[Tweets] Tweets from Nov 5th-Nov 8th

  • 이제는 미니홈피 댓글을 컴퓨터 보다 스마트폰 어플을 이용해 다는 사람들이 더 많아졌다. 워터멜론 슈가를 생각없이 읽어내리고 고민없이 달아놓은 하트뿅뿅한 댓글은 하나같이 무슨 말이냐고 물어오는 리처드 브라우티건의 어떤 문장보다 내게 더 어렵다.

More people use smart phone apps than computer to submit Replies to the minihompie now. All the Replies with popping hearts (emoticons) that must have been sent without much concern after just skimming through the passage of “In Watermelon Sugar” were more difficult to me than any of Richard Brautigan’s sentences which are questioning about the meaning of words as one.

  • 의미없는 말, 이유없는 행동들, 고민없는 질문들. 모든 소통의 행위는 커뮤니티의 기술적 발전속에서 급속도로 간편히 이루어지고 그런 커뮤니티는 정작 ‘커뮤니케이션’의 진정한 의미를 잃어간다. 그저 농담 따먹기나ㅡKIN

Meaningless Words, Behaviors without Reasons, Questions without Concerns. All the actions of communication happen conveniently in extremely high speed with the technical development of  the community.That kind of community, actually, loses the real meaning of ‘communication.’ Just joking – ENJOY.


  • A fan mentioned Seeksik: You’ll prolly get countless mentions to this statement. How many of them would be really meaningful..? Don’t expect to find the answer, and just enjoy the loving expressions from the fans. Have a good day~
  • He replied: @[name of fan] 놀랍고 대단하고 허를 찌르고 나를 부끄럽게 만드는 그런 멘션들이 생각보다 가득하답니다. 하하 즐기고 또 배우고 있어요

Actually, there are full of mentions that are surprising, amazing, taking me aback, and making me feel shameful. HaHa I’m enjoying and learning from these.

  • 목숨걸고, 충격적으로, 과감하게. 또는 천천히, 조금씩, 계산적으로. 변화는 그렇게 이루어진다. 나는 목숨도 내놓지 않았으면서 심지어 급하기까지 하다. 푸하하 나야말로 가장 잉여인 존재인건지도.

Risking one’s life, Shockingly, and Boldly. Slowly, Little by Little, or Calculatingly.               A change is made like that. I don’t even risk my neck, and I’m impatient to top it all.  PuHaHa It might be I that is the worst surplus being.

  • 그냥 마음에 떠오르는대로 불러달라. 그것이 어제의 내 이름이고 이것의 오늘의 내 이름이다. 내일 내가 있기나 할런지는 잘 모르겠고 어쨌든, 나는 마가렛이 날 좀 내버려뒀으면 좋겠다하하하하제발

Just call me whatever you want.
That was my name yesterday, and
This is my name today.
I’m not sure if there will be me tomorrow, but, anyway,
I wish Margaret would leave me alone HaHaHa please.

  • 토하고 똥싸고 오줌갈기고 울고 땀빼고 침좀뱉고 코풀고 모든 수로 다 덜어내고 아주 텅텅이가 되었다크하하하 난 이제 날아갈 일만 남았다요 아흠 내것이든 네것이든 아주 싱싱하고 찌릿한 땀냄새를 맡고싶어 킁킁킁킁킁킁이

I threw up, pooped, peed, cried, sweated out, spat out, blew my nose, and
I became so empty after taking everything out in all the possible ways. Kahahaha
There’s only one thing left for me now which is to fly. I want to smell the very fresh and piercing sweat whether that’s mine or yours SNUFFLE(x6)


  • 약속했다? 12분 47초. 나도 그래

You Promised? 12min 47sec. So do I

(Responding to the fans’ video “Thanks to Gul-Oh:I lUV U”)

오늘의 삐지엠- 기다릴께 언제라도 출발 할 수 있도록 ‘항상 엔진을 켜둘께’ 너말이야 너! 켜놓으라고.

Today’s BGM – I’ll be waiting, so I can depart anytime. ‘I’ll Have The Engine On At All Times’  You! I meant, You! You have it turned on, too!
(This is the song he mentioned)


  • 언젠가 ‘기자’라는 직업군에 가졌던 편견이 ‘개인’에 대한 불만일 뿐이었단걸 깨우치게 만드는 만남들이 늘어나는 것이 얼마나 감사한 일인지.. 자 이제 신나게 자랑질! [10아시아 인터뷰] http://bit.ly/d8sLRk

How thankful it is.. to have increasing number of meetings which make me realize that the prejudice I once had on the group of “reporters” was just discontent about “an individual.” Well, now, excitedly bragging! [10 Asia Interview] http://bit.ly/d8sLR

  • ReTweet: 왜 시나리오대로 찍지 않냐고? 뜨거운 피를 가진 배우와 색이 살아숨쉬는 공간의 선명함, 햇살이 빛나고 바람이 불고 어둠이내리는 시간의 흐름이 있는데 그저 문자로 상상했던 시나리오대로 찍으라 굽쇼?

