[Pre-game^^] Short interview at SKKS party

Hey everyone, while we’re waiting for the meaty 10 Asia interview of Ah In, let’s do a “pre-game” with this this yummy video. Transcript is provided by the host, our awesome Jaeshinah. Remember to bring your own mixer!

[Warning: there’re several parts in this vid that are inappropriate for library or office settings. Watching at the presence of a spouse/bf/gf is also not recommended]

Q. You can’t show something that isn’t already inside of you?

A. I think so. I think it’s because I’m still in my 20s. Because I’m in my 20s… sunbaes and teachers who have acted a lot are able to make their own characters, but for now I think I’m probably better at showing what’s inside of me in a variety of ways… but as I get older and I become more ambitious, and [I can’t make this part out from 0:28-0:30 T__T] I think I will be able to make and show a more properly-made character.

Q. What was the hardest part of filming?

A. There’s no time to rehearse scenes before they’re filmed. You just have to go to the filming site and match all the moves in 5 or 10 minutes, work out the order, and memorize it… because there were a lot of scenes like this, squeezing my brain to memorize everything, I think it was harder than memorizing the script.

Q. Are you sad toward Yoonhee?

A. I’m sad. Yoonhee… what can I say? In the drama you chose Seonjoon… but I know I’m the one in your heart. [followed by the cutest laughter in the world omfg<3]

Q. How long do you think it will take to say goodbye to the character of Moon Jaeshin?

A. Looking back at the other roles I’ve done… I think it will last until my next project. Rather than “meeting” the character, a part of me came out to the surface. When I meet a new character, a new part of me, a new acting project–when that happens, Jaeshin will naturally leave. I think that’s the natural progression.

YAI: Sungkyunkwan Scandal DVD, fighting!

20 thoughts on “[Pre-game^^] Short interview at SKKS party

  1. Hai you! Yoo Ah In!
    Why are you so cute!.. lol

    I liked all his answers to each question in this interview.
    On the third question ..
    It was a cute answer..haha.

  2. Nose are all yours, lips is for Yoerim but…I’ll have the eyes! I’ll drown with those eyes!

    Q3… but I know I’m the one in your heart. [followed by the cutest laughter in the world omfg] Hahahaha! I wonder if it’s true…I heard they are closer in real life? Heheheh! regardless, I’m willing to share and cheers who ever he chooses in real life!

  3. Actually, if you zoom close enough to his face in his High Cut BTS photo, you’ll be able to see his acnes lol. Our boy is still GROWING UP. Proof:

  4. hes so gorgeous *sigh

    why does he look cute ALL the time

    and for the interviews being subbed and all the stuff being subbed here….omg THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOU !!!

    This is probably the most obsessed ive been over an actor ever, hes gorgeous, talented and writes the most beautiful, thought provoking tweets

  5. Thanks to your warning, I don’t dare to watch the video because I’m at work, haha. But just by the transcript, I fall deeper in love with him. How cute! :-*

    Thanks ^^

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