A hilarious collection of YAI news stories from 11/11-11/15 !

Seriously, this boy. The more famous you get, the more hilarious media coverage you attract! Newton’s Fourth Law, or whatever. All the news in the last few days are about things we long-term patients at the YAI Preventorium are already well-aware of—-but I wanted to share them not because the stories themselves are newsworthy, but just cause the reactions of the media are so funny! Without further ado…

1) “쩍벌남”… legs wide open in Thailand

Sample headlines:

  • Charming ‘legs wide open’ Yoo Ah In shows off fantastic fashion sense
  • Though ‘SKKS’ is over, Guh-roh Ache kee~ps going; Yoo Ah In again proves his popularity, this time as ‘legs wide open man’
  • Yoo Ah In’s ‘legs wide open man’ pose and sporty fashion ‘grab attention’

Sample quotes:

  • “His boxy black sleeveless shirt, green shorts, and hard-to-pull-off striped socks worked fantastically well together.”
  • “His pose of resting with his legs spread wide open made netizens laugh. But fans who saw this picture reacted with ‘Even that pose is cool.'”

Sample netizen reactions, as reported in the news:

  • “He’s the most charming legs-wide-open man”
  • “Stylish because it’s Yoo Ah In”
  • “I’ve fallen into Guh-ro Ache. No matter what he does, I find it hot. Does this mean there’s something wrong with my eyes?”
  • “This is a pose that not everyone can easily pull off. He’s definitely Yoo Ah In”
  • “Do you think he knows this picture was taken?”
  • “Even when I see this ‘legs wide open’ picture, all I can think of is ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal”s ‘Guh-roh’
  • “He has 4-dimensional charm” [T/N: that is, weird and blunt and kind of out there. It’s a compliment, seriously.]
  • “He’s the coolest ‘legs wide open man’ ever.”
  • “You don’t think he’d be a ‘legs wide open man’ on the subway too, right?”

Sources: one, two, three

And a bonus! =) [click here if you can’t see the picture below!]

Caption: Noo-nim! [T/N: short for Noona-nim, or a more polite way of saying Noona] Women shouldn’t be walking around so late at night~!

HAHAHAHA. In case you need this to be spelled out for you… little YAI in his green shorts is yelling at the stylist who took the photo and posted it on her Twitter ^^

Drawn by 세이더 (‘seder’ or ‘say the’ or something similar. in korean, simply “seh-ee-deo”) at her fantastic Naver blog here


2) The most controversial airport fashion ever, apparently

Sample headlines:

  • Yoo Ah In’s ‘one-color’ reverse fashion sense is a hot topic [T/N: the ‘reverse’ part refers to the fact that he’s wearing short shorts on the bottom and a jacket on top]
  • Yoo Ah In’s clever ‘reverse fashion’ is a hot topic
  • Yoo Ah In’s embarrassing/intolerable airport reverse fashion is a ‘hot topic’

LOL so everyone’s in agreement about this whole ‘reverse fashion’ and ‘hot topic’ thing…

Sample quotes:

  • “In order to cover all weathers from cold Korea to hot Thailand, Yoo Ah In coordinated his fashion to show summer on the bottom and winter on the top.”
  • “Yoo Ah In’s airport fashion, which is a bit too embarrassing to say it was coordinated well…”
  • “Though he kept warm with a jacket slung over his shoulders, he ‘color matched’ with white shorts, white socks, and white sneakers”

Sample netizen reactions:

  • “At first I was shocked, but it looks at least that good because he’s tall” [T/N: She basically means, ‘Imagine how much worse it would look if he were short’ LOL]
  • “I scrolled down and jumped in my chair”
  • “Matching white socks with white sneakers—-his stylist must be an anti”
  • “Guh-roh sahyung, it would be better if you just went around in hanbok [T/N: the traditional Korean clothes they wore in SKKS]. The shorts make other people embarrassed”
  • “Guh-roh’s version of modern fashion”

Sources: one, two, three


3) Korea digs into its pitifully empty archive of Yoo Ah In awesomeness; is impressed by Ah In’s sexy angry stripping fights [watch cuts of YAI on YSMM from 090119 here]

Seriously, this is making the news NOW? Anyway…

Sample headlines:

  • Yoo Ah In’s background as a ‘clothes tearing man’ becomes a late hot topic
  • Yoo Ah In was the original ‘clothes tearing man’? [T/N: that is, as opposed to 2PM’s Taecyeon… and everyone else who copied him, hah] “I was fighting with my girlfriend and then I just tore my clothes wide open…”
  • ‘Clothes tearing man’ Yoo Ah In transforms into an impulsive/fiery personality when angry?