[RT] Why not shooting according to scenarios? Should I shoot as the scenario that’s only imagined with the letters when there are the hot blooded actors, the vividness of breathing space, and the flow of the time which has the shining sun, the blowing wind, and the falling darkness?

(* YAI’s expressed many times in his interviews that he likes it when he works with directors who respect actors’ opinions. Seems like YAI is quite a proactive actor when it comes to making his characters come alive-Ink Cho)

  • 4천개의 멘션을 읽는데 40분이 걸렸다. 4천개의 멘션에 적어도 개인의 시간이 1분씩 쓰였다면 내가 할 수 있는건 고작 그 마음의 1/100뿐. 미쳐버리겠어 난 그게. 너무 화가나서!!!!!라고 하지만 그 딜레마에 난 정말 무기력해.

It took me 40 minutes to read 4,000 mentions. If an individual’s 1 minute was taken for each of 4,000 mentions, I can only do 1/100 of that heart. I’m going insane about that. Cuz I’m angry!!!!! I said. Still, I’m really powerless in that dilemma.

  • 어쨌든 내일은 작두를 타야하니 이만 잠!여긴 생각보다 훨씬 행복해. 걱정마

Anyway, gotta go to sleep now since I’ll have to stand on a straw cutter tomorrow! (*meaning he has heavy work to do tmrw) Way more happier than (you) think. Don’t worry.

  • 똘똘이라 불리는 우리의 ‘영리’는 진심을 포장하고 감추기 위함이 아니라 제대로 전달하기 위해 필요한겁니다. 라고 나는 나를 또 포장합니다. 아직 멀었어요. 그것에 가까워지기는.

Our “intelligence” that’s called clever is necessary not to package or to hide the true feelings but to deliver them properly. By saying this, I’m repackaging myself. Still a long way to go. To reach near that.

[To Younha] Miss Resembling Younha, good-night PuHaHa

*in response to her public statement :자고 싶어 미치겠다 잠 좀 자자 윤하야 푹 좀 (I’m going crazy wanting to go to sleep. Plz, Younha go to sleep.)

*It was his manager’s b day. There’s a pic his manager posted which has a b day cake that is from YAI. and YAI commented something like “why would that cake look so cheap..” lol

Credit: translated and annotated by InK Cho, edited by ancientkingdom

88 thoughts on “[Tweets] Tweets from Nov 5th-Nov 8th

  1. thanks for the translations~~ 수고하셨어요~ muaks~~ ^^
    Ah-In are not shy to tell what he feels: he expressed his frustration for need to spend 40 mins to read 4ooo message.. no wonder he said what he said in his tweet on 11/5..
    \(╯-╰)/ guess this will continue with his rising fame… 어떻해…

    • Hi Ling,
      I did my best, yet i’m afraid that it’s not perfectly “YAI’s” original.
      I try not to put any of my own interpretations, so you guys can decide in whichever way you want.

      However, the reason he was frustrated about having spent 40min for the comments he’s received does not seem like it’s b/c he’s wasted time. It’s b/c he couldn’t possibly spend the same amount of time and effort that his fans had put into those comments. That’s why he was upset, I guess. He would think that those comments from the fans deserve more than 40min of his time.

      On the other hand, 11/5 mention is regarding a different case.
      In the recent 10 Asia interview, he said something about ownership (?).
      In his minihome, he’s the #1 person, yet on twitter.com, the #1 should be “communication.” meaning…that it’s our part to take anything out of his public mentions. He’s posted a passage from the noble “IWS” for a reason in his minihome, however, a lot of young immature thoughtless fans left comments full of <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 via their smart phone apps..

      two different stories…. u see??

      • wait…
        So he didn’t like the fact the fans let thousand of <333 in his minihomphie?

        Could you please explain again?

        Lol w/my fail english, i have even more difficulties to understand… u_u

      • i see.. it’s interesting how different interpretation could come up from the same sentence. ^^;;;
        thanks for clearing things up~ ^^

      • Okay. To understand the context, you need to understand the passage he’s posted on his site(miniH). It was about naming, and he kindly repeats and sums up the passage via his twitter later:
        * 그냥 마음에 떠오르는대로 불러달라. 그것이 어제의 내 이름이고 이것의 오늘의 내 이름이다. 내일 내가 있기나 할런지는 잘 모르겠고 어쨌든, 나는 마가렛이 날 좀 내버려뒀으면 좋겠다하하하하제발

        Just call me whatever you want.
        That was my name yesterday, and
        This is my name today.
        I’m not sure if there will be me tomorrow,
        But, anyway, I wish Margaret would leave me alone HaHaHa please.

