Saturday Hangover #2

[After a Friday Night Out, are you ready for Saturday Hangover, prep for you by Asha? Quick updates that some amazing new wallpapers are just added. Check the video widget too. I’m updating it!-tinysunbl]

Credit: KatyaLee22@youtube

By Asha

One can know that an actor is currently the “HOT” commodity when various international sites publish articles about them. And our YOO AH IN is now officially one of the HOTTEST (if not yet, the hottest) KOREAN actor and hopefully (crossing fingers) for all internity!

Here are some noteworthy articles this week (note: yoo-ah-in-models-for-hazzys @Dramabeans have 214 comments! )




Also, I once mentioned that I enjoyed reading the ARTICLES about our Yoo Ah In as much as the comments. And so, I compiled some favorite comments/quotes (Aside from the usual *sigh*, squeaking and squealing – AHHHHH!!! YOO AH IN!!) from fans/craizies/virus carriers that we can relates and (Let’s be honest here) guilty of doing.


[Note: The comments are posted here for fun only. By sharing them, we by no means intend to make fun of the individual fans behind the comments. To reserve their anonymity as much as possible, I have reformatted the comments a lot. If you see your own comment and want us to remove it from here, please shoot me an email at tinysunl[at]]

1. The AJUMMAS sentiments and pervs:

  • “Why can’t these boys be 30 already? I feel like a perv every single time I see their pics. Still, *glee* *hangs head in shame* Yes, a perv.
  • “dang it, i need more dramas with oh ji ho, kim sung soo, other hottie 70ers, even better if they can act as well as YAI can”
  • “haha thats gold!!and may I crash the cougar-mobile and nab YAI for myself and try my charms on him aka OPW.. lol” ( Note: feeling the COUGAR town character here!)
  • “YAI sure made a mark with his MJS character. although i do not dig him in any romantic way as YAI (he is sooo young!) but he created an MJS that is swoon-worthy and I’m a fan for his acting prowess, sensitivity and passion for his craft. may his tribe increase in kdramaland!”
  • “Yeah… SKKS has turned me into a rabid fangirl. I thought I was passed that stage YEARS ago.
    Oh well, it brings some slightly psychotic fun to my weeks. ”
  • “this boy has got to be the finest thing in history. and those clothes…. they sure hell are waiting to be torn!”
  • man, this guy is delicious
  • “I LOVE the “scruffy macho character”….can I buy him for this winter?! :P”
  • “Forget the clothes I’d rather have him warm me up in the winter.^_^”
  • “GEOLOH!!!! He’s like my new love , I would purchase him for Winter… and pretty much every other season. LOL.”

2.         The Mouring of GUOL-OH’s MANE of GLORY , lovin’ the PORN-stache ? plus the MOON JAE SHIN /YOO AH IN OBSSESSION

  • “I miss the locks, I miss GUH-RO and as long as he keeps rockin’ the porn-stache and facial hair.. ‘sall good.. he wont look like an adolescent teen, again.
  • “WaaaaaaaaH. What did you do to my Moonie’s MANE OF GLORY!!!!!! (Now a moment of silence to mourn it’s demise) Booo Hoooo Boooo Hooooo Waaaaaaaaaah !!!!!!! Somebody please pass me a box of tissues. ”
  • “AHHHHH!!! YOO AH IN!! Yoo Ah-in, you look mighty fine! Now excuse me while I pick up my normal heartbeat again….
  • “oh, i am at loss for words….so hot…as for jaeshin’s mane of glory…was it his real hair? i was pretty sure it was a wig…”
  • “Jaeshin-ah….i love to the moon and back baby! gosh this MAN is gorgeous with his PORNSTACHE and i cant wait for his next project!”
  • “Man, i had no idea who he was before i watched SKKS, but dang! he was soo hot in there..No matter how much i love Micky, it was inevitable for me to also feel like Moon Jae Shin was as great of a catch as Lee Sun Joon was hehe..I became so fond of him and Song Joong Ki in that drama, i usually don’t like guys with a mustache, but this guy is way too damn hot with that facial hair and his hairstyle as Jae Shin really suited him! I can’t wait to see you in another project! You are such a great actor, and i am sure you’ll just keep getting better! SARANGHE OPPA!”
  • For me Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In stole the show. Those two were the caffine and cream in my coffee. I love both characters, their goodness and flaws. I felt more chemistry between them than the two main leads.
  • “He is ridiculously hot and charming! With or without facial hair he still looks amazing“nobody can rock this mustache the way he does”
  • “Oh god, he’s got me under his spell. I actually squealed when I saw this. I never ever squeal, ever. I’m officially a crazed fangirl. I never thought this would happen to me.”
  • “my favorite actor…im sorry junki you have slide into 2nd place”
  • “I thought he was really cute in ” A man who cant get married.” and after watching SKKS I became obsessed with him. He has a certain charm that is hard to find in young actors nowadays. “
  • “He really caught my attention in SKK, and now I’m looking foward for this photoshoot too!”
  • “i’m going crazy here for this man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • “I just couldn’t believe that he was the little boxer from Antique!!!!!!! and YES!!! he’s probably one of the very few people who look extremely hot with dirty long hair!!!!!”
  • “That little boy turned out so fine it’s unbelievable huh?? haha i totally understand”
  • he’s so cute…but he smoke…i dont care, he’s still cute….=)
  • beastly handsome…yo ah in hope he would be in another drama or movie soon,,,…miss he’s acting and him already
  • “The fact is I was distracted by how RIVETING the MJS character was (especially because of the captivating and charismatic portrayal by Yoo Ah In!!!)…”
  • “No words are necessary to witness the hotness that Yo Ah-in brings to HAZZYS collection this winter.”
  • “oh i am suffering like mad from SKKS withdrawals atm, so any news related to it is good in my book”
  • “I will miss MOON JAE SHIN dearly. He was the highlight for me throughout this drama! I love him!!!”
  • “Jae Shin reminded me of Jang Geun Seok’s character in Hong Gil Dong…both mysterious and H-O-T! )”
  • “I must really be blinded my *love* because I think he looks great. Let me live in sweet, sweet denial”
  • “ I HATE YOU yoo ah in 😡
    why do you have to make me scream in the middle of the night ?
    gosh u just make me melted too,you are just a spice in my life
    LOL ok i admit,he’s a huge cutie to watch in sungkyunkwan scandal…he is making me michi geisho  “
  • “He somehow manages to mix adorable with fierce like nobody else” …. *thinks hard*… *stare again*..
    …. *runs to YouTube*
    I want my Jaeshinnnnn kyaaaaaaaaaa <3<3<3”
  • man! I love this guy! HES SO SEXY! i love him ever since “The Man Can’t Marry” HOT HOT! I love him in Sankyunkwan Scandal!!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH LOVE HIM LOL

