45 thoughts on “[Photos] Yoo Ah In on Cine21

  1. In any mood of *Ahin*’s expression faces,,,,,,, = “great done”;;^^ HOT

    ♯1~Aaaaaaarh! It’s hot….. does the air con work??? @a red- hot-chilly
    ♯2~Hmm! This V-neck jumper is much better…cool down bit. @temptation- hot
    ♯3~ wooh! It’s a lovely cardigan…. relax now. @a general hot hot hot.
    ♯4~How is my cool pose??? @a charming- hot
    ♯5~Oh! This is my music mood. @a dreaming- hot
    ♯6~Yeah! Funny and lovely Thai music hehe! @a sizzling- hot
    ♯7~Mmm! A bit home sick and missing my kimchi&soju. @a incredible- hot
    ♯8~I know your guys are waiting for these photos. haha! @yes, rustic- hot.

    Thanksss “jenjher & tinysunbl

  2. Love these photos too! Gives off that relaxed sunday afternoon downtown/SOHO loft vibe. Love the grey sweater, the cardigan, the hair, the eyes, the smile, the smirk…

  3. Is it possible to order at least only one of the magazines with him? Where I can find them? Does anybody know? I mean High Cut, Elle Girl, HAZZYS or Cine21 (Esquire I’ve already ordered. Happy me ^^)

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