        The heart emoticons fans responded with… (idk) were just not the kind of reaction he was waiting for from his own fans. He initiated a type of communication through the passage. He would have looked for our opinions and ideas not just easy meaningless emoticons that’s even sent via smartphone.

        He also says later that day,
        * 의미없는 말, 이유없는 행동들, 고민없는 질문들. 모든 소통의 행위는 커뮤니티의 기술적 발전속에서 급속도로 간편히 이루어지고 그런 커뮤니티는 정작 ‘커뮤니케이션’의 진정한 의미를 잃어간다. 그저 농담 따먹기나ㅡKIN

        Meaningless Words, Behaviors without Reasons, Questions without Concerns. All the actions of communication happen conveniently in high speed with the technical development of the community.That kind of community, actually, loses the real meaning of ‘communication.’ Just joking – ENJOY.

        I guess that he was a lil disappointed by the fans’ quick careless responses cuz they took his try to communicate with us as a joke.
        You’ll be able to read his recent interview with 10 Asia where he says something like…
        that he doesn’t like it when his fans directly ask what he meant by the piece of writing he’s posted online. That’d be too easy. He wants the other party (us, the audience) to take a minute and think about the piece of his writing cuz it’s a piece of his life. Can’t really take someone’s life for granted that easily, can we??

        Hope this rambling makes sense to you 😉

      • Ah-in always wants to communicate with his fans…^^;;;That’s the problem! ^^ He wrote the poet for thinking with his fans… and before SKKS, his fans always commented their thought below his writing on his minihompy~. However, after SKKS, and of course because of smart phones~ ^^ the fans read this poet carelessly, and put replies with just, only….heart emoticons…. a lot…. one whole pages – I felt sad when I saw his mini-hompy~- then he mentioned this tweet to all of us. ^^;;; So a lot of Korean fans felt angry. Cause they felt he wanted to be alone… and he seemd to be angry about HEART replies…. The fans just love him and they showed their feeling to him with the Emoticons….
        You know~ a lot of entertainers just ignore how themselves feel to fan and just say “I love you, too. Thank you for loving me…” even if they don;t think like that. But Ah-In , he is too honest…., just show his feeling, and what he want to his fan. That’s the tweet…. ^^;;; He just wants to communicate with you guys~ ^^ And I think…. if I can…. I will make your comments or your feeling about him translate into KOREAN and send to him someday~ ^^;;; That will be helpful you guys and him… So LEAVE A LOT OF COMMENTS!!! ^^ I WILL TRANSLATE ALL OF THEM, AND SEND IT HIM!!! ^^ HAHAHA

        • Hi ancientkingdom!

          thanks so much for the offer of translating Ah-in fans comments from english to korean. Appreciate this very much. At last, i have found a place where i would be able to communicate to him.

          I first know Ah-in name when i watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal and OMG i just fall in love with the character Moon Jae Shin. After searching the internet about this person name Yoo Ah-In I have come to this conclusion and please tell him this:

          “Not just his acting is awesome, he is also a very smart, bright and talented person. There are a lot of cute looking korean actors, but Ah-In is different. He is indeed a unique person, and knowing someone like him still exist in this world is indeed, very refreshing.”

          Thanks ancientkingdom.. now i need to find a class that could teach me to read and speak korean.

      • Oh AncientKingdom, reading your comment about translating our comments to Korean is so sweet. I was smiling really big after reading that. That would be nice, but I think we would comment way too much that it would be way too hard, or maybe long, to translate! And it’ll be never ending, just like our love to him! hahahaha I just threw up after writing that. er so cheesy.

      • Thank you, I finally understood lmao xD
        Why not making a book for christmas in which we tell him and answer to his poems/tweets? we send him adn like that, he wil know what his internationnal fans think of this xD
        instead of <333 ^_^
        I'm going to ask admins & translators ^^

      • really? really? am so excited just by imagining Ah-In reading our thoughts… hehehehehe…
        may i ask if the translation will be about the comment only or there will be a section where we write down our thoughts for him?
        hope i’m not asking too much… *^^*

      • Oh~ making book is a great idea~ ^^ Yei~ if you guys want I can help you. I’ll be there for you~ ^^;;; and ling~ Hey~ nice to see you~ ^^ hmm… I don’t think deeply till that point. But if ou want to translate your letter or someting, send to me. I can help you. and you can send Eng and Kor ver. to him. ^^ ……..I feel some goosebumps on my arm…… oh…… it will be a lot of problems to me…..하하하 cause a lot of you guys want to send some writing to him. oh~ if you want to write on his mini-hompy, just write down there, and send e-mail to me. And I can translate below your mention. How about that? ^^

