[Epic review] Sungkyunkwan Scandal (via thundie’s prattle)

Hey chicos, epic Sungkyunkwan Scandal review with a lot of Moony spazzing and analysis@thunide’s prattle. Enjoy~

[Epic review] Sungkyunkwan Scandal Thundie’s Prattle is thrilled to roll out our second epic review. (The inaugural one is here.) This time we have invited six fans of a drama that’s officially known as Sungkyunkwan Scandal, but which most of us prefer to call Joseon Crack, or Micky-Yoochun-I-Love-You!, or Give-Hottie-Yoo-Ah-In-The-Girl-Dammit! (or, to a smaller extent, Gu-Yong-Ha-Take-Me!). All six reviewers share a few things in common: They adored the drama (for the most part), … Read More

via thundie’s prattle

4 thoughts on “[Epic review] Sungkyunkwan Scandal (via thundie’s prattle)

  1. read every single word!!! amazing. “epic” is right. i especially loved blue1004’s selection of best scenes. it reminded me of several earlier scenes i had forgotten about… especially when LSJ ate the dduk that fell on the ground, and when MJS washed the banchon boy’s feet… ❤

    thank you so much for this amazing gift, thundie & everyone who wrote so beautifully to contribute to this post! truly an amazing way to say goodbye to this beautiful gem of a drama x

  2. it took me hours to digest every word. all made a good impression but they were all saying two words – SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

    Hey Tiny, i did my own spiel and i mean every word about you. Meeting you is one thing i will surely treasure while watching skks.

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