Notes:  Comments from the YAIHAVEN are not included…YOU KNOW WHY! In our ICU it’s always FULL MOON…craziness is always 24/7!

15 thoughts on “Saturday Hangover #2

  1. I love the massive amount of attention our favorite boy is getting these days. The comments are gold! I agree, not many celebrities can pull a mustache the way Ah In can. From an adorable boy next door to a ruggedly-handsome sexy crazy BAMF, it’s obvious why a lot of women are swooning right now (myself included). <333

  2. So many ajummas are having ICOMYM for Ah in (ICOMYM: “inappropriate crush on much younger man”). And that’s perfectly understandable! If I were 60 I’d still fan-woman him right now! No regret or hesitation!!!!!!

  3. Totally enjoy reading those comments, laughing real hard that made rollalloverthefloor…. I’ll get 6-ps-ab soon….. Ah-in has only 2….. hahaha

    Thank you tinysunbl

      • Sorry!,,,.. Asha….. A BIG THANK YOU for your hard work.
        I keep coming back to read these fangirling commented over & over again to have a jolly good laugh and quite good exercise for my ab….. without an effort as well……bonus…… ha ha

  4. I am part of the full moon! *ah…. Ooooooo~* I hope that Yoo ah in doesn’t stop at magazines. I want to see him on variety shows! Like running man, alongside with joong ki! Or happy together with all 4 casts. :p I want to hear more of his voice! See him move and know more abt him!

    The virus is on a pandemic scale area. Need to raise the alert in all countries around the world. Including antartica, they need a smoking hot winter model there to sjow them what is Hazzy’s fashion… LMAOS!

  5. thank you Asha and tinysunbl!

    Ah in’s really getting so much attention now, like what 3 or 4 magazine spread back to back. the MJS virus is everywhere! ICOMYM is rampant!

    coz YOO. AH. IN. is HOT!!!

  6. I came here and saw that all (except two) have been opened by me! I know right? The whole hot commodity named Mr. Yoo Ah-in. I believe with that attitude of his he will stay hot for all eternity, like Mr. Brad Pitt. Even if he has an international brood and such, he will be forever hot. May Mr. Yoo follow suit. Except the Brady Bunch thing might need to wait a while. We still want to drool over him while he’s still single.

  7. Happy trip dear tiny and enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!:-)

    Thanks guys. I had fun collecting those quotes and comments! lol. What i love most about those comments(aside 4 a good laugh). We can see that fans were charmed by our Yoo Ah In outside beauty(who wouldn’t?), BUT, we can also see that they have recognize a great talent our Yoo Ah In has as well. They, equally love the talent as well as the appearance! A complete package for all kind of FANGIRLS. LOL!

    • Yeah, because his ability is so enormous, he’s more than an actor that what we love him for, just one off really. The best package ever, this’s an early Xmas present for me.
      Thanks tinysunbl and have a lovely time & be good……

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