah in so damn hot.
    3. i love u!!
    thanks so much for sharing an amazing photo spread~

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