Moar Photos!!!!!!!!!!!

*EDIT* Vote for Yoo Ah In soompi street team here.

Trust Ah In’s fans to bring you the best of him. Ah In had an interview with Cine21 and the interview will come out next this Saturday. He will be on its cover!!!!!! Below are the (so-f***ing-gorgeous-I-can’t-wait) teaser photos:

Here are the pictures without the watermark (thanks, Ann and summersky).  You can check out an old interview of Cine21 with him here. OMG OMG this is too much to handle!!!!!!!!!!!

If you haven’t heard about this, definitely check out a new tumblr site called seeksik gallery. Thanks to the fan who started this site, because the pictures she/he collects are not only gold but very well-organized.

And last night janjher petitioned me. She DEMANDS a BREAK after all the ridiculously dangerous onslaughts of YAI pics on this site. So here we go.


While Guel-ro is getting hazy, his life-time wifey buddy  Yeorim preps up for allure! (also Dec issue) Ah I can’t get enough of those two!

23 thoughts on “Moar Photos!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. The best!!!BTW who is this seeksik gallery in tumbler? this person always have the lattes pic about YAI, really want to know. Thanks for the pic…

  2. This is bad… in a good way XDDD

    As if I have fully recovered from the sudden onslaught brought about by those HAZZYS pics, now there are new ones *goes into arrythmia* I’m about to go to bed but I don’t know how I can sleep with all these shiny gorgeousness in my mind ***___***

    And so that you know, having Ah In’s wifey Joong Ki here isn’t helping at all *goes crazy*

    Thanks for these *huggleglomps*
    I hope to have a very nice dream later ^_~

  3. Owww my wishful thinking is happening now! YAI and SJK!!!! Well YAI is still my number 1 !! btw great link of tumblr!!! Thank you so much!!!
    PS. LOL at Picture of The Day.. (look at his hair style… Where is my MJS mane hair??? )

  4. omg I don’t know if my fangirl heart can handle of all this hotness *_*
    2 hotties all on 1 page; oh my. Ah-In & Song Joong-Ki *hearts hearts hearts*

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  6. Oh hi
    /*lost mind*

    Joong Ki.U__U

    Well does anyone know wher to find more of this photoshoot?
    Joong Ki was already popular but now I feel like he’ll have more opportunities that means MORE stuffs to find about him! yay!!

    I still love you Ah In xD

    Man four our fangils’ hearts… We NEED a photoshoot with Ah In and Joong Ki. OR Ah In in Running man but he doesn’t like entertainment shows… Idk.

  7. Thanks for the link on the SOOMPISTREET TEAM! My bad, I submitted that one! But after i send submit, I’m completely LOST! Don’t know where it go and how it works! Blame it on the flooding of YAI’s gorgeous pixs! LOL

    Tinysunbl , is the ICU still full? I think you need built an ICU extension! With those new pics! New patients will be added! The the BREAK is not helping either! LOL

  8. LOL … that was unexpected! my baby Yeorim ♥

    thanks for those amazing pics! love Cine21 photoshoots … can’t wait to see more !

    hugs from JoongKiland xD

    the girl who @ soompi^^

  9. So cute! I want to snuggle him and his awesome cardigan. And Joongki! Did these two plan something to steal back our stolen hearts?

  10. i love YAI second pic..
    its like,’calm and relax’ smooth.. ^^
    and as usual,all YAI pic is lovely,hot and awesome! 🙂

    Song Joong Ki!hihi..i love his twist in SKKS.. lol
    and he’s cute..^^

    thanks a lot for sharing! 🙂

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