[Random] Super cute fan comments

Jaeshinah has read and shared with me some ultra adorable Korean fans’ comments about our YAI Haven from Duam and other sites. After much deliberation, we decided to post them up here to share with everyone. Our sole intention is to let English speaking fans know how cute the Korean counterparts are. Hopefully we can understand and get closer to the Korean fans this way. Via this post, we DO NOT want to make fun of or mock anyone in anyway.
안녕하세요 유아인 팬 여러분~! 해이븐에서 다음카페를 읽다보니 우리 해외팬의 사이트에 대해 아주 친절한 댓글을 남아주셔서 감사한 마음으로 우리 회원들과 함께 나누고 싶었어요. 한국팬분들과 얘기를 좀 나누고 싶은 마음으로 번역 했으니 좋게 봐주세요^^ 한국팬분에게 항상 감사하고 존중합니다! 좋은 하루 되세요~^^
<TRANSLATION from a fan post>
Have you seen the Yoo Ah In English dictionary being made?

<Insert link to our Yoo Ah In A-Z list>

It’s here

Does this mean we have to study English, too, now?

I saw C–Crazy Horse–michin mal [crazy horse in Korean]… it was so funny..^^;; [This is because michin mal *is* how Goo Yong Ha explains the Chinese character-based name of ‘Gul-oh’ to Kim Yoon Shik, but ‘Gul-oh’ doesn’t ~really~ mean Crazy Horse, haha. It’s more like ‘untamable spirit of a certain legendary horse’ whose name I forgot… so the literal translation read really funny to Korean fans!]

Philosophy study, Twitter study, message board writing study, video editing study…..

There are too many things to study ㅜ.ㅜ

<COMMENTS to the above post>

1. It’s been a long time since I’ve used English…now with the mind of studying it again..hm………. (ㅡ_ㅜ)

2. What’s this? Is this site for the whole world? Their visitor numbers show people coming from all different countries…it’s well made.

3. This!!!! The English dictionary I ate and left leftovers of in senior year of high school I will have to chew and eat again!! eke

4. This person organized and uploaded all~ the words related to Ah In, A~Z,, it’s completely amazing ~ I can understand some English~ (it’s a relief that in school I liked English the most~ cause of Hong Sik-ee,,eke) [the fans think this list is made by only one person]

5. Puahaha..the person who wrote this is daebak….and she did a lot of research on Ah In-ssi….

—–> The cafe called Haven….the members of that Haven will probably end up improving their English ke

6. ㅠ0ㅠ English….. koo-koong~~!! Sudden faint…the English studying I didn’t even  bother to do in school..

—–> I also tried to interpret it and gave up and I’m just listening to the love song^^;;

7. Puahaha~~ Really, Yoo Ah In is an actor through which his fans end up doing a lot~~~ kekekeke (she means his fans are learning English for him haha)

—–> If Ah In goes and works in Japan, we might have to learn Japanese too ke They say that SKKS is airing in Japan this winter

8. What the heck is this? Do I have to follow this too? Ah no.. ㅠ.ㅠ I might just pretend I don’t see it ㅠ.ㅠ (lol this isn’t cause she doesn’t like the Haven; it’s cause she’s scared of the English ahaha)

9. Keke it’s fun. You will be able to see my alphabet video soon…..

—–>[talking about the Drama City video that has Ah in’s first kiss] I was also surprised when I saw the video..now that I’ve tried that kind of thing I’m thinking I won’t in the future ke [kissing in the alleyway]

—————-> eke I honestly want them to shoot it again. My heart thumps and at the same time I feel like I’m becoming that girl… I must be a transforming girl…^^;;

10. I clicked and was shocked… I’m also going to pretend I didn’t see it… hehe [shocked cause of all the English words on the screen lolllllll]

11. Sudden faint… ㅜ.ㅜ

12. What’s this. I totally hate English…I have an incurable disease that makes my body instinctively freeze whenever I see English. Do I have to read this with a dictionary by my side?ㅠㅠ

—–> Kekeke If I get a Korean dictionary I will definitely upload this again..

13. English.. this…… I will pretend I didn’t hear it…

14. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keke whoever made this is seriously a skilled person!!!!

15. I can basically understand the song, but this zigzagging path….. pa….ss!! If I study English here I might as well just go study abroad..!!

16. I just saw ‘Jaeshin’ and jumped out of there! Why are you doing this to me~ ㅠㅠ

17. ㅜㅜ I’m allergic to English~ I just recognized ‘Guh-roh’ and leftㅜㅜ

—–> I’m also awful at English, I just recognized the names of the movies and dramas… someone said they would make a Korean dictionary too^^

18. Haha do I have to study, this is too hard

^^ We love you Korean fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

74 thoughts on “[Random] Super cute fan comments

  1. Aww. They’re sweet and everything. Wish we can interact more with them despite the language barrier. ^_^

    Thank you, Jaeshinah, for translating and thanks, Tinysunbl for sharing! 😀

  2. Hahax! Korean fans are so adorable! I can feel their difficulty in understanding! Just like me when I see a korean web page and I started to feel giddy because of the need of translation. We share the same pain! Anyway, thanks tinysunbl for the great post and the translations for international fans of YAI!

