[Random] What Ah In and 2NE1 Dara have in common…

I’m supposed to be on a trip, but it got postponed so I searched for some Ah In’s news while waiting. Look what I found:

What do Ah In and 2NE1 Dara have in common?

LMAO. This is ridiculous. I can’t believe the newspaper think this is, well, news-worthy! Some netizens have spotted that 2NE1 Dara wears the same outfit as our Ah In in his HighCut photoshoot hahahaha

First Younha’s lookalike, second backless halter shirt, now this! LMAO

Another, more news-worthy, talk of the day is Ah In’s statements on his Entertainment Relay interview. Apparently our boy (sort of) admitted that he “may be” a Casanova-type!Also the boy confessed something about “liking/dating an older woman whom he called aunt. (But this is from my poor understanding of Korean with the crazy aid of Google Translate).

26 thoughts on “[Random] What Ah In and 2NE1 Dara have in common…

  1. Agree! What he is doing, wearing, expressions, stache, everything about my boy are hot to me! And he is casanova! Like to date mature woman? Rawr!! Hot hot hot!

  2. All the ahjumma fans will be blushing if they read this. how lucky! Please shower some love for the young ones too, pretty please ~~~

  3. …..“liking/dating an older woman whom he called aunt.” That is soooooo…….YEAH!!!! all the aunts have a change… So count me in….Go Ajima!!!

  4. I wish I were qualified to to be a SINGLE ajumma who gets ICOMYM (inappropriate crush on much younger man) syndrome!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make me infected plzzzzzzz

    Having no intention of getting this boy all for myself, I have to say him being Casanova is pretty good news! My chance increases now lol

    His newest tweet today: “You’re too spicy. I feel/am so hot” <-so clever!

  5. I was wondering what’s with Mr. Yoo and Dara. But both Mr. Yoo and 2NE1 are known for their questionable fashion so I’m not surprised. Aaannnddd the big news (okay not really) about Mr. Yoo admitting he’s a Casanova? Hm… okay well I guess he will be forever George Clooney, whom I may say is amazingly shmexy. The more (sexy, forever bachelor men) the better! Sorry if this comment is a bit PG13. Beware. lol

    • So I just watched the video. Ahahahahahaha I was like spazzing neverendingly (is that a word?) Anyways, I realized when Mr. Yoo is interviewed, he has this sort of bewildered eyes. So cute anyways. And I totally love the hair! I love the semi-mohawk on him, or whatever that hairstyle is called. Looks awesome on him. Makes him look like a boy all over again, which I don’t hate by the way. Replay click!

      I also realized this site gets the most views from Korea! Isn’t that cool or what? And then Indonesia is the 7th. Where are all my homies? And then all the 175 views might as well be from me. And my friend.

  6. He dates older women?!! I have a chance!!! LOL! I might just migrate to Korea and increase my chances of meeting Ah in! I do so love him! I think he’s the most gorgeous and talented Korean actor! That picture of him showing his belly is making me blush and my imagination is running wild! LOL!! I better snap out of it! His character Mun Jae Sin in SKKS is the best (I’m biased, LOL)! I loved Song Junki (he’s 2nd now) but he just got replaced by Ah In. LOL! Thank you for sharing this blog!

  7. haha..same outfit? really cute! ^^

    I really love Yoo Ah In in Ent.Relay interview..
    He’s just so lovely,humble and cute person!

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