      • nice to see you too, Ancientkingdom~ ^^
        you are soooooo kind to offer to translate for us, muaks and thanks~ hehe. if i were to write to Ah-In, i gotta think real hard, there are so many things that i’d like to ask him, and so many things that i wanna tell, but on top of that, i feel stressful.. hope i will not bother him with childish stuff.. things like that.. *^^*
        about writing in Ah-In’s mini-hompy, i don’t have an account so i can’t leave any message.. >.<
        anyway, i will try to write down everything in my mind, hope you won't laugh when you see it.. kkk

  2. Thanks…. InK; ancientkingdom and tinysunbl;….. to be able to read and get to know him more from his writing.
    His best attempt’s to describe his feeling with words and to share with others.
    With his style, sensitive insight, humor, philosophy and personal expression he brings to the writing will be uniquely his.

    ~bless you~ Yoo A-in……..

  3. This site has become my guilty pleasure.

    These translations are awesome! Thank you for all you hard work and efforts. This site brings a smile to stressful day!

    • Same feeling!!! It takes me the hours to read and more than the hours to understand all his words, but it’s still an obsessed gravitation. Oh, luv him so much through the way he describe his thinking. And so worry for how stressful he is with these huge considerations.
      @ancientkingdom: That’s so guilty as if I “force” you to translate my terrible English. But I have to!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I’ll try to simply my ideas and then plz transfer them to him. Luv u xoxoxo

  4. Thanks a million InK, highly appreciated. Kamsamnida ^__^
    Now I can forget even trying to use google translate ever again/major fail hehe~

    • You are very welcome, Sunshine~
      That Google translator can’t really match YAI’s level of thinking. lol
      He’s quite a renaissance man, isn’t he?

      • Oh, not just “can’t really match”, it totally doesn’t match his thinking at all. That’s why I’m so in deep luv with this site and appreciate for your great translation. Keep going, let us understand our luv more and more…

  5. Thank you all for such efforts and contributions, greatly appreciate it.
    Wish I am computer savy so that I too could contribute…but sad to say I’m not…please forgive my limitations….
    Knowing that Yoo Ah In reads Mr. Richard Brautigan works, placed a smile on my face and uplifted my hopes….hoping that Yoo Ah In can understand English…
    I was actually considering knowing Korean…but, fail…sad to say being a linguist is not my cup of tea…hahaha…but I’ll still try.. cause we might visit S.Korea every other year since a friend of mine is now residing there…finger crossed..

  6. By the way…..just so you know….

    the “In Watermelon Sugar” he happened to mention in one of his tweet…is one of Richard Brautigan’s (the 20th century American novelist, poet, and short story writer) novel…

    • That’s correct, but he read that book in K translation.
      I may start grabbing that book just to see what kinda book he reads after this semester’s over. But, I doubt that I’ll like it ;P

  7. OMG I wish I could be Ah In’s book friend. He read In Watermelon Sugar by Richard Brautigan. He must have read a lot even though he’s busy. I don’t have time to read for leisure anymore ( maybe I do, if I cut down the Kdramas lol)

    Does anyone know how to send gift to him, because I want to send him a copy of my fav book!

      • the book that catches my attention now I believe can’t be translated, because it’s incomprehensible even in English. But it’s a very cool and innovative book to Look at. It’s called Only Revolutions by Mark Z Danielewski. If you stop by the bookstore watch out for it.

      • wow, Tinysunbl,
        this book looks really interesting!! def. ah-in’s type, i think!!
        if only it’s translated already….. too bad!!
        but, yeah. i wanna read it myself when i have time!! thanks for the book recommendation!

  8. Thanks Ink Cho for the explanation. I’m a little sad after hearing that story. I myself can’t understand him, how would I be able to communicate with him in a meaningful manner :(? I’ll pretty much disappoint him. All I can do is to send him heart and say “saranghae yo” lol j/k.

    • Hey Tinysunbl,
      Don’t you think you’ve put so much time and effort already to discover and to understand him better?? That’s all he asks it seems~ A try!!
      You’ve done more than enough to impress him! 🙂
      and, i don’t think i mentioned this yet..

      I really thank you, Tinysunbl and Anne-So for having this fan site on and keeping it going!! You guys are amazing!!!

