[Photos] Yoo Ah In for HAZZYS Winter Collection

This is such a failed campaign. How can HAZZYS sell any winter clothes, when they turn Korea smokin’ hot like this?

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More pics can be found here

Credit: DC, KatyaLee22@soompi

16 thoughts on “[Photos] Yoo Ah In for HAZZYS Winter Collection

  1. omg baby, so hot hot hot for all of that winter wear. Let me cuddle you & make you ware instead haha. Thanks for the pics; lovin’ them. Starting from the 1st pic onwards, so breath-taking. Plus I’m loving the specs. He’s just amazing; literally tounge-tied & can’t put my feelings into words.

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  3. I shouldn’t be telling anyone about this but I’m literally giggling like crazy throughout the Esquire pics and then this. Luckily, there’s no one around.

  4. How can i stay away with this site when you keep posting goodies! Lol. Nevermind, my mom will just have to understand…that her little gìrl have grown up now (well, for ages now) and have greatest interest in oogling a man than doing household chores! Lol!

  5. These are indoor set…. kinda purely busyness posed…. delicious&hot ready to be taken away…. more like a pepperoni pizza………(just ordered one from Domino Pizza)…. sooo hungry that I can finish a pizza and Ahin the whole lot…… hahaha!!!!!

  6. Dear Yoo Ah In Oppa,

    Do you wish to see me faint everytime I see your pictures? I don’t know how to say this, but you make my heart skip about 20 beats when I think of your smile and your luscious lips and when I see your pictures, it drives me even more mad. You are quite frankly, the most handsome man I’ve ever laid my eyes on. And you are definitely just more than looks! Your personality makes me love you even more! Your adorable smile seems to make me go weak in the knees and the twinkle in your eyes make me forget about all my worries. There’s so many things that you make me feel that I can’t even put into words. All I can say is saranghae oppa!

    XOXO, Always and forever,
    Your secret admirer ❤

  7. I knew there were more! Aaaaaahhhh~~~~ thank you, Lord! My fangirl soul is probably exploding right now with the spazz overload. Yummy….

  8. Suddenly I feels like want stole his eyes! lol..
    It is very beautiful!^^
    Thanks a lot for sharing all this pic!!

    I never tired of saying thank you for every thing that is shared on this fansite!
    You guys really do great things!
    Big hug!

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