The ever-hardworking Aylam has been updating our comics/drawings/posters section! Click the image to see more amazing art--trust me, you won't regret it

Sorry to butt in on tinysunbl & Asha’s theme, but there are a few random things I wanted to share/say and I didn’t know how to categorize this! Hehe please forgive ><

First, click on the beautiful painting of Yoo Ah In above to access our section on comics, drawings and posters, updated by the amazing Aylam. =)

Click under the cut for:

  • Insanely HQ pictures/wallpapers for Esquire & Cine21
  • Information about ordering Esquire Magazine, Dec. 2010 issue featuring our Ah In!

HQ photos and wallpapers!

  • Color-filtered Esquire wallpapers, 1680*1050: click (click on the image to see it in its full-sized glory. Clicking on the maximized image again will close the window, so right-click and download to save)—credit: DC Inside
  • The most unbelievably HQ Esquire photos I have managed to find so far–these have got to be actual size or larger: click—credit: DC Inside
  • Slightly less-HQ Esquire photos, but these include a couple that are not in the link above: click—credit: DC Inside
  • Cine21 wallpapers, 1680*1050: click (again, click images to enlarge and right-click to save)—credit: DC Inside

Ways to order Esquire, Dec. 2010 [READ EVERYTHING PLEASE]

  • ONE. (English language) G-Market is now selling the December 2010 issue of Esquire Magazine HERE. It seems that you also get a 2011 leather diary for free with your purchase. Sweet. The issue with the girl with the gray sweater IS the correct one. If you want to make absolutely sure,  scroll down to the contents listed under p. 326 and you will see a cute blurb about Yoo Ah In as Superman making an emergency landing in Bangkok. **Click here for ESTIMATED shipping costs for G-Market** (note that G-market estimates the weight of the magazine to be about 1kg)
  • TWO. If for some reason you CANNOT order from G-Market, softy of Soompi fame (she did all the live re-caps of SKKS episodes—-I’m sure you all know who she is!) and I will be teaming up to buy a bulk order of the Esquire magazines and ship them to fans who are not in Korea. PLEASE NOTE the following!!

1) If you would like a copy, email me at with the subject line ESQUIRE and a) your name, b) your mailing address, c) how many copies you want, d) whether you will pay by Paypal or Western Union (see point #4 below).

—> Fans near MANILA, PHILIPPINES: janjher has kindly offered to receive a bulk order on your behalf to lower shipping costs. Please email her (not me) at by 11/26/2010 to finalize your order if you live close enough to Manila to meet up with her and receive your magazine!
—> Fans in INDONESIA: aoikarin has also offered to set up a bulk order! Email her at if you can participate in a meet-up around Makassar to receive your magazine!
—> If there are any fans in Singapore or other small cities/countries who are willing to organize a similar bulk order, leave a comment here or email me and I will update this space!

2) If you email me (or janjher/aoikarin) indicating your intention to buy, we assume you are 100% COMMITTING to buying a magazine. Please do not change your mind! Softy and I are taking a lot of time out of our lives to organize this for you><

3) Rough estimates of total magazine cost + shipping costs: ///// Asia (not including Russia or the Middle East): $10~15 USD ///// N. America, Europe, Australia, Russia, Middle East: $15~25 USD ///// S. America: $20~30 USD /////—note that these are purely ESTIMATES, and may be higher OR lower depending on a variety of factors!! Regardless, if you commit to buying a magazine, you will have to pay however much the shipping cost comes out to!

4) PAYMENT must be made by a) PAYPAL (highly preferred: or b) WESTERN UNION. Note that Western Union fees can be very high. The wiring fees alone for this amount of money may be $15 USD or more—-again, make sure you are fully committed. Once you order, I will contact each of you personally and give you all the information you need to make your payment (that is, my Paypal email address/bank information).

5) DEADLINE TO ORDER!!: Wednesday, 11/30/2010, 11:59PM KST (Korean Standard Time). Again, the email is

**If you can order from G-Market, you will probably receive your magazine more quickly than if you order from me & softy. Just a note of warning! We both work full-time and it may take a few weeks to get all the orders purchased and mailed out**

OKAY. If there are any questions—-comment here or email me. I’m a bit terrified to press “publish” on this post, but—-deep breaths—-here goes!

