Friday Night Out #1 (or Saturday Hangover lol)

Hi everyone, it hasn’t been long since the site’s inception, but we already had a nice little community here. So I decided to make an open thread for everyone to get to know one another better.

First, I have a couple of announcements to make:

  • Fans from Manila or anywhere in the Philippines who are interested in getting a copy of the Esquire magazine, can you email janjher (janjher[at] She needs to finalize the order (your bulk order) with you.
  • InK Cho has suggested buying a domain name for the site. I’m not sure how it works, but if this is possible, what do you think the name of the site should be? Ah In’s twitters have so many meanings behind it. His fans should also have a cool site’s name, right?

A few suggestions:


What do you think?

  • Check out new vids of Ah In on the video widget sidebar. Also amazing gifs (cliiiiiick here), fan-arts and wallpapers (click on the images for more):

posters by Ash

wallpapers by Aylam

It has been a quiet week for me, but, from this weekend on till end of Dec, I have to stick my nose to the computer screen to write papers. An insane amount of papers. On the bright side, I’m going to a Hunger Banquet tomorrow. I went every year since highschool, but I never got to be in the rich country category. Hopefully I won’t be home with an empty stomach tomorrow lol.

How about you? How’s your week?

53 thoughts on “Friday Night Out #1 (or Saturday Hangover lol)

  1. I vote for … I believe that we should remember where did iti
    start…. About the week-end…I`ll watch some drama, since I found out about YAI recently and I haven`t got the time to know his work. Anyway, thanks a lot for every single post!!!

  2. i vote for YAIhaven as well….
    or we could play with his name more…..wat about the one&onlyYAI…..
    haha just thought of one, its lame but…YAIlove
    his name is so awesome

    as for my week…i had a hectic exam week with 4 exams ….and now one to go…. i should be studying…i have an exam on monday =_= i should get of this site….but i love reading everyone’s comments and YAI’s interviews

    and omg Ash and Aylum your posters and headers are so good, i went crazy saving them all ^^

    Thankyou tinysunbl for all your posts

  3. I vote for [] as well!

    I also think [] is an effective domain, too.
    B/c we are his international fans~, and any korean fans would remember the domain easily~
    (It may become an expensive domain in the future, who knows? lol If YAI does well in all over the Asia with the Kwave~)

    Let me explain how the new domain will work:
    It’s called the website i’ll buy the new domain from~
    for a year, it’ll only cost less than $12 (cuz any word with YAI isn’t that popular for domains yet.)
    I’m not sure about the next year cuz i’m not sure where i’ll be at and what i’ll be doing, or whether i’ll be alive tomorrow(?? sounds familiar? lol right, from his tweet the other day).
    But, i’ll be more than happy to get it down for this one year~ cuz i’m still alive~kkk
    Basically, the domain right now [] remains the same, and it will work the same, however, we’ll link it to the new domain name that’s easier to remember for the new patients, so we can give out the new one to anyone we run into in our daily lives.

    as for my wknd… i’m a sad body staying at home HAVING to study..
    I will be working on some research papers..both about mr. Shakespeare.. TT
    I’ve enjoyed helping out JJunja-nim’s MVs cuz that’s the only time that i was constantly re-watching pretty Gul-oh from the past couple of days.

  4. How about “” ?

    I like “Yoo Ah In Haven” too cuz it sounds like “You’re in haven” which is totally true!

    • The reason why i only had YAI is because everyone uses different spelling for his name. Looks like his company uses Yu A-In, and that’s why i had hard time finding this blog at the beginning. I kept on trying diff spells for his name. lol
      the gallery name is also ….dcinside..gall…./yai
      on twitter, the group of fans is also #yai
      Like we all do in here, his korean fans use YAI commonly for his initials.
      If i were talking to a friend of mine on the phone trying to introduce this blog, it would be better if the domain is simple enough. And, i didn’t wanna confuse his K fans with spelling, either.
      just thought i’d explain why it had to be YAI..

      • Thank you for explaining it. I always wonder what spelling his name should be since there are different versions that are out there. By using YAI, it is simple and yet clear to everyone!

