[MV] Gulo’s Monologue with English subs

Another great vid brought to you by jjunja01, subbed by ancientkingdom, jaeshinah and InK Cho:

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22 thoughts on “[MV] Gulo’s Monologue with English subs

  1. I have not posted the 10 Asia interview here because Jaeshinah is translating it on her own and I’d love to post both versions at the same time for better understanding of the interview. There is another old 10 Asia article about Ah In that is translated. Hopefully I can post it today.

    • ahh yes! I am about halfway done with the interview and it’s already 5 pages long, single-spaced! hopefully it will be done by today. it’s an amazing, amazing interview. I also noticed that 10asia only translated questions that had to do with SKKS. the korean version has questions about his other work and other details that haven’t been translated, so even if you’ve read 10asia’s english version, you should be in for a treat (:

  2. jjunja01, ancientkingdom, jaeshinah and InK Cho:
    thank you so much for another fantastic nice video. my heart ache again seeing this sentimental video… T.T

  3. Thanks ancientkingdom, jaeshinah and InK Cho… this fan vid is one of the best I’ve seen so far… it’s nice to have sub… it makes me go jelly all over again. :’)

  4. thank you very much jjunja01, ancientkingdom, jaeshinah and InK Cho. i have been playing this MV everyday and dying to have it in english. the music of the songs really match the mood of MV. the words are just so sad. each scene match perfectly. i cried the first time i watch the MV and now cry even harder that i fully understand both the sentence and his words. thanks so much. MUAHHH.

  5. Hello everyone,
    i’m glad to hear that you guys are enjoying it. This vid was my all time favorite Gulo’s MV until JJunja-nim came up with her next “Good-bye, my love” which is shown below this post. I’m so glad and feeling honored to be a part of the team to work on JJunja-nim’s vids cuz of her unique style which i love!!
    To be able to fully understand this kind of her vids, you have to use all your senses.
    Gotta watch the changing scenes, listen to the song lyrics, read her own subbed story, listen to Gulo’s and Yoon-Hee’s voices in between, and finally, you gotta work yourself hard to think and feel all the while to make sense out of this complex work of art :). unfortunately, we had to drop some of the lyrics of the song when the lyrics and her subs didn’t match. What JJunja-nim did with her own subbed msg is that she mostly reuses the actual lyrics from the song and makes lil changes here and there to smooth it out for the scene that’s shown at a time. It is really awesome if you could listen to the song and read her a lil twisted subs at the same time, but we had to focus on the sub itself when the music and the sub were overlapping. You guys are not missing much tho. i’m just saying that the subs in the bottom-left corner isn’t always matching the music.
    I can’t imagine how many times you guys would have to re-watch this clip to get everything out of it. Cuz, I watch it over and over again (even if i do understand Korean) still now…. (not to catch every single meaning it has but can’t help anymore!! i’m addicted to it now)

    And, “Good-bye, my love” is… the best one yet to me. I like how she edited the scenes (1)where Yoon-Hee reveals her real name and Gulo never gets to hear that name…TT and (2)where Gulo gives her advice on how to show her feelings to her true love..then she takes that advice and kisses another guy TT
    That was the SKKS epi of that day, but JJunja-nim did a terrific job on weaving these key scenes back to back.. Her editing made me feel overwhelmed by its stronger impact. (Don’t u think thata SKKS team should recognize some of the talented fans like JJunja-nim? I think she was better than the professional SKKS editing team.)

    Yet, another one of JJunja-nim’s vids is on its way.
    Let’s get ready to have another good cry..
    -Thanks to JJunja-nim!!

      • Thanks for your looooooooong comment for my vid. ^^
        I think that you’re the one of best analyst about my vids.
        You catched my purpose very perfectly.

        (1) Kim Yoon Hee vs Kim Yoon Sil.
        (2) His advice vs Her kiss…

        Thanks for knowing and understanding my thoughts. ^^

  6. I just watched the video and I wanted to cry 😦 Poor Jaeshin. I was glad Yoonhee didn’t actually reject him, but just merely thought of him as a brother. Next time, Yoo Ah-in should get the girl. Do I hear a romcom coming? I wonder if he’d want to do that.

  7. Thanks for enjoying this MV ^^ I hope you guys had a great crying time. ㅠ.ㅜ The next one is sader than this. ^^ OMG! But I really happy to help you with my poor English. Iwanted to translate doing my best for passing Korean’s feeling and emotion. On the up mention~ ^^ Ink said~ Jjunja aways makes her musicvideo match the song’s lyric order….. But the differences between Korean and English words order made me hard. So I always feel frustrated…. if I choose Korean order, you maybe can’t understand the lines fully, and if I choose English order, you can’t feel her purpose fully. However…. inKcho and Jaeshinna help me, so I took my burden off on my sholder a little. Thank you guys~ And You know, I am Korean. And in my normal life, I always use Korean. So if I make mistakes~ just smile~ plz~ ^^ I’ll do this better from now~ And I am reaally thank you and send my kisses for ovelooking my mistakes and loving this MV. Thank you~

    • thanks so much for your effort. for us who don’t know korean language, we feel so indebted and grateful that it is translated in english. whether it’s perfect translation or anything….. we are just glad that we got a least the gist of what it means.
      now that you mention, the subs are not the lyrics of the song, i hope you can tell me the singer and the title of the song of this MV so that i can search the translation of the lyrics of the song. thanks again and thanks for telling Jjunja how much i appreciate her works.

      i think i am drowning and i never thought that it is possible to have this experience in my life. and it is all because of the wonderful YAI and all of those who contributed to this blog. love you guys.

      • Hi~ kfan. I’m jjunja01.
        “Jjunja”(or jjeonja) is my korean nickname “쩐자” ‘s pronounciation. ^^
        This song is “Waiting for love” song by Noh young-chae.
        Korean name is “사랑바라기” song by (노영채).
        This song was OST of K-drama “Family honor”. ^^

        • oh i am honored…. jjunja is replying to my message. i am speechless….

          okay now i can say something. thanks so much. only god knows how thankful i am to all your YAI related videos. and i am sorry, the only thing i can do is say thanks. anyway, thanks again.

  8. Kudos to jjunja01 for this fantastic MV. *claps madly* If you could only see me sobbing my eyes out. T_T It totally captures the essence of who Gul-ro is. Played it like 10x in a row and had to play it again after an hour. My poor heart couldn’t take it. I was totally in love with him!

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