– jaeshinah

22 thoughts on “Monday…hangover?

  1. Hahaha sure why not Monday hangover? We patients here are all last-staged so can’t expect normal behavior from us can we?

    Thanks so much for the HQ pics. Gosh I can’t handle this very well even in normal quality already!
    About the Esquire, let me know anything I can help. For example, maybe you can have me cc’d in the email so I can help taking down the order and compiling all the mailling address together, since that can be messy and time-consuming.

  2. Thanks for the HQ pics and wallies! 🙂

    I already emailed janjher about the magazine, I really appreciate the effort you’re making in helping all of us to get our hands on that precious magazine *hugs*

  3. Anyone from Indonesia want to buy the magazine? I’m located in Makassar. Let me know before 24th November. Let’s organise to make jaeshinah’s work easier. Otherwise I’ll get my copy from her. Bulk or just for myself. Contact me

    Thank you so much for all this trouble jaeshinah. I’ll put my order as soon as possible after 24th Nov.

  4. @jaeshinah and softy thank you … group hug – will email you re: final order need to check first with my girls if they are 100% sure / 100% committed

    MANILA, PHILIPPINES Deadline : NOVEMBER 26, 2010

  5. Thank you Jaeshinah! ^^
    Tomorrow I’ll send you the email (hotmail hate me in this moment Q___Q)
    and a BIIIIIIIIIG huge for the HQ pics! Thank you~~! ^^

    UPDATE in the comic & drawings section! ^^
    2 new pics of Kaverin and 2 new authors!!

    @ Tiny, guapisima mia!!! ^______^~~
    Estoy tardando con tus headers porque mi pc es idiota y se apagó sin guardar los datos. Quiero matarlo….=___=
    I started again and soon will be ready! (panting)
    Un besazo, mi chingu preciosa! x)

  6. Hello my fellow Haveners!
    I see that more and more of K fans are visiting this blog now~~
    that’s just great!!
    You guys can now give out the shorten version of our domain starting from today.
    According to your vote, it is [] and this new domain is already connected to the original URL.

    oh…it’s monday indeed.. gotta go to sleep~

  7. A hang-over? OH NO! It’s more like a YAI OCTOBER FEST! If YAI is a beer, I’m now officially a drunkard! LOL!

    Thank you Jaeshinah! GROUP HUG!

  8. NOoooo!! I just got home and checked Gmarket for buying esquire and it’s OUT OF STOCK!!!

    @jaeshinah: It’s out of stock already! do you have any other vendor who keep esquire stocks?

  9. Pingback: Esquire Video! | Haven for You

  10. @jaeshinah: super appreaciate all your hardwork for this, thanks is not enough! i’ve sent my final email order to janjher & looking forward for my copy

    any other cool YAI stuff for grabs? ^__^…

    @janjher: sent my final confirmation earlier, this is my holiday gift to myself!!!

    keep safe to you all! love lots!!!

  11. thanks so much!! but the stock at Gmarket is alr sold out… must be cos of Ah-in’s hotness… haha.. but tt means i cant buy it… is there other places i can buy from,? cos i live in singapore…. the magazine really looks awesome!!! thanks again!! love ur website btw…

    • Hey tellywelly, you can order the magazine from me. Send me an email at with 1) name 2) address 3) how many copies 4) if you will pay through paypal or western union. if you’re in singapore, i’m guessing the magazine + shipping total will come out to between $10-15 USD, but i will give you the final quote after sending it off. If you send me an email, please make sure you are fully committed to buying the magazine and paying however much it will cost!

  12. i was contemplating whether or not to buy one, but after seeing the HQ pictures… it was decided LOLOL
    Just checked gmarket and it was sold out lol!
    emailed jaeshinah!
    thanks so much for offering to do this ❤

  13. Holy smokes the HQ pics are AWESOME! Just the thing I need. Too bad I can’t buy the mag, don’t have a paypal. Good luck to jaeshinah and congrats to those who will be getting a copy. I will remain forever jealous.

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