Esquire Photo is out!!!!! (Updated info)

OMG right before I’m about to go to sleep I just have to see this: Ah in’s Esquire photo, looking SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD!

I can only find this online right now, so not sure if this is a teaser or there are other photos flying around. Anyway, I love the above pic!


Through KBS Drama, “Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal”, Yoo Ah In as Gurl Oh captured a lot of fans’ heart and he will be showing different aspect of himself through December issue of Esquire Korea.

Shot in Thailand, the concept of the photo shoot was accidental landing of Yoo Ah In in hot weather country wearing Winter clothes.

Yoo Ah In was photographed in Bangkok public market, Buddhist temple and streets of Bangkok in hot weather. Despite the hot weather, his enthusiasm (for the photo shoot) impressed the staff.

Meanwhile, now off-the-wall and cheerful (or happy) Yoo Ah In’s photographs will be featured in December Esquire Korea which will be available November 20th at bookstores and internet sites for sale.

(Translated by Rxgoodleaf@soompi)

32 thoughts on “Esquire Photo is out!!!!! (Updated info)

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  2. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! In reality, I did scream. Ooh… That picture’s so pretty. Zo Sunhi-nim is so friggin awesome! I knew she’d get it right. I’m pretty sure there will be other pictures. We will have to wait. But MAN! is this AWESOME! Thanks a billion for sharing, tiny ;D

    Ah, he’s in tropical Thailand but he’s wearing gloves, jacket, and a fur hat? Now that’s what I call sacrificing for fashion! Hats off to those who are willing. I will slip on my tees and jeans forever. Thank you. BTW, his shirt says SUPER DRY but I think he’s what we call in my country showering in his sweat under all that.

  3. more~~ more~~ more~~~
    hehe.. can’t wait to see the other photo shoots…
    but, with the hot and humid weather of Thailand, how did Ah-In feel wearing autumn/winter gear for the photo shootings? curious.. curious.. hehehehe *^^*

  4. Love to see his new pics all the time, im crazy Yai, Nov. is not a hot season in Thailand, it’s rather cool in the country side that is this pic. been taken.

    • hmm..well actually, this picture is probably taken in old district of Bangkok (on/near Saphan Buttayondfa – or Wednesday Bridge in my Thai-lish lingo) and the week when YAI is here the weather dropped down to 32C – 35C during the afternoon. It’s hecka hot in Bangkok! Gotta give it to him to not break a sweat during that shoot ^^

      • yes, it’s bloody hot in thailand specially in bangkok. but this means to be their concept (winter gear), i wonder…….. if the shoot took place in the very early morning he should be ok, but not the day time= “sweatie ahin” ♥♥♥
        love see to mooooore photos…… and love to hear from him about this shoot in thailand, ☀+☂= beautiful thailand…….
        thanksssssss tinysunbl

        • A contrast conception……. an Ice in a Heat, Cold in Hot and a winter fashion in a hot weather,,,, Yoo AhIn in Bangkok.,.,.,.,. more pics. PLEASE

  5. Boy, this is super cool! Is it just me or does anyone else see traces of Geoloh in this pic (maybe it’s the hair XD). Can’t wait to see more. Thanks tinysunbl!

    • Just want to ask if any one can translate bahasa melayu to korean??? i wrote something to YAI, but when i translate it in English it don’t have that same meaning to it…

    • Yeeey!! Yu A-in is more, more and more *** (100℃)…. NO HEATER for THE WINTER.
      Oh!!! jjunja; love your [mv] Gulo’s Monogue; sooo amazing ~ Thahks.

        • Yeeeessssss;D
          it’s so so sad & beautiful video;
          It’s so frustrated for me after saw your video at youtube around early October,,,^^ b-coz I couldn’t remember my youtube password, wanted to leave you a comment and to ask your permission to download just incase you have to delete it.
          Ah!… believe me;,, tear always runs down by itself every times I play this video even I don’t understand the song, and now with subbed it’s even worse, more likes a flooding in my flat.
          It’s so nice to be able to talk to you personally,,,^^ an awesome artist….. Kamsahamnida……

  6. December issue?!!!!
    i thought it was the Nov one… nearly screamed at the bookstore staff for not reserving a copy for me lol

    anyways, can’t wait to see more photos~ thx tinysunbl~~

  7. Yey!! Another 3 days and YAI esquire photo will be out!!! Will I get my mags?? Tinysunbl pretty please stalk about the hard copy I want to collect it. Thanks million… 😀

  8. Hi (: He is just perfect (: But i would really like to get the magazzine D: … but its going to be hard … because i would have to have a special card and do a bunch of burocrative things in my country just to order it … D: what can i do ?

    I’m from Portugal ( europe) btw ❤

    Thnks for all your help (:

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