      • I did look it up tho.. ==>$12> can’t have .com ending>$1,700.00 i can’t afford it TT
        it was my wish that someday, he’ll be famous internationally 😉

        Yet, has my #1 vote! 😀

  5. I’m all for ’cause it sounds cool, and, like Erlynda, “haven” almost always remind me of our preventorium. It’s short and easy to remember, too. Thank you gazillions, InK! If we can help you with the domain or the new site, with any little thing, let us know. I, for one, would love to help. Oh, yes, after the domain, we still need to think about the hosting, right?

    Oh, Idk if you like the bromance bet. GYH and MJS, but if yes, well, here’s a pic to cheer you! (Sorry if it shows up as a link; Idk how to embed. I found this at the FB SKKS fan page.) ^_^

    And another ohhh! Tinysunbl, those GIFs are so cool! ‘Bout the pics, Idk why, but I had to giggle at the “Pirates of the Caribbean” posters. Ah! He’s definitely becoming an Asian Johnny Depp–versatile, expressive, and thoughtful in his acting. More YAI love .<

    I hope you gals have better and relaxing weekends, though! 🙂

    • I found my own post is cut. Lol. My week’s been so boring, and this weekend is bound to be the same. So, hope you all have better weekends!^^

      • Oh, sorry for the confusion. What I meant by hosting is web hosting service. From the small things I know about website creation, after registering a domain name, we must still avail web hosting service so people can actually access the website…?

          • But isn’t WP only a CMS? (Sorry if that sounds a little technical; I’m not entirely familiar with it, either. >.<) If I'm not mistaken, (WP branch where we can create websites based on WP features) recommend various hosting services. I think we need to research web creation some more to make sure.? (Technical things like this surely makes me dizzy. Lol)

            And oh, you've resolved the reply scheme! I mean, we can now reply more than 4 levels. Sweet! ^_^

  6. for me too.

    i don’t know sorry for being killjoy but to me capt.jack sparrow will always resemble Yongha. He did a great job on that. On the contrary, YAI’s face suites well.
    I’m torn! ^^;

  7. YAIhaven sounds good. I also keep thinking that the name sounds almost like “you’re in heaven” or “Yoo Ah In’s heaven”

  8. LOL regard HAVEN vs. HEAVEN

    I choose haven over heaven because “heaven” just sounds cliche and overused. While haven (home, shelter place) carries much more meaning. This site is Ah in’s home and a shelter place for all the fangirls who are infected with the virus 🙂

  9. I like the internationalYAI because it represents us international. But because the word haven means so much for us, me too, I thought why not hold that name as well? So I want thinking internationalYAIhaven? It’s a little lengthy but serves the point just right. It’s a haven for us international fans of YAI. Or maybe intlYAIhaven. For some reason I find pride in having the international label. It just goes to show the love Mr. Yoo is getting all over the world 😀

    But a little tip as an editor, I think we should do a tidy up before we decide to make a domain name, which would mean kind of putting the setting stone. I just noticed that a comment can’t be replied more than 3 times? That kind of bugs me a bit. Maybe we should check the settings. Of course, we should take it one step at a time. Hopefully, we’ll become the #1 international Yoo Ah-in fan site! I think we already are, but we have to get our name on google. That’s a goal I’d like to make. Search “yoo ah-in” on google, and our site is in the first page! I don’t know what page our site is on but definitely getting on the first page would be cool, don’t you think?

    BTW I just changed my screen name. Finally! keritingirl didn’t feel like me, so I opted for my usual and most known screen name, conanblue. It’s the same me, just a different screen name. Cheers 😀

    • Yeah comments can’t be replied more than three times (A->B->C->D). But I’m not sure how to fix that. I don’t think there is an “upgrade” for that function on wordpress. Even on dramabeans, comments can’t be replied more than 4 times. Not much better than us.

      I totally agree with having the “international” name attached. It sounds cool and well-reflect the diversity here. I mean we’re from all around the world, right? It’s time for Ah In to go international!

