[Random] Build your own “Yoo Ah In A-Z” list

Just a fun, interactive Yoo Ah In A to Z game everyone can join! I’ll put the alphabet here and you add your own word or short phrase that best describes or relates to our boy. Let’s see if we can fill out this alphabet with everything “Ah In”!

You can add how many words you want in the comments and I’ll update them regularly. Feel free to add extra words on the letter that someone else has used. Since we have a lot of adjectives already, let’s add more trivia or words that are unique to Ah In. Numbers from 0-10 are accepted, too. )


2-2 awards- he got 2 awards on 2007 for his role in “Boys of Tomorrow”

5-5kgs- the amount of weight he gained for “Antique Bakery” and the amount he lost while filming SKKS

6 Oct –His birthday

7-Till 2010, he’s been acting for 7 years

12 minutes 47 seconds: Ah In’s declaration of love to fans

A-Ainese-his official fansite in Korea, Art major in high school, Antique Bakery, April Kiss (KBS2, 2004 he appeared in first episode)

Angelic Yu A-in, Adorable

B-Boys of Tomorrow- film in which he won critical acclaims for portraying Jongdae.  Banolrim-YAI’s first drama

Bold, Beautiful smile

C-Crazy Horse, Cigarette smoking-one of his habits, Closure (2007)-the movie he likes, ‘clothes tearing man’-nickname from his Yang Shim Man Man story

Charming, Complete my day!

D-Daegoo-his hometown, Dankook University-college he enrolled then dropped out lol,

Delicious, Deep, Daring, Devilish sexy aura (lol), Delicate love of Guel-ro

E-Esquire- the mag that will soon publish his Thailand photos which we’re all waiting for, Ein-German word means one, which his stage name “Ain” comes from.

Extraordinary, Esteemed,Eccentric, Extremely erotic (ROFL)

F-“Freedom”-the word he was obsessed with in his early 20s

G-Geul Oh, G-dragon-he has been compared a lot to G-dragon


H-Heuksan-the name of his character in Strongest Chilwoo, Hyun-Gyu- role he played in “The Man Who Can’t Get Married”, Hiccups-Guel-ro’s trademark, Hong Byukseo


I- “If you keep doing things,it will become a habit” – Moon Jae Shin’s trademark line, Instruct-his Cyworld Minihompy Domain

Intellectual, Irresistibly tempting

J-Just the Way You Are-the theme song for his much-loved High Cut video, James Dean-director has compared him to James Dean, Jae Sup-his character’s name in April Kiss

K- Kim So Eun: it was said that her 1st on-screen kiss was stolen by our YAI, Kunkook University-Ah In’s new school since 2010, Ki-bum-his adorable character in Antique, Korea’s Odagiri Joe, Ki-soo-his character’s brother in BOT, the figure who is very important for both lives of Jong-dae and YAI,

Killer words- smile- everything, Kissable lips

L-Legs-wide-open-man! Levlife-clothing line he was once involved in

Luscious lips

M-Moon Jae Shin <3333, Marlboro Red-the brand of cigarettes he smokes, Music-another passion but .. the area he’s not so good at lol


N-(No More of )New Comers Award-he always gets recognized as new actor for 3 yrs in a row..it’s about time to stop that!

Naturally-born actor

O-Original, Own opinion

P-Poet, Piano-his profile says it as his hobby, Purple-his favorite color

Poetic, Philosophical

Q-Quintessential Bad Boy Rebel with a soft heart-description of his character Moon Jae Shin in SKKS

R-Rustic -Coming from his tweet “I’d like to be the most rustic person to the limit of my emotions,” Rebellious

S-@seeksik is his twitter username, Sharp 1-another name for Banolim, Shim’s family-his first film, Skips class-both Guelo and Ah In don’t enjoy school that much :), sisters -he has two older sisters

Smexiest man alive, Stylish

T- The Man Who Can’t Get Married (aka He Who Can’t Marry)- drama he starred in on 2009,  Tablo- he received various critiques for his passionate opinion about this issue, Twitter-his new means of communication with his fans and friends

Tenderness-Guel-ro’s trait that breaks thousands of hearts, Talented, Too much to handle (I’m dying of this one ROFL)

U-Uhm Hong Sik-his real name, Unnine Ibalgwan-Sister’s barber shop-his favorite band http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uAyqMmT_aY)

Unstoppable, Untamed beast

V-Viral, versatile-Ah In was much praised as a very versatile actor

W-writer-he writes a lot on his mini-hompy and twitter

Wise. witty


Y-Yoo Ah In, the name of his character in Sharp that he also used as his screen. Yongtae -the name of his character in Shim’s Family


58 thoughts on “[Random] Build your own “Yoo Ah In A-Z” list

  1. D~Delicacy love Jae-shin for Yoon-hee. Determination for what he’s doing.
    F~Flower boy in Antique. Fussy Gul-O, he didn’t like to sleep in the same room with Noron
    N~Nature-born actor. Naughty boy.
    O~Obstinate Jae-shin, with father. Openhearted

  2. A – April Kiss (KBS2, 2004 he has appeared in April kiss melodrama .Yoo Ah In as Jae Sup (teenager)
    B – Baby face and innocent smile in boys of tomorrow
    C – ‘clothes tearing man when has a fight with his ex
    E – ‘Even that pose is cool (‘legs wide open man’ )
    I – I became an actor because I had a lot to express an actor with many thoughts and many words to say.
    J – Jae-shin has the handkerchief stuffed in his mouth to stifle his hiccoughing
    K – Korea Odagiri Joe
    J – Jae-shin has the handkerchief stuffed in his mouth to stifle his hiccoughing
    M – Manly as a “wild beast”, Moon Jae Shin
    N – No matter what he does, he’s pure hotness

  3. Wow I just updated this post and I’m impressed by what we came up with. I learned some more stuff about him from you all. Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. D=DCinside Yu A-in Gallery: Another special fan site where anyone can share information and opinions about YAI in informal language. YAI indicated that he watches over the gallery but refuses to write on the Gallery so far. He uses gallery’s slang in his tweet mentions sometimes. 1247 message was toward the Gallers in his response to their video. His manager uploads pictures and autograph of YAI occasionally.
    J=Jong-Dae (BOT)/Jin-Goo(The Sky & The Sea: one problematic film that’s not released in DVD yet)
    M=Min-Suk(Hahen&Sooah)/Mini-homepy(where he resides with his real name UHS and where he shares his poems, essays, interviews, pictures, and music he listens to)

  5. 1 – according to YAI he chooses Ain because in german(?) ein connotes One.
    C – contagious crazy horse
    X- xtra ordinary 😀 (aah i think he has an x mark on his upper right chest as jaeshin)

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  7. I juz have a chance to noe Yoo Ah In becus of SKKS.. dun reali noe him well.. bt u have stated tat Cigarette smoking is one of his habits. Is this true??

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