Again with the ‘blah blah man’ nicknames… ahhahahaa

Quote of Yoo Ah In telling his story:
“I had an ex-girlfriend, but we both had fiery personalities………Once, we started arguing about something trivial and ended up fighting by an 8-lane boulevard and I lost my mind and tore the clothes I was wearing to shreds”

Late netizen reactions:

  • “Yoo Ah In’s tough personality is so different from his looks”
  • “I’m happy I got to see Yoo Ah In’s young and fresh past self”
  • “Yoo Ah In’s got a personality of his own”
  • “Guh-roh is actually a ‘clothes tearing man’?
  • “Fresh Yoo Ah In is so cute” [girl, you’re telling me]

Sources: one, two, three

These are only the itty bitty tip of the iceberg. See for yourself

Also, Ha Ji Won keeps appearing on these ‘legs wide open’ articles because she’s in a new drama [Secret Garden] where she and Hyun Bin switch identities, and apparently she had to learn how to sit with her legs spread open and Hyun Bin talks about how it’s harder than he thought to sit like a girl and keep those legs closed. Lol. And in doing so these reporters keep bringing up Yoo Ah In’s green shorts/wide legs picture. Maybe it was a slow news day in Korea…

18 thoughts on “A hilarious collection of YAI news stories from 11/11-11/15 !

  1. LOL @ old news becoming hot topics again XD Goes to show Ah In’s rapidly increasing popularity these days ^^

    You think if we make him mad enough, he will rip his shirt for us?? J/K ^_^v

    And that airport pic made me giggle!

  2. ROFL yeah last night I was searching for news and those articles came up. It amuses me how “spontaneous” and nosy the media is. They paid attention to every little details!

    But serious, the press consider the old clip news? I feel happy because Ah In got the spotlight now (just like how ppl went crazy looking for old dramas of Lee Min Ho!). But the way they dig up Ah In’s past was amusing! with all the nicknames and old stories~~

    Love the way you presented the news btw!

  3. “In order to cover all weathers from cold Korea to hot Thailand, Yoo Ah In coordinated his fashion to show summer on the bottom and winter on the top.”<<Now, this one just made me rofl. Lol.

    I wish Korea got a greater archive of YAI's awesomeness. It's kinda sad that those old clips took so long to get dug. But then again, that just means YAI's getting more and more recognized and adored by media, right? I hope YAI gets more press love (not the stalker type, though). 🙂

    And oh, I can't see the bonus pic… :((

  4. oops sorry guys =) I re-uploaded the picture and added a direct link, too, just in case~

    hmm. does that mean you can’t see the pictures in the 10asia article too? i added a whole bunch throughout…

  5. Okay all pics work now. OMG THE DRAWING IS TOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!

    ROFL@the green slippers. The caption is so cute hahahaha

    First he was voted to look like Younha. Now his nickname is associated with HJW!!!!! I love the K-entertainment worlld!

  6. The new nickname is so LOL! Korean media is so amusing sometimes…how the heck they can come up with that. LOL! So happy that our YAI ìs getting really popular, i just hope, he won’t be followed/stalked much. (I’m hoping they can give him enough breathing space, no invasion of his private life, please!)

    Jaeshinah, another fun read and amusing post! Great job!

  7. Great articles!! Now people started digging old or new pieces of YAI. Like you all said i hope he won’t be stalked much. it worries me since he said he still couldn’t handle excessive expression from people. Wish he is a happy person not a happy actor. hahahahah Anyway… Ah In our boy Up Up Up Away!!! Fly as high as you can!

    • Yeeaah!!! Ain’s needed to stand firm, this’s his golden era that very so often can fill his chest to bursting, and there’ll be a good and a bad emotion to follow, it’s seemed to be the rule of nature. He has to balance them well. So the best thing to do ~Ain~ just don’t let emotions rule your life. And be your old beautiful self.

  8. loool netizens and their comments always make me laugh XD
    “legs wide open man” <—– lol seriously? As for the airport fashion, lol does it seem as if he cares? He still looks great nevertheless & L.O.L at netizens comments regarding it. haha I will never forget that story about Ah-In & his ex-gf 😀
    omg I just wonder how Ah-In feels about the sudden increase of "entertaining" news about him XD

  9. thanks jaeshinah….this is funny ….I won’t be surprised if the press digging around soompi thread too to find any news worthy or not about Ah In…. it will not be the first time it happened

  10. hahaha, omg these are both hilarious and embarrassing. i don’t get what so special about the “leg-wide-open” pose, is there like some hidden connotation to it???

  11. “Seriously, this is making the news NOW?”
    ———– I KNOW RIGHT.

    It seems like people are only interested in him after Gul ro 😥

  12. Hahaha….all the comments, really funny…eeehhhhh…..he so bold to wear tht at the airport…for me it short shorts is a no no for him…

  13. OMG!
    Found ur blog while stalking the pretty one and talk about ROFL!
    I almost laughed my head off.
    The airport fashion headlines and comments just made my day!
    Korean netizens always amaze me and with your comments? Well, you are officially funny 😀

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