      What do you all think about:

      Is it too complicated a name to remember?
      My hope is for the site to appear first page/first line on google too! That means we become the best/popular source of news for Ah In! Then if Ah In self-google his name he’s most likely to find us lol.

      • I found out how to change the amounts of comments! I’m not listed as an admin in this site so I’ll just tell you how. On the left bottom of the dashboard, there’s Settings. Click on Discussion. On the “Other Comment Settings” change the amount of threaded (nested) comments. It could only go up to 10 so might as well use that. You can check this out for more details. Good luck 😀

      • Hey, how’s about the page setting for the comments? Did you read my reply over there? Just wonder if you skipped it cause there’re so many comments now.

        • Oh you did teach me how to change the settings of the replies, but I didn’t understand back then. I got it now! Thanks so much unnie.

          I did chose the option of “break comments into pages with 40… top level comments,” but I’m not sure why nothing changes

  10. My vote’s on It sound heavenly!:-) tiny, just let us know how to help to secure the domain thingy…we’ll be glad to help!finghting!

  11. Hi, it’s my first time commenting here but I’ve been following this blog for awhile. I love the best, partly because it’s already the name of this blog and it’s a haven where we can be “cured.” Heh.

    • i also go for! sounds just right. but if people want international, maybe we can use but still, i want YAIhaven!

      • I would have to agree with spelling out international. maybe YAIhaven-international? But there isn’t really one that’s not international. internationalYAIhaven is super long! But when you say it, it sounds good and makes good sense.

  12. I vote for! yeah! ^^
    Why?because it’s like there is a beauty and softness in the name .. haha ..

    I know a lot of great things about YAI in this fansite called “Yoo Ah In Haven”…
    And I also get to know you all by this fansite called “Yoo Ah In Haven..” lol..

    Regardless, this is just my opinion… 🙂
    I support whatever is best for this fansite,for all of us and for YAI.. ^^

    Many thanks tinysubl!Many thanks everyone!
    Thank you for everything shared together here ..

  13. My vote
    simple yet meaningful for us.
    or how’s about

    For my wknd I travel somewhere and travel again next week, but I love moving (^^) so I’m happy about that.
    Happy weekend to you all, and @Tinysunbl, make sure you get full at the banquet.

    • It’s a hunger banquet so i’ll probably come out hungry, but I’m sure I’ll be full after the fourth round tomorrow night^^
      Have a great trip unnie! It feels great to get to new places doesn’t it?

        • Ah! I just got the information!
          Just one more thing: I`ve seen somewhere in here that this site is for girls… Well, I believe YAI also has boys that like him, not for his looks, in particular, but for his acting. I`m a girl and yes, I was at first crazy about the way he looks, but I admit that now I want to see what else he can do as an actor, what are his limits.

      • If you think about it, YAI-international sounds okay … it represents the international fans. But I have the feeling that it sounds more business like than fan-site …
        Also, this site has been my daily fix for the past two weeks (and I’m pretty sure will still be in the future) … I have never offered to help out around here just because I don’t know what kind of work I can help out with … hmm, but tinysunbl, if there is anything you need help with, I will be more than pleased to do as much as I can.

  14. whoa, haven’t been here in a while and the site has been bombarded with so much goodies. just want to say how much i appreciate the efforts and hard works of the contributors here, with all the lengthy interview translations, video subs, fanvids etc. you guys are awesome.

  15. I just have to say this. It’s the first time I clicked on the vids on the home page’s side bar and I was like, “WHOA!!” That “Sungkyunkwan Return” vid is sooo awesome! So awesome! Can’t help watching it again and again. O.O

  16. Hoo….. I have to go right now~ But my vote is……….. ^^
    Cuz when I work for you I feel like being heaven~ ^^ Ye~ Here is his heaven, my heaven and our heaven. ^^ I love it. ^^ Speaking the name loudly, it sounds beautiful.

  17. With or without the “International” part, I’m okay with it. As long as “haven” will be there, because it is such a lovely word with a beautiful meaning 🙂

  18. My first ever comment here and i would like to vote for
    I’m ok without “International” because the way I see it, we’re already International 🙂

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