[Photos] The Health Hazard series ep. 3: The Fashionista


I think I’m dying of the virus! The English version of the 10 Asia article is out. I just read it and I had tears on my eyes. I felt like I just found the one actor that is worthy of my lifetime’s admiration. Yoo Ah In is just way too intellectually sexy: part 1, part 2, part 3


Happy pepero!!!!

Today, 11/11, is pepero day in Korea (I should say “yesterday was”). According to a (probably Thai) fan’s tweet, she just met Ah In at the mall and gave him a pepero. How cute! Imagine our boy sucking a pepero!

Anyway, sorry for being gossipy. The point of this post is to spam you with pics from my Ah In collection. Most of you probably still remember his controversial outfit at SKKS party.  Although, to be fair, nobody has actually witnessed the said outfit, Ah In’s fashion sense has become a subject of ridicule. Therefore, as objective as a fangirl can be, I need to counter-argue and prove that Ah In is a fashionista, sort of.

This is Ah In at the 2007 Blue Dragon Award ceremony. Although his fur coat might earn him some anti-fans over at PETA, I love how he styled his hair to match it. And the metro blue is absolutely gorgeous.

Don’t you feel a Spock vibe in this photo? lol I don’t remember the event but he looked so chic here. Loving the hair.

At Pusan International Film Festival with long bang. He seems to love the ring, cuz he often wears that type of ring.

Here we go again with the bang and the hat. He once said he doesn’t like exercising that much. I’m glad he doesn’t because I find small and skinny guy the sexiest. What makes him even yummier is the super tight jeans below lol. (G-dragon comparison, anyone????)

Only complaint is the handbag-who likes guys carrying handbag here?

I think the only time when Ah In’s fashion choice made me laugh out loud is at the He Who Can’t Marry press conference. He looked so fine:

Until you see what he was wearing on his feet:

LOL totally out of the blue!

Here is a more recent pic of him at a Puma event. The graphic tee looks fabulous (and he wore matching ring too!)

At a System party. Party much with a preppy cardigan on huh?

In 2008, Ah In and Jae Hee (also an actor I really like) started a fashion line called Levlife together. He did not only model but also designed. I’m not sure if he’s still involved in the line though. Last time I checked the website, it mostly offers women clothing and household stuff.

The clothes are mostly casual. They look pretty comfy:

LOL something must be wrong with me. I can’t keep my eyes off his butt:

And the next four pics are my all time fav:


And here are the I-couldn’t-care-less-bout-my-appearance look:


Here is the hey-come-unwrap-me look:

I feel like these photos are over photoshopped, but argggg, who cares? All I can see is his nipple lol:


Sorry for the quality. I can’t find any bigger pics. But the below are big enough to show his long and skinny legs hehe:

I dig the shoes:

This one is totally adorable:

Kudos to the fan who made this the Ah In profile pic on Soompi. So cute!!!!

I remember seeing this pair of shoes at the women department store before:

Ha! How many ways we can play with Ah In’s name? The below can be read “You are in style” or “Baby (Yu A=Baby in Korean) in style” or “Yu A In, Style”

Being cute in pajama:

And now in a more formal look:

Awww this is him in 2008 I think. Still have that boyish vibe even with the suit:

I’m not sure these are Levlife photos, but I love the style of the outfit and the concept of the shoot in general:

And last but not least, Ah In in glasses:

With Hwang Bora at 2009 The Face exhibition. He was filming He Who Can’t Marry, so that’s probably why he carried glasses?


Speaking of He Who Can’t Marry, I adore Park hyun Gyu’s look: short and neat hair, chic glasses, nerdy shirt and always tight pants lol. His glasses are called Pango, designed by Oliver Goldsmith. If my skin weren’t too dark, I’d definitely get one pair. Soooo cute:

And in case you haven’t gotten tired of this long spam post yet, here is a clip of Ah In in S Closet, talking about fashun:

A few lines, translated by Rxgoodleaf@soompi

Host: You look cute and preppy!

Ah In: I wanted to look as young as possible… tongue.gif

Host: So, what is the point (of you assemble)?