  3. Totally cute! Our haven is now being recognize! We love hear from all of of you! YAI fans are DAEBAK! (let our language differences be not a barrier but a bridges that connect us together!)

    Let us all work together to spread the YAI virus!

    thanks Tiny & Jaeshinah!

      • I,m Malaysian…I really don’t understand Korean but still I love them…Korean fans is so cute…Thanks for the translate…(^-^)…

      • No worries, my little dear. Enjoying your work here in the very first days of this haven, appreciating so much your great efforts, and totally sharing your love and passion for A In, I come visit our ahinhaven everyday (for many times per day, honestly). Your wonderful work here makes me proud of you.

        I also read your recaps of Shim’s family on KST in the middle of SKKS broadcast (just a few pieces at the time, wasn’t it?). Just a bit later on, I found you with the heaven devoted to A In’s overseas fans. Thanks million times to you guys, I have a “journal” to make my day from now onwards. Tiny, take your time before welcoming more our hidden/future hommies to the haven, I believe. Don’t forget to keep yourself fit.

      • Here I am ^^. I usually read ah-in’s news in Eins House (but not have a nick yet) cause my poor English. Yet I tried a lot to understand all the things about my gul-oh and his fans cause this is my fav site, too. Thanks for your effort tinysunbl. Love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • @Alexie and cecil, glad to know more Viet fans at YAIHaven.

          I’m too, so thankful to Tinysunbl, and proud of her ^^ Let’s help spreading YAI love.
          *group hug*

    • Ohh.. don’t left me behind..am from Malaysia too ^^

      Never expectext they would be this hilarious..Anyway, they really impressed me with their freakin cute comments…

    • tiny, one technical question: does this flag counter list adds you in the ‘count’ each time you visit this site or the numbers shown actually reflects the real number of guest (based on the IP address of each new guest)? i am just curious. otherwise, i will keep on repeatedly visiting this site until my country goes to top of the count. he he he 🙂

      • lol
        I think they count no of unique visitors (based on IP address). The page views is the no. of clicks on the site. So if you repeatedly visit the site, it won’t increase the no. on the flag but will increase the page views. That’s a very cute thought thou haha. Where are you from, may I ask?

        • malaysia and thanks for satisfying my curiosity. guess i cannot cheat 😉

          i just voted for Yoo Ah In FTW team!
          HOPE EVERYONE who visit this site, vote for YAI at Soompi !! 🙂

  4. ^o^ same reaction if I enter blog written korean. But I love that our blog is recognised by people around the world! YAI unites us! YAI Unity!

  5. Awww.. they are so cute.. it’s a pity that I do not know how to read Korean (vice versa situation for Korean fans). Really glad that this site is making progress…. YAI international + Korean fans FTW!

  6. They are so cute and adorable!^^

    Yeah,lets spread Yoo Ah In super virus around the world together!
    All of Yoo Ah In fan really Amazing and Adorable!

    Thanks a lot Jaeshinah and Tinysunbl! 🙂

  7. YAI virus carriers in the world UNITE!

    hahaha Asha, please make a new soompi street team for us, won’t you? Erlynda says YAI FTW and suddenly my competitive spirit prevails. I need to make YAI wins that contest thing by all means lol.

  8. I’m not Vietnamese but I’m living in Vietnam! The Korean fans are too cute, I’ll have to study Korean even more now………………. 🙂

  9. i’ve learnt lil Korean before, and now, because the want to understand Ah-In’s writing, i start to dig out my Korean textbook, reference book, dictionary to re-learn Korean again.. it’s not easy though.. >.<

  10. i don’t remember the scene where Yong Ha said michin mal …. hmm, have to search for it. “—–> The cafe called Haven….the members of that Haven will probably end up improving their English ke” —> LOL Dear Korean fans, we are dying to be able to understand Korean. This is so fun to read, thanks tiny and jaeshinah.

    • it’s at 48:27 of episode 2, hanrel version (lol that’s from memory… not) yong ha has the fan in front of his face and is teasing yoonhee about her new roommates, hehe

          • Good for you. I’m in Canada. My dream is to visit Korea someday … considering your proximity to our YAI ssi … there is possibility that you could run into him one of these days 🙂

            • HAHA! really??? ah itaewon.. it’s kind of gross. lots of hookers-__- but for ah in i will stalk it. lmao just kidding. ah in!! itaewon, REALLY? hahahahaha

            • lol hmm don’t worry. the hookers are for the foreigners, for the most part… anyway itaewon’s gotten a lot classier in the last few years and a lot of new clubs and lounges are actually really nice. i was just exaggerating :p and i was surprised. i thought he would be in hongdae a lot. a lot of his favorite bands are part of the hongdae scene. actually i think “mary stayed out all night” does a pretty good job of portraying hongdae and the kind of people who go there (or who are thought to go there), and if you’ve seen it you might understand why i thought YAI would like hongdae^^ coincidentally, song joong ki was in a movie about a murder in a burger king in itaewon (true story) for one of his very first roles… o__o

            • My guess is that he is very careful now that he gets so much recognition in public. So Hongdae may not be a comfortable place anymore. But I love Hongdae scenes in Mary stay Out aLL nIGHT. It looks so classy and arty. Remind me so much of Harlem in New York in the 1960s-70s!

