19 thoughts on “[Photos] Yoo Ah In for Bazaar Korea (2009)

  1. He looks so young & fresh in the face 😀 This was just last year, but compared to this year, I think his face has matured a lot more or maybe its just the facial hair he’s keeping on these days lol. But lovely pics, thanks ^^

  2. Yoo Ah-in ;D with a choirboy face and endearing tendency …… but I’m not so keen about his trouser,. Anyway!! I still love him as before ……. hahaha…..

  3. I’m viewing this from my hp, the photos are confirm to be black and white right? Plus someone please correct me, did he shave his mostauche away? Andwei!

    • yeah the pics are all black and white. Actually, his face has always been like that. These are old pictures. He just started growing the porn-stache since SKKS.

  4. So they’re from Bazaar! I was wondering where they came from. Thanks for sharing the whole lot ;D He looks so awesome in here, especially the second picture.

    • OMG ESHI i’m so glad you said this!!!! As soon as I started searching for YAI’s old photos once I became his fan, that’s exactly what I thought, too. I couldn’t believe no one else was talking about how similar his younger self was to Dongho today! I’ve been seeing it for ages now. They really *DO* look similar. I’m not actually crazy!

  5. Funny taste of fashion.. but it doesn’t matter to me. I just too focused with his facial expression! SUPERB! Big hug for my Ah In Boy!

  6. his facial expression.. i really love it! ^^
    from the first pic to the last,

    big thanks for sharing this! 🙂

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