Ah In: The point is the hat. I love fedora.

Talking about the upcoming movie, Antique…

Ah In: I will be waiting for (teenage) girl fans. wink.gif

Host: Do you have any hobbies?

Ah In: I don’t really like moving too much.

51 thoughts on “[Photos] The Health Hazard series ep. 3: The Fashionista

    • I looooove the ARC pose with the dirty feet ! LOL, (whats with me and dirty feet! Weird!)

      And the THAI fans who meet him! SOOOOOOO ENVY! LUCKY LUCKY girl! @tinysunbl , no need to apologies for a juicy gossip like that! hahahah! We’re greedy like that! LOL

        • Ah!!! lovely- hair, sexiest-skinny-body, mythical-creature -butt, sexy-hip, cheeky-nipple and the arc-pose with dirty feet sexually provocative. What else ??? Sound pretty yuuunnnnyyyyy….. This is going to be the most delicious “YU A IN”…….. eeeee yoreeeeeee

  1. …..am i in the heaven now…???
    i love all the pics, but if i have to pick my fav out of these…
    i dig the piff picture.. TT
    I love his longer bang that covers his eyes like in The Boys of Tomorrow…TT

    I like how he dresses normally without any help from his stylists. The system party pic would be the most recent one in this post, right?? He’s still tanned there 😉 which is hottttttt~~~

    I believe we’ve seen the pics from Thailand, too, right?? (not from this post but from the Esquire photo shooting) That was YAI’s own clothing, too. he’s got some taste in fashion… well, i feel the distance with him when i recg him as a fashionable celebrity.. cuz for me,,, anythings that cover my skin are considered clothes.. 😦

    • meeeeeee too! I don’t care much about what I am wearing. Jeans + tee +tennis shoes are my official costume at all time. But I enjoy looking pretty people+pretty fashion 🙂 Ain sure has good sense of style. I love the pics he posted on mini-hompy. Even at home he’s chic enough 🙂

      • yup, that’s right. even at home, he’s chic enough~
        Can’t believe that such an eye-candy like him is actually very wise and deep. I don’t know why i always thought, or liked to think, that pretty ppl are shallow lol

        I took that back ever since i fell for YAI.

  2. i think he has a different fashion sense compared to other guys around his age. 🙂 and i really like his style, it suits him.
    anyways, thank you for the updates/info on YAI! ♥ i’m glad i found this site. i’m a proud carrier of yoo ah in virus. lol thank youuu~ ♥

  3. “I think the only time when Ah In’s fashion choice made me laugh out loud is at the He Who Can’t Marry press conference. He looked so fine: Until you see what he was wearing on his feet:”

    ROFL, this cracked me up, ha,ha,ha! First time i saw this pic and I do agree with you “he looked soooooooo (mighty) fine.” But the shoes, oh the shoes, he, he, he. Thank God my favorite color is blue and the shade of turquiose is my particular favorite right now, I even just recently painted my room with that particular color.

    Thanks tinysunbl

  4. first time to comment here but i am an avid lurker of this site. Oh my gosh! how could someone be sooooo adorable and hot at the same time?! i love the outfits. 🙂
    btw, would you happen to know who the girl beside him at the system party is? she’s always with him in most pictures.

  5. How can I get tired of any of the posts here???? Of course, the more the merrier!!! ^^

    Thank you sooooo much for sharing the information and pictures 🙂

  6. I always thought YAI is…should “fashionable” be the right word? He seems so good in mix-matching clothes.

    And wow! I knew you have YAI pics collection, but these are awesome!! Totally love the “He Who Can’t Marry” pic and the “hey-come-unwrap-me” pic. If only I can. Ha! XD

  7. well, I heard back then he had a nickname among natizens… I don’t remember it but it was to describe him as a fashionista….
    I love th efact he pays so much attention to what he wears :]

  8. lol at the he who cant get married press con…i had to stifle my laughter….blue shoes …i still love you Ah In….

    the hair he had for boys of tomorrow and the one for levlife photos…..oh how i love the bangs…..he looks gorgeous….i wish they can do that again ….hes such a chameleon…..changing his hair really changes his whole charisma….the cute boy look, insanely captivating jong dae, hot angsty jaeshin

    the levlife photos are my favorite (its the bangs!)…..but i wish someone would take that cigarette off him 😦

    thanks for the links for the interview….he really is an actor that i respect…and not just spazz over…although theres a lot of that too :p

  9. Photoshoot is delicious, and hey if G-Dragon can be outrageous why not Yoo Ah In? I thought the blue shoes is cheeky, like he’s wanting to look neat and presentable, but part of him is still a rebel and it was expressed in that out of the blue shoes (I love your pun!).