    • OMG!!!!! Why do you think like that? I was reaaaaaally impressed by you, so I’m here with you~ OK~ What is the name of the book!!!!??? I’ll translate it. ㅠ.ㅜ it wasn’t translated by Korean. OK. I’ll try~ Maybe it will be one month job, but I lov you, so I’ll try~ ^^ and I can make a book for only him, and send it to him. ^^ I’ll try~ ^^ because of you~ ^^ ㅋㅋㅋ I mean it. Tommorow,i’ll buy it on internet. Don’t worry.

      • Unnie. i don’t wanna discourage you here, but… translating a book into a different language is not a joke. A month can never do it. Esp. books like the one tinysunbl suggested..(I took a class a while back, and it took me a whole semester just to finish a quater of a novle “칼의 노래”….;;;;;ㅎㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ)
        I just wanna express… that translating indeed is like 작두타기. it’s not an easy job at all, and kinda dangerous when you can’t quite capture the essense of the original..

        Let’s just stick to translating cute letters of the fans here 😀

      • ㅋㅋㅋ I know~ ^^;;; However~ I want to try, cuz…. to be honest… that is my dream. To make my own book. ^^ And it will be different cuz in here I have to translate Kor into Eng… It’s hard to me. ^^ But Eng into Kor ….. I have made some of those by myself. ^^ So I’ll try for her and me. ㅋㅋㅋ Just wish good luck. I am a very positive person. ㅋㅋㅋ ^^

      • OMG 칼의노래is the best book of my life. I love the author~ Did you read that? It’s not easy and you know? “불멸의 이순신” the drama based on this book was written by the writer of SKKS? She was the one of the writers. ^^ I love that book. I love 이순신. ^^

      • Yup, right~ 김훈 작가님. It was for a class, so, that was the only book i read among his other books. I loved it, but it was just that…. the old fashioned korean words like 삼도수군지정…blahblah too many 고어+군사용어 ;;; 번역하기엔 제법 까다로운 소설이었지만, 소설 그 자체로는 좋았어요^^ and, the whole class had to watch the drama version as well to compare the two. I loved the drama, too. However,,,,,,,, I have lots lots things to say about the writer of SKKS tho… I’m a huge fan of 성유날+규각날, too. I don’t mind the fact she’s put 금등지사 and all to make it more complicated, but the way she rambled and fell hard at the end of the drama (the last 2 wks), i resented her lol ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

      • Ye~ you’re right. cuz….. she was bad at love line…….in 불멸의 이순신 even 대왕 세종….Do you know 이정현? she is a famous singer and movie actress and she was cast as 세종’s lover but she gave up in the middle of the drama….. cuz… she didn’t like the character…. she was not an important role as she had thought. more sad fact is…. a few people knew she drop out… ^^;;; So I really like the first synopsis that there wasn’t no love line…..almost…. hmmmm….. Till Lesson 14, SKKS is my best drama, but after that….. I don’t want to talk. OMG! The last one is the worst one…… I realllllllllly hope it would finish as Ah-In said in his interview…. sad ending…….. but the worst ending makes me sad……….arggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah that’s why i am selective when mentioning people with twitter (i mention YAI only twice) people may get offended. It is good to know that words have different interpretations and should be digested gradually.
      And I say Seeksik is my Onomatopoeia, from where i come from, he has it all for his namesake.
      Btw, thanks for mentioning the book.. i would if i could, have it on my shelf. I plan to stretch some muscles since skks made me a “couch potato,” not that i am complaining ^______^

  9. Thank you so much for sharing all these! 🙂

    Me too felt embarrassed because, until now still not be able to contribute anything here.There are many other deficiencies that must be I repair to be a contributor as you all. so sorry.. 😦

    Yoo Ah In..
    Reading all this here makes me feel touched and at the same time more and more admiration for him. ^^
    He is indeed a very extraordinary behind the face that was cute and handsome. 🙂
    There is an attraction that sometimes I can not interpret it. lol

  10. Thank you SOOOO MUCH to everyone who translated his tweets. My poor Korean doesn’t help me with trying to understand his tweets at all. Much much much appreciated. Love you guys!!!!!

    • I should be more specific. Thank you InK Cho so much for your help with the translation and sharing with everyone here. Thanks Tinysunbl & Anne-so for creating this blog site.

      I’d LOVE to be able to reply back in an intelligent way to YAI’s deep meaning tweets. After trying (many many times) to translate it myself, I was left scratching my head even more because I couldn’t make sense out of it all (my poor Korean doesn’t get me far at all).

      If I could, I’ll try my very best to reply in Korean but…. don’t know if it would carry the same level of meaning for him. Might have to stick with English for now. I’m worried, I’m not that deep or complex of a person to actually see through his writing.

      Thanks so so so so much again InK for sharing them with folks like me.

