16 thoughts on “[Photos] Yoo Ah In for High Cut

  1. picture no. 13 and 14 from the top..i was like drooling!lol! i can see those hairy abs and wondered what will i see if i trail it going down!!lol! ~please forgive my perversion!~ delete this comment if your offended!lol..

  2. Anyone has the pic of him eating the banana?
    Feel free to share your HighCut pics that aren’t here too. There’re so many different versions of them going around.

  3. *drooooooooooooooools*
    omg those lips >o< I can spazz over him every single minute of the day; so perfect. Just love his different facial expressions XD

  4. !!! there are so many here i haven’t seen yet!!

    /brb saving them ALL

    i wish these existed in enormous HQ versions… so big they eat up my entire computer screen… i would actually die but it would be the sweetest way to go (:

    thank you so much for compiling these!!!! i can never get enough of this photoshoot <33333

  5. man..he is soooo good with expressions. good enough to compete with GD..hehe. they r kinda of similar in a way. haha.
    tat glasses is classic. i swear…i LOVE it!!!! he looks soo good in it!

  6. I thought I’ve already seen all the photos for this shoot, I didn’t know there were much more. OMG, YAI IS SO SO HOT!!!!!! *_*

    Thank you so much for sharing ❤

    • You are *** A W E S O M E *** tinysunbl love you………… Ahin + banana = squeeeeeee + nooooosebleeeeeed + spaaaaaaaaz + swoooooooon = meeeee

    • What’s a refreshing pic after a week away up on Mt. Etna in Sicily. Thank you tinysunbl…… It’s time for me to catch up with all these….. so excited.

  7. Some pictures I’ve never seen before! Cool!
    Ah… and I love the song in the video. Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars. I can replay this song all day long.

  8. thksssssssssss you guys are the best for bringing YAI news and pics!!! thk god i found this site ,since i’m falling in love with him^^

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