Esquire Magazine, anyone?

Jaeshinah just PM’d me about this yesterday. She knows that we die-hard Ah In fans are super excited about his Esquire photo shoot in Thailand. So she has kindly offered us the opportunity to obtain a hardcopy of the next Esquire Magazine issue. Here I copied her exact email:

As i’m in korea, i was toying with the idea of getting copies of Esquire for people who would like to order it, and shipping it to them (for no profit, of course–just to cover the cost of the magazine + shipping). hmm. i’m not sure if i want to (i’ve tried before with other packages and the number of orders just… deluged me.. it was so difficult o__o) but i would love to help our little community of overseas YAI fans if possible 🙂 what do you think? is there some way to sound out interest on the blog before i commit to buying them? 🙂

And here is the estimated cost of the magazine:

(According to) Kyobo’s website, the November issue of Esquire is just over 6,000 KRW, or about $6 USD. Shipping to Asian countries will be cheap–from previous experience, probably $3-4, depending on how heavy the magazine is. Shipping toN. America, Australia or Europe will likely be$8-10, and shipping to South Americawill be the most expensive–my tentative guess is$15, although I can’t even tell if I’m guessing high or low… (a ~400g package to S. America cost $10, and the magazine will probably be between 1~1.5kg).

If you are interested in getting one copy, just leave a comment below and say so. Please make sure the email address you provide is correct , so I’ll be able to contact you later. Jaeshinah doesn’t promise that everyone will be able to get one, as it depends on how many people are interested.


Hi, Jaeshinah here 🙂 As tinysunbl said, there are no guarantees but depending on how much interest there is in the next few weeks, I will see what I can do.

Payment would have to be made through Paypal, so please plan accordingly~

**2nd edit** I have never used Western Union, but it seems like there are many branches in Seoul, so I think it would be fine. I’ll just double check before I give a final answer, but either Paypal or Western Union will (almost certainly) be acceptable forms of payment, though Paypal is preferred!

64 thoughts on “Esquire Magazine, anyone?

  1. Btw, was wondering if it’s possible to buy Cine21 and Esquire mag online? Just in case… though I’m worried it’ll be OOS anyway. HAHA. Yoo Ah In’s getting really popular nowadays. 😛

    Thank you all so so much for your efforts! Wish I could be in Korea again now. ;_; Would be able to help with whatever then… ;_;

  2. hi! 😀
    was just wondering where in Seoul could i buy a copy?
    are there in any mag stand? or somewhere else?

    thanks much!
    i’m glad i discovered this site!

  3. Hi ^^ I’m from Malaysia, the copy you mentioned is for December issue right?
    if possible or still available, can i obtain a copy? I can pay through paypal, thanks ^^

    • OMG! you’re such a sweetie!!!
      thanks BIGTIME!! 🙂 mwuaks!!!
      yes i am in korea 🙂
      i will email you right away! :

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