      • You are welcome. There’s a way you can help tho~
        My Engl grammar’s not good enough. Feel free to point them out plz. I don’t wanna embarrass YAI with my poor translations.
        There are certain cases that i make errors on purpose to imitate his grammatical errors. (cuz he does that sometimes to be stylish ;P)

      • OMG!!! INK… don’t say like that~ if you think like that… I have to die~ ㅠ.ㅜ ^^ Kristy~ hi~ if you want to leave message to him, just leave it on his mini-hompy. and send message to me or if I check his mini-hompy, I will translate it. ^^ If you want, do it! However, if the quest become many, maybe I will quit.^^ So easy~ guys~ ^^ plz

      • it’s impossible to leave comments on the miniH cuz…i can’t. I got kicked out of 42 since last year (due to forgotten password TT) He only lets ppl w/ valid Cy accounts leave comments.
        Let’s find a diff. way~!

  11. Yay Ink-Cho for retaining the poetry flow of his tweets. For me, it helped understand the tweet a lot. And why do I feel like the tweet “I threw up…” is a sexually suggestive tweet? Why do I keep correlating things like this? This is so sad. The adolescence who’s learning the ins and outs of life. Gah!

    I think I understand him to a certain extent how you expect a meaty response but all you get is “okay”, “good”, “great as always”. He would’ve appreciated it if people said things more than one word, I guess. Maybe I should start writing again. He should me my motivator. Aw…

    • LOL I felt that, too. I thought that was b/c I’m an Engl Lit major.. It’s my habit to dig deeper in~
      Interesting that you caught that kinda sense~ I also felt it from the My or Your Sweat mention. I know..i’m overthinking kkkkkk

      I only wish that my Engl was better than this to deliver his language more accurately~
      I sent him a longer mention to him just couple days ago about how his tweet mentions are actually poetry. When I translate these tweets, I first have them written on a piece of paper where I can see how the lines break and where to pause. My heart melts when I read them (Krn ver. on my notes) as poems even if they’re partially rearranged by me.(I decide where to break the lines lol) Oh, I just love his poems!!! It’s too bad that you guys can’t ever feel what I feel when I read the originals.

      • I’m so jealous you’re an Eng Lit major! I doubted the Eng Lit major in my country and opted for psychology instead, which indeed made me understand the human nature a little better but also opened up my world about the sexual nature of humans. But maybe I’ve learned too much of it that I started connecting everything with it. Blame Freud.

        I’d really like to understand his tweets in Korean. The language barrier thing is driving me crazy! I’m pretty sure that the original is so much better but I really thank you for keeping the feel. You did very well. It reminded me of this one article that says American comedies don’t do well internationally because of the whole language barrier thing. But even if I did understand the vocabulary, it’ll still be hard because of the cultural connotations he uses a lot.

      • Psychology!? lol Yeah, let’s blame Freud and Shakespeare (even before Freud, this crazy guy pushed all the buttons Freud later introduced). The only piece of psychology i know is from the psychoanalysis- a literary criticism lol Good luck with your study!!

        and, don’t let the language+cultural barrier fool you~ From what I see, all the fans whether they are in Korea or outside, their reactions are the same~

        but, true about that he uses cultural connotations a lot. Sometimes, I need to check with other Gallers to be sure that I got the context right cuz u know.. i’ve been away from korea for a decade now.. things must be different in k society.

      • Shakespeare! Hah that crazy bastard, in a good way. He’s such a romanticist. I guess you can call Ah-in that? The way they both play out with the words, make ’em pretty to an extent where people are still having Shakespearean discussion clubs over the MODERNIZED version of it! I can’t wrap my head around Shakespearean. His stories are wonderful but only after someone else tells me about it. Sigh. I would imagine an Ah-in discussion club 50 years later. But I guess Ah-in’s is more comprehensible, I guess.

        I believe people who learns psychology is a bit crazier than other people, hopefully in a good way 😀 We do a bunch of wacky, fun stuff but for the benefit of human beings. Sigh.

  12. Wow, as I’ve always said, he is no ordinary thinker! Thank you all for such efforts and contributions (INK thanks) ! It was so much fun reading the article written as well as the comments! Sharing thoughts will all of you was/is amazing expirience!

    He’s a bookworm too? hahahah! How can I love you more! Kiddo, your indearing yourself to me more and more each day! (how can I love another…poor me!)

    I love how he share his thoughts on emoticons, I think , it’s not that he doesn’t appreciate the effort (i think he does) but ordinary people like us have expirience this annoyance to. Let’s compare this to the thousands of forwarded messages we receive everyday…recieving those have no special meaning right? Compared to personalized one? (make sense?)

    @coldtucsonI was wondering if he can understand English too… I wanted to greet him at twitter but I’m kinna afraid to do so…

    @InK, can you share with us the COMPANY ADDRESS of our Yoo AH in…incase we wanted to send some present?

