November 20, 2010.

Question: What does this date mean to Yoo Ah In fans?

Answer: Both issues of Cine 21 and Esquire, featuring our very own Ah In, are dropping on the stands in Korea!! ❤

While you’re impatiently waiting for the release of the interviews and full photoshoots, enjoy these previews/teasers of the upcoming magazines– ^^

‘Guh-ro sahyung’ Yoo Ah In transforms into a sweet young man’

Yoo Ah In, whose role in the recent drama <Sungkyunkwan Scandal> has left many fans with the aftermath of ‘Guh-roh ache,’ became a model for weekly film magazine <Cine 21>. Throughout the drama, he became a hot issue and earned the nicknames of ‘Ban Goong’s Crazy Horse,’ ‘Sweet Beastly Man,’ and ‘Protecting Man.’ With the end of <Sungkyunkwan Scandal>, reporter Kim Hye Rhee met with the man who had returned from ‘Guh-roh Moon Jaeshin’ to ‘actor Yoo Ah In.’

Yoo Ah In explained that Guh-roh “is not the kind of puppy you lovingly raised at home, but more like an abandoned dog that was thrown away on the streets,” and “He is a beast who is as sharp as a knife when he has to be, but normally he has no strength.” One of the reasons he fell so deeply for the role of Moon Jaeshin is because the character’s mental/intellectual point of view was so different [from his peers]. He often climbs a tree and looks down from a high vantage point or lays on the ground. “When he climbs a tree, he doesn’t go into the mountains but climbs a tree close to Myungryundang [on SKK’s campus], and when he lays down he doesn’t lay in the fields but rather on the veranda in front of Center Room 2,” said Yoo Ah In, explaining further, “He can’t put his feet completely in the inside, so he climbs high to get far away any way he can, but he’s a kid who finds the effort to leave those boundaries and be completely isolated meaningless,” saying that Jaeshin was similar to himself as an actor in that way.

It is also well known that the actor Yoo Ah In is an actor who writes. In the past, the writer and writer Yoo Ah In was thought of as just a basic, literate part of the actor Yoo Ah In, but now he thinks of [his writing] as another kind of work he does. He doesn’t write in order to be a good actor or to make his fans happy; [like acting], it is another kind of work for him.

The interview that followed the magazine photoshoot discussed the acting roles he has had from <Banolim> and <Boys of Tomorrow> to his most recent project <Sungkyunkwan Scandal>, as well as his thoughts on Twitter and other media through which he communicates with his fans. As the conversation started going off on tangents, it went on for a long time.

The photoshoot and interview reporter Kim Hye Rhee did with Yoo Ah In will be in the 780th issue of <Cine21> and will be sold in stores and street kiosks starting November 20th.

Reporter: Choi Chang Nam
Translated by jaeshinah

Source: Morning News

A few shots from actor Yoo Ah In’s Esquire photoshoot revealed: ‘Off the wall youth’

His superb performance in KBS 2TV Monday-Tuesday drama <Sungkyunkwan Scandal> as Guh-roh Moon Jaeshin has crowned actor Yoo Ah In as the best star to come out of SKKS. A few cuts from his <Esquire> photoshoot were revealed , where he takes on the happy concept of off the wall* youthfulness.

This photoshoot, which had the outrageous* and funny concept of ‘Yoo Ah In makes an emergency landing in hot Thailand wearing winter clothes’ took place in a wide variety of places, including Bangkok’s markets, Buddhist temples, and streets. In the released pictures, Yoo Ah In looks like he popped out of a children’s fairy tale, and with the exotic backgrounds, he shows expressions filled with mischief instead of the melancholy eyes and mysterious feel he had given off before.

To match the explosive interest Yoo Ah In has been receiving recently [as an actor], as pictures of Yoo Ah In at the airport leaving Thailand and selcas he took in Thailand with the photographer of this photoshoot, Zo Sunhi, were released one by one, fans curiosity regarding the ‘feel’ of the photoshoot and their anticipation for its release increased.

A staff member who was present during the time of the photoshoot said, “Yoo Ah In had to fight the heat while wearing thick winter clothes in the hot and humid weather, but his endless professionalism through the end of the photoshoot impressed the staff.”

This source continued, “We had thought, ‘Now that Yoo Ah In has finished his drama, he should be able to rest but we’re making him wear these thick clothes in this hot weather and making him suffer’ and joked around at first, but he made the photoshoot set so pleasurable through the very end. This photoshoot shows yet a different charm from the Yoo Ah In we have seen in past shoots, with a happy and youthful feel.”

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In, who created ‘Guh-ro Ache’ and enjoyed explosive popularity through the recent KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama <Sungkyunkwan Scandal>, is currently reviewing and considering a variety of dramas for his next project. The December issue of Esquire, in which Yoo Ah In shows off his transformation into an off the wall* and happy man, will be on sale in stores throughout the country and online beginning November 20th.

Reporter: Kim Young Joo
Translated by jaeshinah

Source:  Jaekyung Daily

*I had a really hard time translating the word “엉뚱하다.” It has no real equivalent in English, so I put an asterisk (*) next to every word or phrase that was originally written as “엉뚱하다.” To get a better idea for what this adjective means, see these Google Dictionary and Naver Dictionary entries.

17 thoughts on “TOMORROW!

  1. wearing winter cloth in tropical country…for me it really have a really deep meaning…maybe one day there wont have any winter coz of the global worming…so just prepared our own self for that kind of future…but still YAI looking good as usual…

  2. Guh-roh “is not the kind of puppy you lovingly raised at home, but more like an abandoned dog that was thrown away on the streets,”…. can someone just throw HIM onto MY street instead? I will gladly appreciate it.

    • wow!!! see them together, it looks like they’re in 22nd century version of skks;; but they have to be the main leads with new story line….wooooooh!!!
      ooh! there’llbe more ah-in’s photos soon, right… thanks tinysunbl love youXXX

  3. It’s out today!! Yaaaayy!! Can’t wait to see the esquire one! I love outdoor pictures and his mischief expressions. I’m dying to see Ah In’s happy and comical expressions. Actually, I like Ah In in Ki Bum Character Mode ON. He just so optimistic, carefree and lively in Ki Bum’s character. Too bad “antique” is just a movie. His scenes is too little dose for me. I want moreeeee! *greedy me*

  4. Thank you Jaeshinah for another wonderful job!!
    I’m so excited about Cine21 interview that’s coming out. I’m sure you already have your hands on the article by now. No one really gave me or anyone spoilers cuz most of the fans in korea haven’t got a chance to read it yet. Still, I could sense that this one is another great interview of YAI knowing the reporter’s style. I’m dying to read his mention about friendship with his fans…. TT

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