    Oh and I do the happy dance for the interview :D:D:D

    Love, LOVE the interview! Isn’t it a contrasting things that he can express so much through emotion, writing and talking, when he’s such an introvert, and a melancholic at that?

    “That’s why today, this time right now and what I’m doing right now is much more important to me than what I’ll be doing in ten years.”

    THIS impressed me. How many of us adults are dissatisfied with our current life and think that we must become this and that in future and disregard the NOW? I’m such person and this guy who’s younger than me has reached that state where he could accept whatever life brings. Sobs… I need to grow up.

  10. Oh My Ah In! You made me cry with that interview. Every answer is meaningful. It is so heartfelt. I felt no pretenses in your every answer. You’re so real. Never change. *sob*

    “But I think celebrities saying that they won’t forget their original resolution is different from them saying they will always be humble” – one of my fave lines

    “Because the moment I package myself, I’m not just showing myself to people in a certain way but I trap myself in that packaging. That’s why I’m trying to make the size of my wrapping large…” – another one I like

    Ok honestly, there’s just too many of them! Let me quote the WHOLE INTERVIEW! Kekeke! ^_^
    (honestly, there are too many of them!)

  11. The second picture with the red background is from PIFF 2009.
    I think my favorite style of his is during He Who Can’t Get Married. Maybe because I don’t do fashion. If you see how I dress everyday, you’ll see why. The way he dresses during that time is cheery, fun, and suitable for his age. And it made him look nice. The skinny jeans just makes him look skinny. A big no no from me.

    Ahh… The interview! I will savor my comments but I have to say I’m impressed, with a bit of irony? Agree with Ning on how he’s an introvert but able to say so much. Writing might not be so bad I mean I can say a billion things through writing. Speaking, especially interviews, are so different. His ability to express himself is also pretty impressive. Maybe when one goes through a hard time, you just have to have a lot of thoughts. But he does talk a lot, more than I would imagine. I wondered how long it took to interview him.

    I agree with eshi with how he’s more worthy for praise and admiration instead of spazzes. But for me, and this is just me, an artist I respect the most will never get my spazzes. For example: Big Bang, Jay Chou, Cho Seungwoo. They’re amazing artists I respect and admire and I would never, and probably couldn’t, spazz over them. Mr. Yoo is awesome, we all know that. But everything he does is inviting spazzing! I know he’d prefer the whole “respect the artist” thing but sigh. Just can’t help it. Maybe I’m still seeing him as a celebrity and not an artist. Next time, do a serious role and prevent me from just admiring your handsomeness, please.

    • Oh So you think Boys of Tomorrow, Shim’s Family and Strongest Chil-woo aren’t serious roles? I fell in love with the artist in him through those 3 works. I thought Gulo is spazz-worthy only too, but after reading the 10 Asia article I’m impressed about how thoughtful Ah In was toward playing Gulo. Different from other idols or stars, I think of Ah In as an actor~a true actor!

      • i see YAI as more of an artist than a celebrity, because to him acting is a way for him to express himself…and i think that means more to him that fame and money

        ….the SKKS role was a spazz worthy one but like tinysunbl said check out Boys of Tomorrow

      • Yeah… I kinda agree with both parties here.
        They can’t be separated i think. I watched BoT three times in a row w/in a week. I started spazzing at first, but i soon realized how serious YAI was to confront the film itself..