    • Just go for it! (tweet him in English) My twitter is on private so I kind of don’t feel like going to the extent of un-private-ing it just to do so. I bet he’ll understand, even if only a little. There’s always Google Translator anyways! meh

      • Hahaha! Actually, I was more afraid of me blabbering something that I might go embarass myself and him understanding it! But thanks for the encouragement! 😀

    • Okay. Here’s the address:
      [스타케이 엔터테인먼트]
      서울시 강남구 신사동 664-21

      [StarK Entertainment]
      Seoul Kangnam-Goo Shinsah-Dong 664-21
      S. Korea

      New Address::
      (135-010) 서울시 강남구 논현동 102-25 NK빌딩 5층
      주) 스타케이, 유아인 앞

      [Star-K Entertainment] Attn: Yu A-In
      102-25 NK Bldg 5th Fl
      NonHyun-Dong GangNam-Goo Seoul
      S. Korea

    • Oh~ Tha’t very thoughtful~ ^^ And Actually, he just said he is not heavy reader cause if he read a lot of books, he can’t writing his own thought using his own writing style. ^^;;; I know his kinda guy~ ^^;;; So I love him ^^

      • lol Just last night, i posted something about that at the gallery.
        i said, 횽아들 그말을 믿뉭?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ lol
        Hi Unnie~^^*
        Yeah, right~ He says that he’s not a heavy ready, but REALLY??
        Do you take that words for real?? idk.. I thought he was being humble. Just because.. 다독을 안한다고는 했지만 그건 홍식님 기준에서고, 대한민국 성인 평균 독서량은 훨 웃돌 겁니다^^
        plus, he’s already read a lot in order to say something like “Extensive reading would make me tend to copy the other writers’ writing styles.” <–this is the evi that he's read a lot so far lol I seriously need to read more TT

      • Oh~ Ye~ I doubted his interview, either…. cause his mentions are not…….just normal, right? And I love heavy readers. ^^And I love my husband ^^ And I love Ah-in…. That means he is a heavy reader, too. ㅋㅋㅋ You know~ in truth, I wanna send some books I love. Hmmm…… Actually, they are not made anymore in Korea. So I asked my student who is a univesity student for searching those books and SHE FOUND IT…^^ OMG!!! And I make them again for me, for my friend and for Ah-in. I wanna send those books…. ㅠ.ㅜ But I feel shy~ ㅠ.ㅜ
        oooooooooooooooooops!!!! I feel sad…. ㅋㅋㅋ you know ,to write like him, he must read a lot of books. How lovely he is~ He is too honest and modest!!!! Where is the exit to escape from him…. ㅠ.ㅜ I can’t live my normal life……..

        • ancientkingdom ~ And I love my husband ^^ And I love Ah-in…. That means he is a heavy reader, too -> That means Ah-in is your “husband”, too, right? lol
          There’s truly no exit to escape from him. Don’t worry about that ‘cuz there’re many others stuck in this pleasurable situation like you

  13. There are two perspectives regarding tweeting him in English.
    First, I really dislike the assumption that everyone understands English. Trust me, that notion is so common among a lot of people. I know a guy who went to China and spoke English there the entire time, never made an attempt to learn Chinese. Then the exact same person was the supporter of the “English only” movement in America (against the immigrants speaking their native language here)! So I mean if a fan loves him enough and he or she can go out of thecomfort zone to learn Korean or tries to somehow get the the message to him translated into Korean, that’s a really nice gesture. Thinking that he would understand the English message would be big assumption.
    On the other hand though, I’d be very touched if he goes out of his way and tries to understand his fans’ message, be it in any languages. Disregarding a message just because you can’t understand it. That’s not what I’d expect from my idol!
    So I guess the real question here is whether we care enough.

    • I so agree with you about how ppl can be so ignorant to foreign languages when they speak English. 😉
      I’d say, just be yourself and write in whatever language you speak~ lol
      If you can’t type in Korean, what can you do?? Just type in English or in your own language~ It will be more fun for him, too, to see that he’s getting recognized in so many diff. parts of the world. 😉

      He’ll find a way to understand your comment if he wants to. (But, I also know that he’s extremely busy these days.) I’ve seen his comment to his friend who’s a bilingual. YAI commented on the friend’s English post something like this: (Why don’t u just post in Krn? I don’t wanna look up online dictionary. Oh wait,, looking at your vocabs.. i don’t even need to.. lol)

      It is true that English is the 2nd language for Koreans in Korea, and they teach English throughout the whole education system. Yet, many Koreans don’t like the fact that everyone’s forced to learn English. I wonder how good YAI’s English is~ Altho he’s a high school dropout, he used to do well in school he said~

    • I think the question would be who cares more? Understanding a language is hard. Even though I talk fluently in two languages, it’s still hard for me to understand certain phrases from either languages. But then it’ll be such a shame to say only things that I know in my limited Korean and not appreciating his works. I personally think it would be better to say something like, “your writing inspired me to write poetry again” compared to “saranghae”. I’m a firm believer in “the thoughts that count”. Language is just another barrier for everyone. And if he did learn even the slightest English, wouldn’t he know the difference between appreciative comments from the nasty ones? Sure not everyone is fluent in English but the world is getting more global with the internet and everything. Imo. I agree with InK, it’s just to show how many international fans he has.

