Friday Night Out #2

Hi everyone, thanks God it’s Friday!!!!!!!!!!

How’s your week? My week was a mess. The Yoo Ah In pandemic is getting out of hand. All of my fav tourist destinations: dramabeans, thundie’s prattle, dahee fanel, soompi, KST (a Viet forum), omonoatheydidn’t, soulbeats, allkpop etc etc etc are plagued with the virus. Domestic and international travel is virtually impossible. Where am I supposed to go for some peace? I haven’t started a paper whose first draft was supposed to be done by…last Monday. Then yesterday afternoon I was so distracted I had to stay up all night to finish my work! Not only me but my computer was also infected by a virus. Fortunately it was fixed now by spy-doctor. If possible, I’d like to have myself diagnosed and cured too!

Hehe so before I shut up and let everyone take the stage, I just have a couple of haven-keeping announcements:

  • Last week we discussed about the domain name for our site. I went back and did a quick count. Two preferences prevail: (1) and (2) Let’s have a final vote:

  • Also earlier this week I opened a “Yoo Ah In A-Z” list game. Take a look at it now and you may be surprised by what we came up with. For example, I learned for the first time about Ah In’s fav band. You may crack up reading the adjectives we gave him too! The A-Z list was even translated by fans over at Duam! Thanks so much for participating and spreading!
  • As you might notice, the fanarts section of this site is slowly upgraded by aylam. She silently does an amazing job. (I love the “winter has never been so hot” header btw). Indeed, all the graphic designers (migs, asha and others) are contributing silently to beautify this site too. Please give them a around of applause!
  • I really want to shout out thanks to everyone who visits and actively shares our links at other sites. That significantly increases the traffic as well as helps increases our web presence. Please keep supporting us by sharing the links! If you’re having a Yoo Ah In related-site and you want to affiliate with Yoo Ah In Haven, just let me know and I’ll link you. We’re all in this together^^
  • Last but not least, today the usual “Friday Night Out/Saturday Hangover” post will be split up into two. This is one post and Asha is doing her Saturday Hangover post. Enjoy~

Okay I shut up now. Soooooooooooooo, how’s your week?

11 thoughts on “Friday Night Out #2

  1. How’s my week? It’s insane! YAI-insane!!! XDDD

    You have no idea how much I love this site, I feel so welcome here. Maybe because like me, there are a handful of other people here who have just discovered the awesomeness that is Yoo Ah In so it feels like we are together in getting to know YAI much better. I like that <333

    I can't thank you guys enough for the wonderful job you've been doing so far. It feels like a haven here indeed *hugs*

  2. There’s way too many new Mr. Yoo pics popping out, not that it’s a bad thing. It’s not. At ALL!!! And that Cine21 pic makes me want to pinch his cheek. Adorable much?

    I was wondering, where do I go to submit a wallpaper I just made? I want to share it with you guys except there isn’t really one place to submit fan-art. Maybe there should be a page like that. Just a suggestion.

  3. My week’s been boring, boring, and sooooooo boring that I’m starting to get insane. Thankfully, I’m able to distract myself by playing Pokemon Indigo online (Yes, I’m always a kid at heart. Lol), doodling with InkScape, and, of course, RELENTLESSLY STALKING THIS SITE EVERY HOUR. Lol. That’s how addicted I am to this site. (What can I do? I’m always at home and is facing my laptop 12-16hrs/day. XD)

    I’m really happy to have found my way to here. Thank you to everyone who have made this site a total heaven for all of us who have acquired the Yoo Ah In virus!! Thank you gazillion times! ^_^

    Btw, I really love the pic of the day. So far, I think I love YAI best as Heuk San. He’s really great as MJS, but there’s something in Heuk San that I can’t ignore; never mind that Strongest Chil Woo is kinda lame. Lol. Regardless of the character, though, YAI shines; he definitely owns the roles he take. ❤

  4. My week a bit sick because of flu.i got headache ..!( its raining,raining and raining..)

    day by day,im getting better and better! ^^

  5. I am still having the Ah In fever… I am going to spend my whole weekend re-watching all the 20 episodes of Sungkyunkwan Scandal…

    Love you guys… having found this site, I don’t feel alone anymore.. it feels good to be able to share this ‘love about Yoo Ah In’ with someone else!

    I do not know how to contribute. My writing is not that good. I can’t translate korean. My artistic skill is almost down to NONE… What I can do is to give my support to this site and help spreading the Ah In virus around 🙂

  6. i’ve been so sleep deprived this week, and it’s all your fault. why all these goodies have to come out now? when i have exams? when i am so under-prepared for those exams?? and why can’t i stop coming here???? I honestly don’t know how some of you manage your time, especially those who are doing all the translations works and what not, i hope you guys are getting more sleep than i am….

    • All of you here is very amazing!!
      Sometimes im not be able to say anything…
      Because you guys very very amazing!
      That makes me touching because before this,when im in my house,
      im a bit lonely…
      Every week,just do the work,after that,rest..and sleeping… lol..

      But now,ALL OF YOU,THIS FANSITE AND YOO AH IN,EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM make my life wonderful and shining bright everyday! Thanks a lot!

  7. Woa! it was a week of you eh! – a week of running out but I also do not do much as you
    Hahaha … At least we still have in common (I had been a messy week ) … I do not have much time!that why I can’t usualy come YAI haven,Eins House(KST),sompy ,w…w.w.
    -recently I’m learning how to sub, it makes me spend too much time (an excerpt of the 10 asia). I use it to practice, but seems that my poor things get too crazy, anyway I loved AIN!!!! I also want to help you wonderful people, you girl have helped me be able to share his love for everyone! To do sub looks tired but I’m still trying … So whenever there’s all Ain (hope then I can do better LOL) I will help , and wish you will reduction stress on Friday ? nonetheless, thank you. . both your computer again hopefully it will be okay LOL!!! keep your working but take care your heath!!!
    GOOD DAY!all adm !!!love U~ moazz!^^

  8. Monday morning for me …first week of the holidays after exams and im desperately looking for a part-time job …….somehow holidays are always so anti-climatic to how you perceive them when you have exams lol

    Dramabeans and this site are the first tabs when i open firefox…i cannot express into words how awesome this site……really i dont know how this is an ICU it only pulls us deeper into the YAI virus ^^

    i want to give a big shout out to our translators (jaeshinah, ink, ancientkingdom) who do such an awesome job ….to everyone who visits this site with interesting conversation, fanarts, pictures …and last but definitely not least tinysubl who’s the beating heart of this site …THANKYOU ❤

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