[Video]Entertainment Relay 11202010 English subbed

Click play, you will see a CC button. Hit it (it’ll turn red) and you should be able to see the caption)

Translated by jaeshinah

Timed by pumpkinareo@ Ein’s House Vietnam

Uploaded by janjher and katyaLee22

Here is the vid with bigger sub^^

High Quality download link to the interview (will update)

Here are some bonus^^ from Asha:


35 thoughts on “[Video]Entertainment Relay 11202010 English subbed

  1. Jaeshin~ah!!! thanks for translating!!!
    tinysunbl, pumpkinareo, janjher and katyaLee22 thanks for sharing!!!

    am I the only one who find this interview kinda short? kekeke.. I squealed on the BROmance at the beginning.. pardon me.. His answers were short.. and he was kinda shy? but I’m smiling the whole time.. just by looking at him, I couldn’t stop smiling.. want more interviews! ^^

    Asha! love your pics!!! two thumbs up! Casanova indeed!!!

  2. Thanks a million Jaeshinah 😀
    haha wish it was longer. I couldn’t stop giggling & grinning like an idoit throughout. He’s so hot & adorable at the same time; comes across shy too at times. Ah-In whatever you do please DO NOT shave the facial hair; I love it a lot; so sexy. Plus lol at the bonuses XD

  3. I love his facial hair too!!! He’s the only one asian man that I find attractive with it:)Thanks for subbing the video, I really appreciate your hard work:))
    I was smiling whole time while watching this, I can’t even express how much I love this guy!!!

  4. The interview was too short. I want more! ;D

    I was giggly and giddy all throughout the clip. Ah In’s coy smile was so much <333 He was so funny when he asked the interviewer her age XD

    old enough to be my aunt
    – *falls off my chair*

    Plus he looked so handsome and smart while he was looking at the books in the shelf…

    Thank you so much to all of you who subbed this video. You made me one happy woman~ 🙂

  5. Many many thanks to Jaeshinah,Janjher,KatyaLee22!! 🙂
    Also many thanks to tinysunbl and Asha!! 🙂

    All this is exciting! ^^

  6. Thanks every one !
    Like you, I couldn’t help but smile all the time while watching it ^^
    I burst out laughing when he asked her about her age xD
    And, I’ve a question : I read somewhere that he had an accent because he’s not from Seoul, and he had to work a lot beacuse of that. Do you hear it when he’s talking ? (As I’m french, I just can wonder about it ^^’)

    • no, you can’t hear his daegu dialect when he speaks =) most (nearly all) celebrities end up getting rid of their dialect and speak flat, standard “seoul” korean when they become famous. kang ho dong is an exception (pusan dialect), and simon d of supreme team often speaks in pusan dialect, too. hope that helps!

        • LOL. actually a lot of korean-americans get that comment a lot.. including my little sister!!!! thankfully my accent isn’t nearly as awful as hers, haha. i hope she isn’t reading this. i think it has something to do with how the tongue that is accustomed to english rolls itself around korean syllables…

      • jaeshinah, at 2:22 when young Ah In talked to Go Ara, didn’t he speak with a bit of Daegu accent? I have a Korean friend from Daegu and once I asked her talked to me in Daegu accent. Or may be I’m not sure, coz back then his voice was still from a teenage boy.

        • hmm.. i don’t think so ^^ it’s not so much an accent as a dialect, and his words and tone were both in flat seoul speak. here’s a video of daegu dialect: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcqolxj5t8s omfg this never gets less funny! 😀 as you can hear, the dialect is way more tonal than what you always hear on TV and in seoul. the MCs are speaking in flat seoul style and they can’t understand the kids either–that’s why they keep laughing and saying they need subtitles and asking them to repeat they’re saying. hehehe imagine Ah In talking like this LOL i would cry it would be so funny!

        • *GASP* my prayers were answered!!!

          😀 😀 😀 at 1:15 the interviewer finds out he’s from daegu and says “but.. you don’t use satoori (dialect)–do you normally not have it?” and YAI says “no, i use satoori well” and speaks a few sentences with daegu dialect hehehehhehehehehe lol im freaking out he’s so cute!

          • OMG, you jjang!!!
            His satoori at 1:15, ha ha, so funny.

            Ha ha, and the vid of Daegu dialect, oh, hix, sorry I can’t hear anything the girl said *oops*

            Another thing, can’t help but squeal at YAI’S cuteness, omg his glance at 4:25-4:27, oh boy !!! Ok, I need to make a gif, now!!!, he he.

  7. jaeshinah! how can we thank you enough for this?! Also thanks to tinysunbl, janjher, Asha, kathyaLee22 and pumpkinareo!
    When he said that he dated women old enough to be his aunt, I was like “WHAT!” (increase font to 20) I have a younger brother his age. And I am totally aware of the fact that his statement won’t materialize into any possible relationship between us … but why am I so happy?

    • hahahahha! When I look @ the boys same age with him, its like ewwwww! But when it’s him, its like awwwwww! LOL, and hearing those words…well, i just forgotten the others and just have this glowing feeling of happiness with his statement! LOL! me, becaming PERV ICOMYM!

  8. So sweet and charming interview, Yu Ah-in!!! you’ve nailed all women’s heartsss with your charm…. I love the last bit of this interview, when he said that he is going to see his parent soon.

    Thanks all your guys for your hard work.

  9. Okay I’m not THAT perverted, but whenever I heard Ah In’s real name Uhm Hong Sik I feel hungry. It reminds me of uhm sik (food) in Korean, which is another obsession of mine.

    I’m so amused by how seriously the press takes his responds here. In these kind of interviews the spontaneous answers can be very thoughtless and mostly for fun.
    Would be a HUGE disappointment if he’s not a Casanova. Any psychology major here? From the perspective of evolutionary psychology, the fittest are the ones who use their most favorable characteristic to the most advantage. Not not spreading that cute charm and amazing charisma genes would be a huge crime to the entire human history!
    [excuse me I think I’m having an episode of schizophrenia right now]

  10. Thank so much to you all for your wonderful work, I really am appreciated.
    A lot of young men find quite comfortable to be with older women, can it’s kinda being with mum. ~❤❤❤~ you my charming CASANOVA….

  11. He introduced himself as HONG SIK!! So It’s that real Hong sik sitting there being interviewed. No trace of Moon Jae Shin Aura! OMG He is such a shy guy, so humble, so irresistable, so witty and his expressions <—- very cute! Even his uncomfortable expression is looked so hot for me. Now I am a massocist and a perv realising that he is so much younger than my age. *splat* ( someone peel me off the floor please).

    The parady pictures are hilarious!! Love them all. Thank you for sharing! Made my day high today.. hahahhahaha

  12. love this interview! Short and Sweet! I love how they discribe our YAI (no that’s Hong Sik in there! ) Fire and ice..very fitting indeed! How can I not love this man!? Be still my heart!

    MY oh MY, ICOMYM members must be somersaulting by now! LOL

  13. Super cute and you can realy tell that Ah In is smart…
    I love the part when he asked how old is she…. hahahaha funny Ah In!!!

    Thanks for subbing it… God bless all!

    Congrats to all fans who are “older enough to be aunt” ; now is the chance!!! fighting!!!!

  14. Thx all for uploading/translating this interview!!!
    I luv how he introduces himself using his real name~ Couldn’t stop giggling while watching the whole vid… he’s just toooo cute & charming~

  15. that was so short ……hes so insanely cute and gorgeous

    i squealed when he said he dates older women….(i dnt know why, im younger than him)…………..maybe cos he is pretty mature he would want women who can match him in that????….but he looks younger than his own age!!!!!!

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