Ah In’s random news bits

There isn’t much news about Ah In these days. I guess no news is always good news, yeah? Anyway, here are a few multivitamin news/rumors bits to feed your addiction:

  • Vote for Yoo Ah In on soompi street team. I think you need a twitter account to join this. Basically, the idea of a street team is to help promote an artist through tweet “spamming”. Every other day, fans will vote for one artist out of five to be promoted. It’s our Ah In’s turn and we have 12 hours left to vote!
  • Apparently, due to this picture, our boy has been nicknamed “쩍벌남,” which kinda means “legs wide open man.” ROFL I saw a tweet of javabeans commenting on (making joke out of) that picture a while back and sort of expected this nickname coming LOL. According to jaeshinah, some fan reactions (to the nickname/picture) as reported by the news include “that position isn’t good for your pelvis” (the fan was worrying about his health); “you are a true fashionista”; “is this the current trend in thailand?” etc. OMG Ah In’s fans are just as adorable as he is!

  • Ah In was voted by 3373 fans out of 8727 to win the title of “Best Mustache” at DC Inside haha! His runner-ups are Kim Nam Gil and Cha Seung Won
  • Sunkyungkwan Scandal co-stars commenting on Yoo Ah In:

Park Min Young:

“I’ve talked about this with Ah-in, that everyone: Park YoochunSong Joong-kiYoo Ah-in, was so passionate about acting that we spurred each other on. The teamwork was so good that even when doing reactions for each other’s shots, we were diligently acting. But I have one complaint. All three of them have such baby faces. Especially Ah-in, when he cuts his hair and shaves his face, he looks like a total kid. Next to the three of them, I look old! On top that, I think the stress of the shoot has aged me.” (via YonhapSports Khan)

“Yoo Ah In, the more you see (of him), the more you fall for him. Song Joong Ki is intelligent and smart performer. Park Yoo Chun is sincere (or devoted).” (Entertainment Relay 11/06/2010)

Joo Ah Sung:

Startoday interview of Joo Ah Sung aka Nam Myung Sik (So Ron leader) in SKKS, his comment about working with YAI:

“During the first scene with Yoo Ah In, I thought to myself he was born to be an actor (also mean celestial star or the highest/best actor). He was really Gurl Oh. At the location, he was in Gurl Oh character always, really focused… watching them (refering to Park Yoo-chun & YAI), even though they were still young, they were so good I thought to myself I should make greater effort.”

And of course we all know Soong Joong Ki always wants our Ah In’s lips^^

  • Last but not least, Aylam has shared something very interesting:

The portrait has been identified as a gift from a fan nicknamed kaverin.

I find it very cute when actors and actresses decorate their room with gifts from fans. A few more drawings by kaverin can be found here, here, and here.

Thanks to jaeshinah, Rxgoodleaf, Aylam@soompi and dramabeans for all the updates!

12 thoughts on “Ah In’s random news bits

  1. Ahh so sweet our YOO AH IN! Just passing by, busy busy week heheheh, Our GM is back from his Trip in Thailand and sooooo many reports! aissssssssh!

    LOL on his new nickname!

    @Tiny, I’ll send the new banner later! Hope everyone have a good weekends! Fighting!

  2. Kaverin’s third artwork (Heuk San in assassin outfit) is sooooo pretty. I wish I am as talented; all I can do is sketch anime-type drawings. Pfft. Trying to play with vectors these days, though.

    Oh, I wish YAI on Soompi Street Team contest!! 🙂

  3. At least there’s a little news about Ah In! I’ve been waiting for he’s new project. Anyone knows whether he takes a break or getting ready for a next project?

    • I’m hoping he’ll take a short break. Although I want to read, hear, and see more of him, he’s lost a lot of weight from SKKS. Jumping on another project with the remaining stress might result to him losing some more. That will be kinda sad… 😦

      • Yeah!! He needs to looking after himself,,, otherwise he’ll be looking like Gandhi on Atkins Diet.
        We love you ❝Yoo Ah In❞ ❤ ❀ ❤ ❀ ❤

  4. Aw, the eyes are always so sad in the drawings. I guess YAI really does convey some sort of melancholism, huh. I found his character in Boys of Tomorrow to be such a tortured rebel.

  5. Wow the fanmade painting’s gorgeous! I like that style of watercolor rendering 🙂 And it’s really nice when celebs do keep and display stuff their fans made for them. It’s touching. Hehe.

  6. i would keep that photo too its awesome…..maybe he really loved his hair cut back then, well thats more me really …..saving it ^^

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