            • good to know .. pheww *wipe sweat*
              earlier, i was intriqued by the movie about itaewon murder case, partially because of Song Joong Ki. But poor Joong Ki, turned out he was actually the murdered victim *lol*

            • I know! I was so happy to tune in that movie for Jang Guen Suk and Song Joong Ki. I didn’t expect that Joong Ki only appeared for less than 5 minutes and then got murdered in a gross way!

          • OMO.. Jaeshinah Live in Seoul! So close to YAI!! 😀

            @Jaeshinah & @Tinysunbl :I was terrified that YAI ever had ‘gay issue’ since they got his picture hang out at ITAEWON district.
            Janjher and I discussed it (actually gossiping :P) whether the rumour is true. Janjher has a link that mentioning YAI and the gay issue. But Ah In solved the rumours by his way (. Posting his picture (at gay club?) at his hompy and challenge aeverywone with the daring comments “try if you dare” or something like that. (That’s my smexy boy)! The rumour seem vanish now. I still love YAI.

            • Actually the gay issue is mentioned on Cine21 interview! Rxgoodleaf and Jaeshinah collected and translated the interview.

  11. The Korean fans’ comments are the best! I am so glad that this haven is getting recognition from them. So to you- Jaeshinah, Tinysunbl, and to everyone who make this site wonderful, cheers! 🙂

  12. yeeee their so cute so cute, they right we just baby for them. but i am very exciting … thanks to jaeshinah and tinysunbl… you our heroooo

  13. Korean and NOn-Korean fans have the same worries!! It is not understanding each other!! LOL!

    It is very nice though that all fans, no matter what language we speak are all coming together, in support of YAI.

    YAI, the things we do for you. ^^

  14. I really enjoy reading the comments by the korean fans… they are so cute.. how I wish I could read korean… i’m dying to follow Ah In on tweeter…. is it difficult to learn korean?

    It does not matter where we come from. The only thing that we have in common is the love for this great person – Yoo Ah In!

    But sometimes I’m a bit sad though… Just wondering whether Ah In knows about this site and our existence here 🙂

    Anyway.. love you all again muah muah…

    • that’s so true… i’m also trying to understand his tweets! i’m just copying and translating at google (the ones that haven’t been translated in YAI Haven) but it’s really sad when sometimes i just see a bunch of letters with no meaning at all…
      On the other hand it’s really amazing how people from differents parts of the world can be gathered in one site and share their love for YAI!!! Btw, is there someone from latin america (Perú)??

  15. there were very cute! i think i as an international felt the same as they do, i find it really and super hard to understand korean fans’ comments with my super begginer korean 😉

    thks for putting this random post :DD

  16. I got the same reaction with korean fans everytime I check YAI tweets…
    I dont know why I keep checking it though those are just charracters to me… I dont know as well why I am now studying hangeul and participating online for learning korean language… 🙂
    YAI feva is indeed a virus that will make you do things that u dont imagine ull do… I AM A CERTIFIED FAN!
    Glad I found this site… its very helpful… THANKS to all subbers!!! You all ROCK!!!
    This is a site where all nations are united, including S.KOREA and N.KOREA (why not?) Let’s all havE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! and PEACE!!!

  17. Thank you jaesinah and Tinysunbl for sharing adorable comments from Korean fans. They’re so cute.
    So happy our site is making progress. Korean fans and international fans, we share the same love for Yoo Ah-in.

  18. haha just checked the flag counter and now visitors from korea are on top! guess english cannot deter their love for hong shik! ^^ good for them! and YAI!

  19. Hi! Greetings from Indonesia ^_^ Actually I’ve been haunting this fan website from the beginning but this is my first comment. Just wanna say thanks so much for feeding my addiction to YAI. I never get enuff of him. I watch all fans videos on Youtube. His fans are great and he’s super smexy!

    Love and XOXO

  20. Hi 2000++ Korean fans! Thank you for being our number one visitor, which is kind of confusing a bit. Don’t worry, I feel the same about looking through Korean sites. Everytime I open those, Google Translate is always there. Not much of a big help, but it does a little. Language barrier will not lessen our love for Mr. Yoo. Yay Korean Ainese! Yay international Ainese!

  21. thanks for sharing and translating!
    the korean fans are so cute and funny..
    i see korean characters and i get frustrated..
    i wonder if our boy YAI checked haven already?
    i hope he knows he have a lot of international fans!

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