[Video] Yoo Ah In and Jung Il Woo English Sub

I can’t thank Jaeshinah, Leiarn, and Janjher (seopseophae@youtube) enough for subbing and sharing this video. Enjoy~ (click on the CC button to turn on captions)


Captions: jaeshinah; Timing and Encoding: Leiarn; Uploading: Janjher

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15 thoughts on “[Video] Yoo Ah In and Jung Il Woo English Sub

  1. Hey Tiny, can’t get sub on “Entertainment Relay Interview Nov 20”, and no cc button….. still cute to watch but I wanna know what he’s laughing about! 🙂

  2. Ah! I love the way A-in answered politely to the interviewer “Would you mind doing it just a little,….. we can’t do it for you…. This is my kinda of A-in……

  3. how i wish i could understand what YAI talks about in entertainment relay. he looks so handsome, adorable, cute, and at at times do serious thinking. i miss him. is this the latest interview video?

  4. I like his expressions in Ent rel. Very cute, humble and no acting cooL. He just look like a shy guy in the neighboorhood. (AS IF there’s a hottie in my neighbourhood) hahaha
    I couldn’t get the full vid of HWCM. Thanks to Janjher who worked so hard cut YAIscenes so I don’t have to fast forward or skip the video just for look Ah In’ scenes. Hehhee I love Yoo ah in and Janjher too!

    Next I just wait for ent rel vid to be subbed. Can’t wait to hear that Ah In is officially ‘ICOMOW’ hehehehe

  5. All the Korean papers are talking about it: Ah In (sort of) admits to be Casanova!!!!! And reveals something about liking older women! But that’s my poor understanding of Korean and the crazy help of Google translate, so take it as a grain of salt!

    • wooo hooo thanks for the link. eventhough it’s a brief and incomplete recap of interview still i have to thank you!! because i am dying to know what he’s talking about. I watched it saturday night. It’s looked like Chaplin movie. Just watched his expression and muted the sounds. hahahahaha

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