    • ㅋㅋㅋ So when he uses tweet~ write with Eng and KOR. OMG. Koreans have fear about writing English~ ^^ If he can speak English, he never writes something with English. ^^ I bet! Cause, if I don’t join here, I don’t write something using English openly…. It’s little bit shy~ ^^;;; It was challenge to me…. ^^;;; But…. His Korean is as hard as English, indeed!!!!! ㅠ.ㅜ Many Korean fans read his writings many times, just like you~ ^^ That’s Ah-In.

      • I’m so afraid of writing in Hanguel too. It takes me an hour to type Anyonghaseyo because I don’t remember the Korean keyboard. Then I always make spelling mistakes and screw up the sentences 😦

    • I got the message. But wait… my head is spinning before it started and my poor English isn’t getting any better. I am sending my Ssssshhhh and be off to château d’if for being unmindful of YAi’S purgatory.

    • I also felt the same thing. so sweet .. ^ ^

      So, how could I turn away from Yoo Ah In when
      his attitude, his actions,all his writings that
      profound and beautiful in its own context
      has given a very wonderful experience for me in this life? lol..

    • That’s the reason I am happy to help you guys understand him. To be frankly speaking, Koreans can’t understand him well….^^ his writings and interviews are hard to us, too. So he is the guy who the reporters feel uncomfortable!!! 하하하 They feel uncomfortable him cause he doesn’t show interest to the ordinary questions…. ^^ ㅋㅋㅋ And of course, he hate entertainment TV shows. So you can’t find easily his talk show stuffs or entertainment programs.

      • Clearly he is indeed a unique and different from others .. ^ ^
        His brain seemed always ready to go to each matters, conversations or interviews that challenge the mind.
        Very intelligent and visionary!

  14. i’ve been following him on twitter but can’t read a single word of korean hahaha! thanks so so soooo much for the translations 🙂

  15. All of his writings need many explanation to understand. I think he really shows all his personality through his words, and I admire him for that.

    I’ve been following his twitter for a long while, but I mentioned (@) him just 2 times, and one of those 2 made me feel embarrassed because I got his tweet wrong and of course replied it wrongly. It’s really hard to talk to Yoo Ah In, I don’t want just to say saranghae, or I love you… all the time ’cause I’m not that kind of fangirl (too old to be T_T), but I’m also not good at expressing my thought towards him, part of it because it’s really diffcult to understand him, so I really feel unconfident : (

    • You made me reaaaaaly move….. wow~! you are great! I want to copy this comment and attach it on his mini hompy and then translate it. OMG! I love our thinking~ Van phung~ Wow…. Can I? I really feel great. Thank you so much!!!! ^^ I can sleep happily~ ^^

  16. Thank you all for sharing and translating so many stuffs of YAI. Here’s really a haven for YAI’s fans. 😀 It’ll be more difficult for me to write to him since either Korean nor English is my native language. But I did send him a tweet yesterday said that it’s too bad that we had language barriers, and there are many ppl understand his thoughts would like to have deep talk w/ him.
    Thanks again!
    btw. I come from Taiwan. 🙂

  17. he really has VERY interesting way in expressing himself..no wonder his tweet is always long and very difficult for slow brain me to understand..this young lad sure is unique..
    thanx so much for the explanations..! =)

  18. I wish I had the courage to send him a tweet … my Korean is not that good … will try to work on it!
    Thanks a million for the post. I am fascinated by YAI’s thinking … he must have such profound thoughts to write the things that he wrote. Such a cutie with talents plus wisdom … how can one not adore him?!

      • I have to add one thing. Kim Tae Heui, the writer of SKKS said that the most charming character in the drama is Geul-oh but she was not cut out to portray such a raw manly character (thanks to Ning for the link) . She said ” … This combined with additional interpretation of actor Yoo Ah-in, who happens to be a very sentimental actor, the Geol-oh in the drama became someone completely different from the original story.” She points it out brilliantly … YAI is such a sentimental actor, isn’t he .. that is why he embraces and portrays (each of) his character so well … Sorry for my rambling -_- *My love for YAI is killing me*

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