        YAI deserves the title of ACTOR i think. I found Gul-oh first who’s charming, cute, and handsome, but when i met Jong-dae from BoT..(well, he was freaking sexy there, too).. I had to admit that i once underestimated YAI as an artist before BoT. He’s very sincere that i can tell. And, like eshi said, acting for YAI is a way of expressing himself like he does with painting and writing. .. idk what i’m trying to say here. cuz i respect him all the more as an artist but i can’t help spazzing over his cute sexyness at the same time. ^ㅠ^(drooling)

      • I was suggesting for a project after SKKS. But the more you think about it, Boys of Tomorrow and Shim’s Family is more like a satire, dark humor genre, especially Shim’s Family. Maybe it’s because he always takes on roles that are very young adult and their idealistic ways of thinking. Maybe my version of serious is like Hollywood films that deals with delicate social issues. I guess if I say “I want him in this character” it would be impossible. It’s always fun to see what roles an actor chooses next, anyways.

    • BOT is a very beautiful film in my opinion, & my fav korean film. YAI’s character is… Well, stands fir the youth.. Unfortunately i can’t say it in english, i’m not fluent but i could write pages and pages about this character…

      • Hey AnneSo,
        Why don’t you write an essay or a review about the movie in your mother tongue? (French i guess?) The Gallery is collecting reviews from the fans, and i think it will be fascinating to have reviews in diff languages. Even if YAI can’t understand the details of your writing, i think it’s important for you to express as freely as you can in your first language. ENGL is my 2nd language, too. I know exactly how u feel. I feel limited when i have to write essays in ENGL.. that feeling of expressing less than 100% bothers me often. . .

  12. A big “AWW.” Thanks for the 10Asia interview links, tinysunbl! All his answers are great. It’s obvious how deep he is. There’s no doubt that he’s a lot more mature compared to his real age. His answers aren’t just what came first in his mind; he analyzes and organizes his thoughts before actually speaking the words. If most men think partly like him, it will be so cool.

    Also, his last answer captured me. I think it must be because I still remember the scenes from “Boys of Tomorrow” oh so clearly, when Jong Dae asked Ki Soo what’s his furthest future is and Ki Soo replied, “Tomorrow.” Somehow, I feel like this further proves his point–that he only takes roles he can do, roles in which he can show another part of him… *heart melting into unrecognizable puddle*

  13. After reading the interview, I was… more more impressed with him .. and …
    sometimes..I was unable to say anything ..

    Every answer he gave was great, real…

    Each of the words out of his mouth very valuable and always generate feeling impressed on him..
    And yes..too many answers that makes me riveted and amaze..!

  14. Thanks for the translated interview. It was great. Again, I’m impressed by this thoughtfulness and depth. The care he takes to answer each question is impressive. He values communication and respects words/language. He has something to say and that’s amazing. He’s a complex and has substance (I like that). Very rarely does a “celebrity” interview make me stop and think, and his answers do.

    I’m curious to see what he decides as his next project.

    I love this site. He’s the one of the very few young actors I find interesting these… days…

  15. chloefargo, I cannot be more agreeable with you regarding his interview. Each of his answer makes you think … intriguing … aahh YAI ssi … don’t be so adorable, can?

  16. seriously, SUPER SPAZTIC PICS!! I LOOOOVVVEE THEM ALL!!!..my eyes would burst seeing his hotness in this picx!!ill be waiting for more!!mwuah!

  17. LMAO his blue shoes !!!!! Thanks for the pics btw ^^

    And thanks to 10 Asia, this interview made me realize how proud I am to be his fan. I’ve never been interested enough to read interviews of actors I liked before, because it wasn’t really worthy as for me. But I really do enjoy to read his interviews, beacuse he has so much things to say, and he manages to make me think about many things. I think his honesty doesn’t need to be proved anymore.
    Also it’s interesting to see how he deals with celebrity. And it makes me aware of his efforts as an actor. How he did think about his acting, his character, his voice, his smile (I was impressed to see that his smile as Jae Shin was so difficult to find ! but what a smile !). He ‘s able to become a great actor. Not that he isn’t great, but I think he still can improve a lot and become one of the best !-if not the best =P-

  18. Pingback: [ITW] [101108] 10 Asia interview with Yoo Ah In | Haven for You

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